How To INCREASE Adventure Rank QUICKLY in Genshin Impact | 5 Minutes Guide!


Hello, and welcome back to yet another video on the channel! It is Kazeyuki here, and today, we will be talking about the quickest ways to progress on your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact! Without further ado, let’s begin with the video. Let’s talk about the main sources of Adventure EXP. First and most importantly, of course, we’ve got Quests.

There are different types of quests, with each one serving a different purpose and granting different types of rewards. We’ve first got the Archon quests, which are basically quests that tells the main story of the Traveler and Paimon, with each new Archon quest unlocking at different Adventure Rank levels. We’ve also got Story Quests, which focus on specific characters and grants a sizable amount of rewards. Besides that, there are also World Quests, which are quests that appear in various parts of Teyvat, that requires interactions with specific NPCs in order to trigger the quests.

Then, of course, we’ve got the Hangout events, which are unlockable past AR 26, granting 100 Adventure EXP with each completed ending, and the Daily Commissions, that is available 4 at a time and resets daily.

Coming in next, we’ve got the usage of Original Resin. Use resin on things such as Domains, World Bosses, and Ley Lines! The ratio of resin to Adventure EXP is 1 to 5, with an exception being the Weekly Bosses’ halved cost. Make sure you never cap out on your Original Resin, and make sure you spend them regularly! Moving on, we’ve got the Exploration sector of Genshin.

This includes offering Anemoculus or Geoculus to Statues of the Seven, offering Crimson Agates to the Frostbearing Tree, or simply just by opening Chests, or discovering new Waypoints and Domains. As you progress up the levels on the Statue of the Seven, you will be granted a higher amount of Adventure EXP per level. The Frostbearing Tree offers 200 Adventure EXP per level, and chests will increase in EXP based on the rarity of the chests. Each quest inside the Adventurer’s Handbook will grant you 100 Adventure EXP, so don’t forget to complete those quests as well! Now, with the knowledge of where Adventure EXP can be found, what are some tips and advice on progressing quickly?

First tip: Focus on farming Reputation on either Mondstadt or Liyue up till Level 6. The reason for this is because you’ll gain the ability to craft the Compass for the region that you’ve hit Level 6 on, which will be very helpful when it comes to finding chests in the world. It may not seem much, but 20 Adventure EXP per chest can quickly stack up over time as you progress.

Many people underestimate the compass, but it is highly recommended for you to obtain it as quick as possible. Second tip: Complete your Daily Commissions and spend your resin before they cap out!

To ensure that you are making your progression most efficient, ensure that you never skip a day of Daily Commissions, and use your Original Resin regularly! Daily Commisions gives up to 1,500 Adventure EXP daily, and Original Resin will be generating at a rate of 180 Resin per day. Safe to say, you’ll be skipping out on 2,400 Adventure EXP every single day that you forget to log in! Third tip: Make sure you’re spending your resin on things that you currently need, rather than simply spending it for the sake of obtaining Adventure EXP! This tip isn’t necessarily important for Adventure Rank progression, but it will help you in utilizing your already scarce resources for progression on your characters.

Of course, if your characters are stronger, it would mean that clearing world bosses and domains would become more easier, allowing your farming to be more efficient! Also another cool thing to note: You have the option of speeding up your Adventure Rank progression by spending Primogems to top up on your Resin. I strongly do not recommend this, unless you are a decently large spender on the game, as Primogems are hard to come by for Free-To-Play players. It’s just an option that you can keep in mind, but I would suggest you to save up primogems for future banners and characters that you may possibly like the playstyle of.

I guess that will be all for this video.

I hope I’ve made it easy enough for you to understand how Adventure Rank progression works, as well as the most efficient ways to progress through the ranks, and if you learned something new, make sure you leave a like on the video and subscribe! I’ll see you guys in the next video, as usual, peace out :).

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