Aloha guys! It’s White Crow here Welcome to this guide about how to start playing shaco I mean if you have no experience of Shaco, and you really want to understand the champion and you want to start playing it, this is probably the Guide for YOU. I do this guide because I’ve seen tons of videos about combos, runes, masteries… And videos with good plays as Shaco, but if you never played Shaco It’ss actually pretty hard to start playing it So I really hope that this guide will help you or will bring some light so you can understand a little bit more HOW Shaco works and how to success as him. So let’s start: Shaco is an ASSASSIN. You’re going to play an Assassin. There are rengar like rengar, or like Kha’zix, like Fizz that deal a lot more damage than Shaco. So: what can Shaco provide that others can’t? When you, play Shaco, you’re going to play a mental champ.

Shaco is a champion designed to control the whole map. When you play this guy you’re going to *feel* that all the map is yours. Both YOUR jungle and ENEMY jungle You will find yourself living more on enemy jungle rather than your own. It’s a champion designed to DENY enemy players, to counterjungle, to steal enemy buffs, to control objectives… Overall to be the (f**cking) BOSS of the board. You won’t have much damage (until late), you won’t have much CC, you won’t have much farming power, But you will control all the board. “How the hell I’m going to control all the map if I don’t really have much damage in the beginning? Well, THAT’S what I want to explain here. Ok, let’s give a look to runes, to abilities and then we will just jump into a game where I will try to explain HOW to do things and how I do them and whyI do them.

The key of Shaco is that he is an unexpected champion. He’s really unexpected. There are champions like Hecarim, champions like Lee Sin, They are very strong but you can, more or less, prevent them coming if you ward properly. However it is very hard to track Shaco. If you don’t show up, you will be hidden 90% of the game time . Enemies won’t know where you are. And they will panic because of it. So you will play in a VERY AGGRESIVE way and you will let enemies be afraid of leaving base because otherwise they WILL be killed by you. That’s amazing and that’s super fun to play. So let’s start by showing you a little bit of his abilities, so you can understand better how he works. Shaco’s backstab is a little bit strange. Is not a common passive. (In fact the animation is not correct yet because it got changed more or less recently) But overall the summary is that if you strike an enemy from behind, you will deal bonus damage.

It has a cooldown, I think it’s about 2-3 seconds but it will be a GRANTED crit from behind. So overall you will deal more damage when striking from behind. Since enemies WON’T see you coming, is a nice tool to exploit. Q (Deceive) is probably the most signature move of Shaco. it’s a jump like flash that turns you invisible. I won’t do bonus damage anymore but it will make you appear from NOWHERE. So enemies will be like WARGH! (lol) Where did this Shaco come from? W is the typical invisible trap with the extra point that it fears enemies when enemies approach to them. It also has other uses because you can clear (jungle) with them, you can BLOCK skillshots with it… It has SO MANY uses that we will talk about later. Overall is a very good ability It helps you farming, it helps you zoning, it helps you teamfighting, it helps you trapping.. It’s a good one-point-wonder ability for Shaco. The E is also a signature move for Shaco. It’s a throwing knife that has been recently buffed (some people says it’s a buff, some it’s a nerf, it’s just a debate) but overall it throws a shiv, just an straightforward ability: You target an enemy and you throw the shiv to it And it will deal MORE damage the less HP enemy has.

So to finish enemies is amazing. You know, you combo someone, he is about to leave with this (==) HP, he flashes away and HOP! You throw a knife and you killed him. It’s just a finishing tool yet it also has other uses that we will also talk about later. And the other signature ability of Shaco is (R) HALLUCINATE. Hallucinate basically makes a double of yourself. Of couse only you see the color difference, enemies WON’T know which is the real one. it has SO MANY uses, it helps for bursting. It’s helps at Splitpushing. it helps to dodge abilities, it has so many uses that we will (also, damn) show you later. It’s true that it explodes and deal damage and also make 3 little boxes appear, but they are NOT really reliable, it’s way more used for the alive clone itself.

Ok, as for the RUNES. Now, the runes are something that I think are pretty personal. I mean everyone has his own way to use runes. But well, I’m going to say you my personal choice for Shaco runes althrough you can change them If you feel that you will find yourself more confortable with other ones. It’s fine. I currently play Shaco with 2 ATK.SPEED quints, becuase they help me clear the jungle faster. Shaco is a BAD clearer overall until he has tiamat at minute 6 more or less if you do good. Is hard to clear (as a newbie) to clear camps as Shaco early on. So this two ATk.speed quints will help you. A CDR Quint along with blue CDR runes will give you a total of 10% CDR, which give you more jumps, More backstabs, overall more utility.

AD runes for more Scaling and clearing speed. and HERE I guess is where I go slightly different to others. Instead of Armor yellows I tend to have HEALTH PER LEVEL runes. I gives me better midgame and lategame. And the armor ones, since you can tank camps with boxes i don’t feel I don’t need them. But if YOU want to play with armor yellows just take them. They’re fine As for masteries, here’s my personal choice. Again, some people will hate me for these, and some people will love me for these.

Everyone has his own preference. The key thing is that you have to have THIS key mastery: Thunderlords Decree. It gives you a nice adding for your Burst, specially if you’re invading early on and you want to duel someone (elise, olaf..) Or someone that is more or less easy to kill, you need THIS damage peak that will give you a fast First Blood. You need to kill them fast because otherwise enemy midlaner will come to help your enemy and you will die. So you need THIS and the other ones are pretty straightforward. I like to take this because it gives good mobility to move around the map. This to have more damage, because you’re going to be alone A LOT. You’re going to be isolated when assassinating as Shaco, you want to spot ISOLATED TARGETS and you won’t be teamfighting much. This is the most controvertial pick. I like to pick this (MEDITATION) because I tend to give my blue buff to midlaner, so this lets me keep up in mana even when I don’t have blue or jungle item.

If you want to have MORE damage or you think you need this (MERCILESS), just take this, its fine. This for more damage, (repeat forever, lol) Overall pretty straightforward damage mastery page. Nothing Fancy. At last we’re going to play Shaco in a Lethality way. I guess this (duskblade) is going to be first. We’re going to be playing lethality Shaco which is pretty strong now. But AGAIN: We’re doing this in patch 7.14. THIS MAY CHANGE. Don’t stick to this item page, maybe if you watch this video like 6 months after it was posted. Maybe things have changed, so try to look for my guide in Mobafire (VIDEO DESCRIPTION) if you want to check it out. Because i will keep it updated. At the moment this will work wonders, just tiamat to clear faster, these for burst, youmu for utility. And for boots you can choose between berserker graves or mobility boots. Pretty standard AD Assassin build Nothing strange to talk about. All pretty standard. No subtitles from now on. Enjoy and learn from the game! 😀

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