How to use Mythic Items on League of Legends Preseason 2021 – Easily Explained


Hi, my name is shasko and, i hope you’re doing great. Well, not too many people are since league of legends pushed the precision patch, though the new story is confusing and, of course, what the hell does. The new item do worry not my friend. Allow me to teach you this real quick, so you don’t have to be lost anymore, or at least not in the item builds because the store is going to be somewhat weird for you at the time, but you are going to get used to it. So, let’s get into the new item system, real, quick! Let’S talk about mythic items now, there’s something called mythic items.

These are the core builds in every game and they are so overpowered that you can only buy one and you have to buy it first. Most of the time why this item will have some other power and unique abilities and will enhance the other items you purchase now called legendary items, but not only to the one but every single one of them with buff like attack, speed or armor penetration. There are so many new items, but i will explain them easily. What does every single item do and what champions may be cool to combine them with? Let’S begin with adc items galforce, it gives you a dash similar to lucian’s e, and after that you will perform three quick attacks to the lowest held target prioritizing champions. It also gives you legendary items. Three percent attack speed an excellent item if you’re against highly movement champions were skill shoots. This item goes amazing, with tristana full crit jinx and, in my opinion, full critical twitch, but this last is questionable. It will need a few more kraken slayer every t attacks.

You will do additional true damage and it also grants other legendary items. 10 attack speed the item to kill tanks by excellent, and it goes as stupidly good with vane, lucian and whatever on hit champions. You want like virus or ash. You will melt whatever you decide to attack, and now it’s the most popular item for adc, so in doubt use kraken, slayer immortal shielbo. If you take damage and go below 30, you will gain a shield for 3 seconds and 10 percent lifesteal. Also, it grant other legendary items, 5 attack damage and 50 health. This item is probably the less usable and in my opinion i haven’t tried it very well. Hence i’m not sure how this goes well with adcs. However, if you’re having a terrible time, you need to farm this go-to item, it goes well really good, with draven, for example, because it will give you a better stat that bloodthirster other than raid users as james kalista and comac.

But i’ll be honest, i don’t see too much use for this since we have kraken slayer, you know so far eggs. Now, with the tanks we have some fire, probably one of the most broken items i have encountered so far. Listen to this, it will do 20 to 40 damage every second through nearby enemies, but damaging champions and epic monster will increase the damage by 12 at six stacks, but wait there’s more also at maximum stacks. Your basic attacks will burn nearby enemies per second and like fire, dragon soul, kinda yeah, it’s a p and also gives legendary items fired ability. Haste is similar to cdr pretty much any tank suitable to use when in doubt tried it with orn. You will tell me later: it’s so broken crossfire gauntlet. This item does so aoa damage as well, just like some fair eggs, but the other fact is that it creates a slow zone that will slow enemies by 30. So yeah it’s the ice, gauntlet plus the zomfire cape also grants other legendary items, health and size by 7.5 percent. Apparently you can do a chug out of the size of the dragon.

In the base case scenario, here’s the one. I tried to do turbo chem tank again, the classic software effect, but now with righteous glory. Also, it’s the same. You activate it. Then you get a 75 moving increase for four seconds and then you send a shockwave that slows enemy around for forty percent. It also grants five percent tenacity and slow resist for legendary items, excellent with champs that need to fight in a you know in an all-in like set shane or god, thus blake of draktar, oh boy. If so far you thought that everything was broken. Wait until i say that this item will not only have the old burst effects for the sat signs that now escalate, but also will make him visible for 1.5 seconds if the target dies in the next three seconds, absolutely barbaric. It works with pretty much any melissa. Sign like talon, kha’zix and yeah, it’s like having his hold on the man and said especially said: god save us all eclipse.

This is a very interesting weapon. It’S like it was made for diana on some other on hit adcs. It will activate if you do three quick attacks in less than 1.5 seconds, and this will proc up eight percent max health, radio, physical damage, god damn. I just tried to say that really quick three times 30 movement, speed and shield yeah everything. Also, you get armor penetration for its legendary, it’s absolutely madness, and then we have brawler’s claw again another item with a dash, but can only be towards an enemy easy as it is. You will do 50 percent more damage for the next three seconds. Just start with this, then continue to cast the entire combo on them. It is amazingly good with talon and zed as well.

It also grants other legendary items of finality lying andre is anguish. Now, let’s move to the mages, this item is meant for long fights, usually when you have these unstoppable forts in the front and the best way to burn through that is using this item because it will deal damage based on ap plus, one percent of the max Health of the target for four seconds it will cause five percent of magic penetration per second against. The burning target up to 25 percent also will give other legendary items. Five ability haze ideal for champions that can prolong a fight and keep sustaining damage without doing too much like teemo or kasopia everfrost. An item meant to slow and keep your enemies in one place. This island will do damage in a cone but will slow enemies for 1.5 seconds. If you are in the center of the cone, you will get rooted. It also grants 15 ap to every legendary item. You have super good with champions like annie or anivia, that need longer control in the fight. Hashtag rocket build a different method for madness. If your champion wants to control the fight but doesn’t need to root anyone, perhaps this is the best choice like the protobelt. This one will do damage with missiles.

Now will also increase your speed by 75 percent for two seconds for quick repositioning, and this will also grant legendary items, five magic penetration ideal for champions like galio or echo reef maker. This boy related item is the life stealer for excellent in the magic world, because it has something called omnibump, pretty much life steal that works for any source of damage. It will also give three percent bonus damage for each second, that your champion is in combat topping up to 15, and when it reaches max strength, the bonus damage will become true damage. Also, legendary items will do five percent magic penetration ideal for champions with high spams and bursts. That will take some time if necessary. For example, this item is being used on akali still, i think the champions in the mid, like a sopia rumble in some cases vladimir, could benefit really good from this item night harvesters remarkable for assassins. This item will activate upon dealing damage to a champion dealing additional magic damage and 20 movement.

Speed for 1.5 seconds also will give viability, haze to legendary items ideal for katarina without a doubt and cassadine trinity force now moving to the fighters and bruisers. We have some fantastic tools. We are going to start with trinity force. This is the item that now have some cool additions. That will not only give you all the usual stats, but every basic attacks will grant you 25 movement speed for three seconds, and if the target is a champion, it will increase your attack damage by six percent up to 30 percent. If you use an ability, your next basic attack will do 200 additional damage. It also grants all legendary items. 10 attack speed. This item works with almost any champion that have some constant ability for casting, for example, fiora, shen, jax and many others. It works better with some champions, but this is an item that fits almost everyone.

Gore grinder. If you thought that darius q was open, you can cast it now on command with anyone. It works the same. You do damage to nearby enemies and you will heal 20 percent of the attack, damage and 12 of your missing health each champion that it hits. Also. This item is affected by haste. Why riot darius is smiling now and he doesn’t smile. It also give all legendary items, viability, haze, words, amazing, with darius yeah, darius, god save us all and others like aatrox olaf and, in some cases, renekton a stride. Breaker. This item is fascinating. It’S made to start a fight and keep it that way. It frustrates the escape pretty much and what it does is it longest short distance and deal 110 of your attack, damage to nearby enemies and slows them by 60, and this decays over two seconds also gives you 30 movement speed by doing physical damage and grant legendary Items three percent movement speed, in my opinion, really good with garen and fiora. That will be the best users for this item.

It is amazing, divine surrender, but what, if you have to fight against an unstoppable force? This item is the anti-tank for excellence, taking the help from your foe to your champion after using an ability. Your next basic attack is enhanced with an additional 10 percent of the target max health, and it restores you 50 percent of the damage amount. But if you are range, it will be just 30. It also gives all legendary items: five percent armor penetration and five magic penetration. The best users are illaoi nasus and, in some cases, riven shurelya’s battle song. This is the item that refuses to die. Shurelia is a fun one because it has been removed from the game and came back, and now it’s even more powerful. It works pretty much.

The same shurelya now grants your nearby allies, 40 percent of the movement speed for 4 seconds and additional 40 to 60 magic damage in the next three passing attacks or abilities against champions also grants other legendary items, 2.5 movement and speed. Good picks for this item are alisar blitzkran and rakan locket of the iron solari. If the other team has too much heavy aoe damage, this is the best choice. By far it will take 250 and 420 shield to all allies and has passability called concentrate. It gives everyone around you, 5 armor and magic resist cherry on top. It grants every legendary item to armor and magic, resist to consecrate. So the more items you have, the better aura you get moonstone renewer.

If you like to poke and support. At the same time, we got you covered. Monsoon renewer is an item that will trigger a hill. Every time someone hits or uses an ability in combat between 30 and 60, the most wanted nearby ally every two seconds. Imagine a sauna heal every time you poke and each second increases his healing by 37.5, topping up 150 ideal for lulu, soraka and sona imperial mandate. The glory of noxus is here. So if your cc is hard, you can call the shots, because your abilities will do extra damage and mark the enemies for 4 seconds dealing an additional 60 to 100 magic damage and granting both you and urlai 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. How good is that?

Also give other legendary items 15 ability power, so you can initiate harder recommended on any support, zillion and swain. Now, in my opinion, all these items are awesome and some of them are a little bit overpowered to be honest, but remember that is pre-season. So a lot of things must change before 2021 season begins. So i have two questions for you. First, what role do you play in league of legends and what is the new items? Do you think are the most overpowered. If you have any suggestions on what videos you want to see next, please leave a comment below don’t forget to subscribe and thank you for watching.

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