How to Ward Like A PRO (TOP) – Best Places to ward and WHY – League of Legends Warding Guide


Hey everyone and welcome to my warding guide so today i want to talk a little bit about warning for top name now. There’S one thing: that’s important to note. You need to know this tricky award. You go here to the creature or whatever you call it. This thing, and then you click right here and then it works every time right. So right at the tree, you click space. The reason you do the space trick is because, by doing that, you can always guarantee it hits and then it’s much easier right by having the camera at the same place chained to the same place. With this thing, and then you click right.

There very easy to know very important to know as well. You need to know this for this trick to work properly now those sport is something you’re not going to use that. Much and honestly, if you watch a lot of hyula players, they don’t use it. Why? Because it’s too risky, if they mess it up, they they don’t practice enough, even if they should and often you don’t necessarily need this one. But it’s very very good in certain situations and it can save you a lot of high yield people, even challengers are dying.

All the time because they go here like i got, ta – go down a ward boom dead. Now, generally, where you want to place the ward, though you got to think about warning spots genie where you want to place it is about here, because by placing it here, you get full vision of everything. You’D want. You get to see all the way up here and you get to see down here. You don’t need to go to the edge and you don’t want to put it close, because if you put it close, you don’t get enough time. It’S very important to know. Uh you’re warning places now another thing that a lot of people don’t know a lot of people just putting down the water like, yes, sir we’re safe. This is great. It’S not really true. You got ta think about.

Okay, i have a what here i don’t have any mission here. Where should i be in the laning phase? Right, for example, let’s say you have this ward and you’re like i’m, going to push up here and fight on the new church. This one doesn’t do anything if an enemy is walking here. This path up, you will die anyways, you won’t be able to survive in time and, if you’re here, if you’re fighting here with the enemy and that guy walks here, he gets spotted now he’s going to be behind you before he can run and you’re also going To die so that means this, but you’re gon na die on 100. If you only have that ward now, let’s say we have a watch here as well. Let’S say you put one here right there, if you’re all the way up here again close to his turret.

He could actually run right here and he can still potentially catch you there’s a really high chance. He will catch you before you get to run all the way back. So this board is also not enough, and i see a lot of people putting out here and thinking. You know what you’re safe everything is great life’s awesome. This push up here and then they’re done they’re like oh, my god. I didn’t react in time. That’S not really the problem. The problem is you don’t want to be that deep? If you have the word there now another thing, that’s really important to note, so these are kind of the two basic words. Generally you put a pink down here.

You put the pink here, and then you put the normal word up here somewhere about the edge here is where i would normally put it um. This is a standard warning situation. That’S what you’ll see a lot of the time. This one gets river pressure and this one gets you protection and where you want to have the wave is generally about max here. You don’t really want to go further than this a little bit further. Okay, you know, but not too deep. Now. This is a good warning situation, but again it doesn’t really protect you if you’re deep and somebody comes from here – you’ll most likely caught as well and you will most likely die because you’re all the way up here, which means you actually need a wall from your Mid laner to be safe, or you need to put this one deeper problem – is they can still come over here, so that’s also problematic in general.

What i would suggest is have the water and don’t really push any further. This that’s the safest way to do it. Now, let’s go a little bit deeper and let’s try and analyze and understand what goes on right, because water, op and water awesome, but what’s even more important, is understanding, where’s the enemy jungler without putting those walls right because the biggest problem isn’t the warning itself. The biggest problem is people, don’t know where the jungle is so, for example, getting a wall right here. This is one of my favorite spots for warning right there. It tells you where the enemy jungler is.

You have plenty of time to react and it’s very rare that a jungler walks up straight top of this path thing, if you’re pushing and even if they do. If they come from this pathing and you get caught, then you’re against really really dangerous. Matchups like a malphite and italy, or something that can catch you or it’s just generally, not gon na happen, still not gon na work. This water is wonderful. Another one, that’s really really awesome is the one over here. Put it right at the edge right there. This one is really really good as well, because it gives you a lot of vision. Most people are gon na be spotted here. Potentially they could walk in here and sneak past it that could be possible depending where you put it. So that’s a little bit dangerous, but nobody does that.

I don’t really see anyone. Do it at least now another one. That’S really really good in my eyes is a wall right here now very, very small champions can actually sneak past. Here again, it’s very rare that it happens and people generally don’t do it. So you don’t have to worry about it, but you should know that it’s possible very few gems could sneak this pathing if they’re very tiny models. I’Ve seen it happen before, even if it seems that you have full vision, all the way up, there’s like a small, tiny, dark area, and you can actually sneak past if you’re a tiny champion. Just something to note.

This is probably my preferred warning if i can get these two awards down, i’m extremely happy and this one would be a pink board in that case, this want to be a normal award. Another thing, i think, is important to note. Is this another situation? I really really enjoy having this is the situation i personally would do if i’m playing somewhat. You know somewhat safe and i’m trying to tell about my mid lane a little bit. There’S a snowballing matchup in the mid lane. Let’S say fist visit carly super snowboarding to both sides, and i’m thinking you know what i want to help out my mid lane a little bit and i want to stay safe myself.

If the enemy jungler is not a jumping one and then i’ll be putting a wall up here and if it’s a jumping one, then i’d be putting it down here right. So that’s just something to note. If it’s a graves, for example, grace is gon na go here, he’s gon na jump over and then he’s gon na gank you. This wall is pretty useless in that case and you want to make sure you’re safe right. In that case, you put it here, but if it’s something else like things that don’t jump that much then i’d be putting it up here, these ones is what i put if i’m playing aggressive. These ones is, if you want to help mid and play somewhat safe and then the standard one is if i want to play aggressive, but i’m looking for kills like if i have these two watts here.

That means i’m looking for kills, and that means i want to have the wave about the middle. I actually want to keep the wave around here. If i keep the wave around here, there’s a high chance for both us to die, which is perfect. If i have these kind of walls, because i have more information than he does um, if i have it super deep, then i generally want to be pushing at all times to be pressing his tower, and if i have it here and here then generally what i Want to do is be pushed in or i want to be sitting in this area, anyways guys, that’s it for my warning guide. I hope you guys liked it and if you did leave a comment, tell me what you think and i’ll see you guys next time: peace,

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