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Hey guys so last week we looked at ganking and what makes challenger players so efficient at it, and we definitely got a lot of feedback like this, where people thought that it only applied to strong, ganking junglers and not anything else. So this week i went back into gold plot elo to play a tank without a dash and prove that you don’t need to be topping the damage, charts or even have good ganking champions to snowball games.

The main focus of the previous video was to mostly show how to be efficient with your time and not waste it on ganks that just won’t work when you play champions like skarner master, yi, mundo or shyvana, who definitely aren’t known for their insane early game. Snowball potential and are generally seen as level 6 farmers, we still need to be able to get leads in the game. So how do you do that? The answer always comes down to just improving your fundamentals. This is why challenges where we play things like yumi jungle or jungle, a to z, really aren’t that bad. If you know how to play your champion strengths and pick the play that will work consistently. Based on that, that’s all you need. You just need to find ways to positively impact the game as much as possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to chain gang three times in a minute.

We definitely were not trying to say that a level three skarner can gank as well as a rek’sai, because he just can’t, but knowing when your ganks will work and when you need to do something else, instead is really important, for example, just because elise is really Good at level three dives and udyr might not be doesn’t mean that you would never look for dives on udyr. It would just be less likely to work and therefore more likely that you would waste time trying to force it for no reason. Let’S just jump right into my skarner game and go through how my decision making on him would be different when compared to strong early gankers. As soon as the game starts, i invade to place my ward on the enemy red and recall for a sweeper.

I decided to start red because of the volatility of top lane, but what camp should i do afterwards? If you said, krugs you’d be in the vast majority of players, but let’s just consider a few things. The main issue that most players have when they pick scaling champions, is that they just want to farm. However, you really can’t do that in solo queue. None of your teammates or the enemy team will just allow you to scale for free. In fact, it’s almost more important that you look for plays on tanks, because you will get less chances to snowball due to the weakness of your champion early to elaborate.

Let’S just say you pick a lease and you only see 25 percent of the plays that you’re supposed to see. That still might be a pretty high number of plays just because the lease is so good early. But if you pick a tank and only see 25 percent well, you’re, probably gon na be farming most of the game. Instead of doing anything impactful, you will get less chances to impact the game playing a scaling champ, so you really can’t afford to miss them. By doing krugs and trying to full clear here, we would eliminate a lot of options. What do you think they are? We know that nunu is 99 starting his blue, if we just full clear, there’s a very high likelihood that he gets to top before us and impacts the very volatile lane right away before we can counter gank by just farming into him. We also won’t be able to counter jungle, since his camps will be gone as well. If nuna were to full clear and we’d do a faster packing towards top we’re ready and in position to gank the irelia invade the nunu or gank the faze.

Getting the pacing advantage on him is really important. If you want to be making proactive, plays, choosing to just farm would already eliminate all of these options, and then we really wouldn’t be able to do anything but just farm. You want to be farming when it’s good for you not because you were forced to because you didn’t have any good alternatives. If you were playing something like a lease here, top dive could be an additional option, but because we’re playing a tank, we probably won’t be able to do that unless aurelia is like 100 hp playing. Something like graves would let us just go red to red and brute forces top camps, but we just have to make work with what we have and make sure not to miss our limited opportunities. I decided to do raptors and clear up whether i actually did them optimally for skarner is another question entirely, because i really don’t play the champion.

However, that should help prove my point even more that you don’t need to have optimal mechanics or one-trick level of knowledge to carry games watching top and seeing that shen has full push here. What would you do here is exactly what i mean when i say your teammates won’t. Let you just scale for free. If nunu wanted to look top in the next bit and gank, this shen would just die. I can’t afford to do grant because of this, but i also don’t know what nunu is doing, so i need to put myself in a spot where i’m least likely to waste my time. These next few seconds are pivotal for me to gather information and apply it.

Consider all of your possible options and just path towards the closest point to all of them once you get to the middle point, just commit to a play with what you have hesitating and wasting a ton of time agonizing about your decision. Just causes you to do nothing and watches all the potential plays around you time out notice. How i keep checking top to see how irelia is playing if she were posing to go in it’s more likely that nunu would be trying to gank, and i would have ran a straight top. However, seeing her sit back, i have the feeling that nunu is just full clearing, so i decide to invade with shen’s full priority, stealing away his red buff. Afterwards, i take top crab and go back to my gromp while mid and top are gankable. At this point, i have one camp’s worth of advantage, and now we want to again look for the next proactive thing that we can do. What else should i be doing right now?

I absolutely need to be pinging the lanes that are getting more right now. Bot lane is completely out of my control, even though i wanted to counter gank there’d be no chance of me getting there on time. I know nunu took bot crab, so all i can do is warn them. I watch top and see that they’re fighting, but unfortunately i get there and he’s already dead. I definitely can’t one view on the irelia. So what do you think i should do now? [, Music ]. We still need to think about proactive plays. I could definitely take nuna’s credits here, but the better place to get shen to teleport in and stop irelia from pushing away for free shen dying might have most players just throwing their hands up and recalling. But you really need to leverage every possible advantage. If you want to win, i spam ping, his teleport and put myself between the two proactive plays that i’m thinking of.

I know that everyone is thinking that their shen wouldn’t teleport here, because no one listens to their pings, but i still have a backup in nunu’s krugs if he hadn’t also, my bot lane dies the extremely obvious gank that i spam ping seconds before. So i promise you that your pings aren’t the only ones being ignored after this kill and recalling. Where would you pat the play that most players would do, is probably going for krugs and full clearing? But we want to think of our teammates as babies and we need to do our best to baby-proof the game, so they don’t complain seeing mid here is obvious. That asa would die if he tries to stay in lane for the next wave. So i just wanted to put myself in a spot where i could cover him if i needed to, but also not be wasting a ton of time in this situation, going to raptors makes the most sense. Once i see that acel recalls, i can still decide to cover his wave or gankbot.

If i were at krugs and he had stayed, he would have died without me having a say in the matter just because a baby didn’t stick their finger in the electrical socket. Doesn’T mean that you don’t need to cover the outlets anyways and that’s what we’re trying to show here from this point, what proactive plays? Can you look for and why [ Music ] here we can pretty much do whatever, since our acell has a solid tempo advantage over fizz who just reset. Because of this i look to get control of river looking to yank bot when i spot nunu on dragon and his team collapses. I know that my mid laner will be there first and i still let thresh use hook earlier, so i can just stall until the fight looks good for us. At this point. I’Ve looked for plays throughout the entire game and just by knowing what timers to fight on and when to farm. I’Ve influenced all three lanes before i even hit 6

Nothing about playing a tank changes, the things that i’m looking for it only changes. Whether or not i think the play is possible. You definitely can get away with playing the farm and scale, but you won’t climb to really high ranks without being a consistently positive impact. In your games, instead of just a neutral one, many tank players climb, just because the enemy jungler won’t know how to snowball their lead enough to end the game, and then they just become more useful in team fights later, but the higher up you go the less True, this gets and it’s easier to start limit, testing and learning now, rather than getting punished later and having to relearn the game right after the dragon and crab it’s right back to looking for practice plays.

So i look to cover mid and fix the wave. Since my acell died fizz incident and i get a flash for free, but i don’t have time to crash the wave completely. So would you stay or go do other things here: [, Music, ]. I know that i can bait a good fight, since i just hit six. My shin is six and acell is fast at a base. So, even if they don’t take the bait, i can push this wave and then use acel’s priority to get an invade onto the enemy blue. Being in this position, i still have plenty of things to pivot. To so, i won’t find myself at a dead end without plays to make before you just go back to farming camps, always think if there’s something aggressive that you can get even after this play and being low, i still look for the enemy raptors and cover my Wave top because shen stays mid to hit plates after this, i have all of my camp stuff. No ulti and shen has no r, so forcing invades or plays right now have pretty low success chances. This is when i can finally stop going crazy and just farm. My camps, but it took eight minutes before i finally decided that i just wanted to full clear. I exhausted pretty much every other proactive option at this point and doing something.

Aka farming camps to heal time for cooldowns and changes to happen on the map is just optimal. Now, it’s not like the game is over at this point, but i have 100 kp and i’ve been a definitive driving force and why the game state is the way it is right. Now, at the end of the day, you won’t win 100 of games that you make all the right decisions in, but you will have insane win rates if you truly are doing everything in your power to influence the games positively, even on tanks and champs that are Typically seen as just farming champions there’s a very solid reason why one tricks of almost every champion exist in high low it’s because every champion has the potential to climb.

What holds you back is usually just the fundamentals, and we hope that this video has helped to demonstrate that and if you’re serious about truly becoming a better jungler and climbing fast, then check out skillcaps, it’s the best place to improve at league of legends. We have hundreds of guides just like this one and we upload tons of new videos to our site each week. If you don’t climb at least five divisions while actively using skill caps, you can claim a full refund, so there’s no risk. That’S like a gym membership. Guaranteeing you’ll get ripped, we offer this because our service really does work, and if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t pay for it. Let us know what videos and topics you’d like to see regarding jungle and we’ll be sure to make it happen until next time. Thanks so much for watching and happy climbing!

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