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How to WIN in Three Levels on ANY Top Laner! – Top Guide


Hey everyone: in top lane, there are three crucial levels that set the tone for the rest of the lane. It’S important that you master them. Those levels are one through three. Every single one of these levels is so important at level. One you decide who’s gon na hit level two first or who will get the push advantage at level two. You get another ability and are much stronger than you are level one at level. Three.

You finally get access to all three abilities, which is another huge power spike in itself. This is also when the wave will be bouncing off someone’s tower and gives someone a chance for an all-in in some matchups one champion will win at level 1, the other at level 2, and then it could swap again at level 3. level. 6, of course, is another important level, but it doesn’t matter if you’re playing the first three levels right, even if you’re in a matchup that loses level 6. If you win the first three levels: you’ll win level 6 easily. So today, we’re gon na look at three different games on my plaid smurf, where i abuse the first three levels and win the lane. I win late in the first two levels: almost every game in platter below so safe to say you guys need some serious work on your first three levels. Anyways, let’s get started the first game, we’re going to look at i’m on trundle versus malphite.

The concept we’re going to be focusing on is how a lot of top champions can have really strong level ones. It comes with experience to figure this out, but it’s very important trundle is one of those very strong level. 1 champions others would include darius tryndamere jax malphite is not one of these champions, so this malphite should play very careful in the early levels, but at the start of the lane i walk up to the wave and notice malphite walks back a bit and is hovering Around this area, i’m not just going to run out of here as he can just run away. Instead, i’m going to wait for two things. First, i want to see what ability he started and second, i’m going to wait for him to go for a last hit. So, as the cs gets low, he walks up and uses w to get them.

This is the best case scenario for me. If he started q, he could run away. If i go in, if he started e, he could reduce my attack, speed, which would negate a lot of the damage, but since he walked up, i now go all in making sure to use q to cancel my auto animation every time and get a huge chunk Of his health also notice how i’m attacking and moving the whole time making sure to stay ahead of him as long as possible. I could do the same thing here if i was any champion strong at level 1 like darius, now that i got that big chunk of health malphite should be waiting really far back until he has enough health that i can’t kill him with an auto cue combo. This puts him at no risk if i try to flash in, but he walks up into flash reigns.

So i flash auto q and even though he tried to flash, my cue will always go through here and i get first blood. That’S why the combo is auto and then q instead of q, then auto. If i did q then auto his flash could cancel my last auto attack if he flashes fast enough, but q will always go through. This works for most targeted abilities like jax, w or darius w, alright, so just like that, the lane is won and we didn’t even hit level 2. Yet, let’s move on to the next game. Now, in this game, i’m playing yone vs camille top the concept we’re focusing on is how important it is to respect the wave state. You might not know what that means, but it would make more sense as we go, but at level 1. I look for some q poke on the camille while playing relatively cautious because i’m not sure what ability she started. Yet. This is something very important at level 1.

For example, if a jack starts w, it’s obvious his level. One is much weaker and i could possibly look for an all in in this matchup. Most camilles will start w, which gives me lane control but gives her the trading advantage from range. If she starts q, though – and i walk up – she’ll win the trade hard. So i need to keep my distance until i know, but at this point she uses her q and runs at me. So i just kite through my wave, not giving her any chance to hit me with it since she started q. I know i don’t have to space for her w anymore and start hitting the wave trying to get the push advantage, while also looking for some q poke camille looks to try it again since i’m in my wave.

I’M fine laner hit me with the first part of her q. The second part, however, i kite out until it falls off she’s taken a lot of damage from my minions. At this point, i’m getting more minion damage than her, so i will start to take over the lane soon by hitting level 2 first, she walks over toward here and again since i know she started q. I know i could just keep my distance and get free q poke when she’s on the way back if she started e. That would be way too dangerous and it would give her a chance to all in here, but i’m one minion from level 2. So i grabbed the cs and immediately look to trade hitting her with my w, but she hits level 2 as i’m chasing. So i back off. She could have leveled up her e and traded back here, but she didn’t alright. Now. This is where that really important concept of respecting the wave state comes into play. If we look at the wave in both of our health bars, it’s obvious, i have controlled the lane, she didn’t play the level 1 properly and i have the push and health advantage. So she needs to stay back and let the wave crash on the tower without losing too much help.

She can’t beat me in an all-in to level 3 and if she tries to trade into my wave, she’ll lose or lose so much. Health she’ll be diveable. But let’s see what happens, i’m going to be slowly pushing here stacking up a big wave. I want to crash this big wave on the tower to get a free, recall or use it to fight with me if camille goes in, for whatever reason, as the canon wave shows up, my jungler jax is looking to gank. This should never work, because camille should never try to trade with me here for the reasons we just talked about, but by just walking at her and fighting she takes the bait and jax actually gets the kill. If we re-watch, though, and pause here, look at camille’s health as she is hook, shotting away it’s pretty low because she went for trades that she shouldn’t have gone for when the wave was slow pushing to her. You might be looking at this play and think it’s just a jungle gank.

But if that’s what you’re? Taking away from this good luck and high elo, if you ever make it there, because if you have 60 or lower health, you’re going to get dove and lose a giant wave, alright! Moving on to the next game, now i’m on nar vs jacks we’re going to talk about a few different concepts here that are important for any match up, not just range versus melee, but as laney starts, i’m walking in from river, because i had to leash, as I’M doing that, i’m wondering if the jax is going to use his level 1 strength that we talked about to contest me as i walk through. He starts walking at me, so he must know his level 1 is stronger than mine if we trade auto attacks. This is where some advanced leaning knowledge comes in, though, if he walks up and stuns me when we’re relatively close to the wave he’s going to win, because i have a long way to go to get to my tower and if i try to return her ass, He can run into his wave, but if he chases too far his level 1 strength won’t matter, as i can just run to my tower, then use my range advantage to harass him the entire time he’s running away. So, let’s see what happens as jax runs at me. I run to here then use my q and auto attack him.

He runs away so i run up and keep autoing until he turns around again i kite away as he uses counter-strike getting as close to my tower as i can. Then i expect jax to start running away into the brush, so i walk forward, but he keeps fighting me so i back up a bit, but now my next wave is arriving. So if he keeps fighting me, he will definitely die to minion damage. He seems to know this and starts running away, but he took so much damage. I actually have a kill window here. Sadly, i barely miss my q, so he’s going to get away all right, so jackson has played this level 1 by forcing too hard and not playing around with cs instead of just running at me like he did. He should have waited for me to walk up to auto attack. It then go in with his e.

If i use my q to get the cs and that’s a good thing for him, as i won’t have it to grab the others. It gets really advanced depending on how both laners play at this point, so it’s pointless to go further than that. It wasn’t a bad attempt from him, though, against a low elo player that could probably work anyways now that he messed up level 1. So hard he’s in a bit of trouble, i’m going to get full lane control now getting the push advantage and health advantage eventually, so he’ll have no way of killing me without a gang. I still have a potion, but don’t need to use it at this point. As i will regen a lot while hitting the wave, you might be thinking, it doesn’t look like he’s in trouble right now, but he is the reason. Why is that? He won’t have enough health to win an all-in anymore and i’m going to poke him even more soon, as i hit level 2 and have mega form. I hit him with q since he’s not respecting me. He should be back in his wave after hitting the q. I know he’s gon na stun, so i wait for it then use my w to stun him back at the same time now we trade kind of evenly, but he doesn’t have e or q, and i have a potion and since i’m ranged i can still hit The wave and push it while he can. This lets me hit level 3 first, as expected, since i’m level three and have a huge health advantage. Jax feels forced to back off on recall then use his tp back to lane.

This actually means he already lost. Since i don’t need to recall yet now i can just trade a bunch and get him low, then recall and tb back in with full health and gold spent and kill him. So, let’s see what happens jax tp’s in but since i haven’t warded yet i’m a little afraid of a jungle gank and i don’t try to harass him too much. Then i go place, my ward, after placing it i’m slowly pushing in the wave stacking up a lot of minions. So when he gets under tower, i can harass him the entire time [ Music ]. As you can see, it’s working very well as he’s losing a ton of help. I still have tp2 so he’s in a really bad spot at this point, but after crashing the wave and turning mega, i can’t harass undertower anymore. So i can take this time to recall and spin my gold, i tp back in with a dorans and a long sword compared to his door and shield. So i’m a lot stronger and he still has half health with no potions from the harass before so i’m gon na do the same thing as before, but play a little bit more cautious, since he has some minions to fight for the wave is pushing to me. So if he loses too much health, i can freeze and abuse the fact that he doesn’t have tp right now.

He has about half health, so things are looking good, but he jumps in here. So i knew i was getting ganked. I used my e to jump away, but it still gets stunned, so i have to flash jarvan’s eq now that they have no way of getting on me and my jungler is near. I go aggressive, hugging riverside to try to bait them in. It works perfectly with jarvan running straight into the brush, where my jungler is. I get a free kill on the jarvan, with jax flashing away afterwards, now jax will be forced to recall and miss a lot of cs since he doesn’t have tp and i got the kill advantage alright. So a lot of this lane was the result of jax not playing levels one through three properly. He knew jax had a strong level one, but he didn’t take into account the range versus melee concepts.

What he should have done was play safe levels, one and two and stay healthy. Then at level 3 look for an all-in because he wins hard there, alright guys. So, as you can see, levels 1 through 3 are very important and so many different concepts are necessary to play it properly. Hopefully, after this video, you have a much better idea on what to do and what to focus on in these levels. So you’ll win much more, but that’s going to bring us to the end of this video. We hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching.

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