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Genshin Impact version 1.5 is finally here and aside from the Zhongli banner re-run,  a new “4-star Pyro Catalyst unit” has been added to the pool of characters and her  kit is very interesting that many people are pulling with the hopes of getting her instead.  In this video, I’ll be talking about Yanfei, her kit, ideal weapon and artifact sets,  and compatible team setup in order to build her as your main DPS unit. Storywise, Yanfei is well-known for being one of Liyue’s top Legal advisers as she  always strives hard to obtain the most benefits for her clients. She’s a half-adeptus just like  Ganyu and uses her legal expertise in the pursuit of her ideal concept of happiness.

  Even before the official announcement, many players were already saving up primogems to  try their luck on getting her.

She looks “smart” and reliable, and her skills make her a viable  Pyro DPS that can even rival 5-star units. Let’s take a deeper look at the possible builds that we  can follow for F2P and Whales alike. Yanfei’s kit makes her fitting as a DPS  and may not perform well as a support role, except when you have a swirl team using Venti or Sucrose.  That’s because her damage output is built around her charged attack, having the “seal” mechanic  which boosts her charged attack damage when unleashed, kinda like Ningguang’s kit.

 Both her elemental skill and burst are made to give her easier access to seals, so she  can destroy enemies with her huge stamp of disapproval in no time.

With that in mind,  you will be able to utilize her full potential quite easily if you build her as your main  Pyro DPS if you still do not have one. The best weapon for Yanfei is the Lost Prayer  To The Sacred Winds. It is a 5- Star catalyst with crit-rate as a sub-stat, giving more room  to go for critical damage on your artifacts. It also provides a 10% movement boost and a  stackable elemental damage buff every 4 seconds, at a maximum of 4.

If you do not have the Lost  Prayer To The Sacred Winds, the other great 5-star catalyst for her is the Skyward Atlas. It offers  an elemental damage buff and an additional source of damage that lasts for 15 seconds which is good,  as long as you can squeeze in some “critical rate” and “critical damage” on your artifacts. If you don’t have a 5-star catalyst, try using these two 4-star catalysts instead,  the Solar Pearl and The Eye Of Perception. Solar Pearl buffs your Elemental Skill or Burst by 20%  after using your normal attack, and using your Elemental Skill or Burst will also increase  your normal attack’s damage by 20%.

This effect provides a constant damage boost for your Yanfei  throughout the fight.

The Eye Of Perception on the other hand provides an additional source  of damage that occurs once every 9 seconds and can bounce between monsters four times.  Aside from these essential passives, your preference of what weapon to give Yanfei  also depends on whether you need more Crit Damage or Crit Rate. For her overall stats, you will have to prioritize getting at least 50%  crit rate and ideally 150% crit damage minimum for her build to work.  Her ascension stat bonus is Pyro Damage which is already great as  is, but to improve elemental reaction damage, squeezing in some elemental mastery is key. When it comes to artifacts, there are three good sets for DPS.

  They are the Wanderer’s Troupe, Lavawalker, and the Crimson Witch of Flames set. Crimson Witch Of Flames is by far the best artifact set for Yanfei  as it provides a bonus to all your pyro damage sources and significantly increases  your elemental reaction damage even when you got subpar stats for the set. If you do not have a complete “Crimson Witch Of Flames” with good stats  then try going for the “Wanderer’s Troupe”.

Wanderer’s Troupe is good as it  provides an additional 80 Elemental Mastery for its two-piece bonus.  Completing the artifact set will significantly increase your charge attack damage.

 The third set, Lavawalker, is not that great compared to the first two  if you rely on elemntal reactions. However, if you do not want to switch characters too often  and would just want Yanfei to be on the field most of the time then this set might be the best  option for you since it gives a constant 35% damage boost against enemies affected by pyro.  The Lavawalker set is best if you are pairing Yanfei with Geo or Anemo units. I wouldn’t  recommend mixing two sets since the bonuses you’ll get aren’t that niche for her build. For your character line-up, triggering melt for most of the time while Yanfei’s on the field  is one of the best setups for her which means you will need at least one cryo unit  and if possible another hydro support to have at least 50% upkeep of your freeze elemental  reaction for Yanfei to trigger melt.

I wouldn’t really consider pairing her  with electro supports like Fischl since the overload effect will knock back enemies too far  which is pretty inconvenient for Yanfei unless you have a CC unit like Venti. Xinqiu is probably the best support to pair with Yanfei as both his Elemental Skill and Burst apply  Vaporize to enemies even when Yanfei is just doing normal attacks.

Diona is also a top tier  support for Yanfei as she also provides shield and healing, not mentioning that a c6 Diona will  grant an insane Elemental Mastery boost of 200 while party members are inside her burst aoe. I’m choosing Bennett as my 4th party member for the team comp’s elemental resonance,  granting a 25% attack increase excluding his burst attack buff. If you have Zhongli on your team then you can swap Diona with him  since he’s a great shielder support which improves your Yanfei’s survivability.

  Zhongli’s jade shield also decreases enemies’ resistance by 20%. When building Yanfei, I recommend getting her to C1 as it reduces the stamina cost of his charge  attack by 10% per scarlet seal and increases her resistance to interruption during its release.

 Talking about shields, Yanfei’s 4th constellation activates her own shield  mechanic at 45% of her own max HP with bonus pyro absorption. If you have at least a c4 Yanfei,  you can do away with shielders and focus on getting sub DPS units like Ganyu. But if your  Yanfei is still kinda squishy even with c4, then better keep your shielder support.

 Yanfei’s potential is greatly showcased when facing cryo and hydro units, making her a very  strong DPS for domains like Peak of Vindagnyr and Domain of Mastery: Frosted Altar. She also sweeps  boss enemies like Cryo Regisvine, Cryo Hypostasis, Oceanid, and Lupus Boreas, among many others. If you want to burn your enemies away with such explosive display,  you can never go wrong with a Yanfei DPS build. If you like this guide, please support my channel by  clicking like and subscribe. Thanks for watching and see you on my next video!



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