I FOUND THE COUNTER TO ALL TANKS (OP On Assassins) – Journey To Challenger | LoL


Hey guys what is up and welcome each and every one of you to a new episode of my climbing adventures in this one, we’re busting out the Zetas in the midlane butts were spicing it up we’re going conker. Is that so I started running conker on pretty much every single assassin in League of Legends, because that is literally just superior to electrocute period. For many reasons, number one you pretty much lose no damage is actually the same damage, if not even more. I would argue, but the best part is the fact that it’s a counter to tanks. You know they have an or endemic Garen is a counter to tanks, and the reason is very simple, with assassins, but the demand of damage that should deal right, especially with having these two as well. You deal so much damage that you don’t lose damage by going.

This build path because they also built tanky items later as well, but because you don’t lose damage you’re healing so much from conquer it’s 15 %, you’re gon na be out healing the damage. Tanks can do to you, so you can counter the tanks and you will win in that prolonged fight, because tanks rely on base damage, which is only early game focus, or at least mainly early game focus. So you will win this overall and the build is usually one without the item into BC, which is Black Cleaver stare axe, maybe des Dan’s g8 last whisper depends on what you need, of course, but yeah, let’s jump into it. If you guys enjoyed that like button, it’s gon na start yeah, I’m coming at least are nearly I’m coming the way, I’m actually so sad.

She never gets over there. Okay, let’s go baby. Let’S go as a flash ignite, Auto Attack, Eevee least there to make her die instantly. I should obviously she’ll go into repel right. That’S the obvious move for her! Guess I’m not that man, the trainer [ Music ]. I mean how much I could do about that. All right we got ta go talk, top lane is like the only thing to make plays with right. Now our ballin is uh, not really Elaine. I guess you can even say I mean at that point. I was just that. Like I mean haha, I can’t do much about the Garen, just literally flashier on me right, pocket, sucks or knows an automatic. I don’t know what horns tp’ing for honestly like. What’S he gon na get with that nothing.

So now we want to work towards the Black Cleaver: okay, okay, oh my god, the spear, those got ta land, those got ta land, okay, and this we could miss. This is one of all Willoughby’s. First, okay, okay, there’s a Bosch Jeff wash! This is boy. Let’S go [ Music ]: let’s go boys fucking get it. I think the place happened. We have enough OBC, it’s a pretty big power spike for me, a lot of armor shred, HP, CDR, just everything I would want honestly next week. I’Ll look for the boots upgrade at least is not that actually well-played Garen, I guess ok, so this is actually nice balls. Low ash has no air. Oh yeah, that’s a Herald, a pitchman. I do have a pink over here for Garin, see if you’ll follow me in here.

Do you think you want rude to buy my friend good bye? It was nice, knowing you I’ll check with the guarantor I’m gon na heal all off in these fights. As long as my conquer stack, which it actually just lost the stacks, the last deck of ignites on come here, oh you are the last stick of an item. So sad smelly is Ashley. The fucking Smurf though yeah absolutely it’s part: smoking [, Music ]! Oh, my god that damage ouch like it’s just not even close dude, not even close what tank there’s no texted and dedicated it’s mine whatever? What about a nice to my, but she little he’s playing well. He can’t even blame him for that. Honestly. She’S thinking really well better balling wins, I guess as a blob difference.

If I’ve ever seen, [ Music, ], ah [ Music ] the owners – they can see me. I guess I’m doing something like Hitler isn’t burning like you can’t do anything: [, Music, ], GG boys, GG, nice go home. Our ball in was zero and let know there were 1 in 8. I think about like 10 minutes ago. Oh, my god, I was looking Ike’s. I guess, for this gave a plain towel in the midlane same concept: conquer is a busted, so we’re playing conquer on talon very similar, build Katniss. The good thing about it is. He also can heal a lot of this passive. Think the passive synergy with the conquer is fantastic as well, but yeah you’re, gon na notice very similar idea. You know what it’s just for the sake of it check. Do veneers the red fuck it. What, if he’s actually just on it right now, we kill him game is over just check: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ], get the fuck out of here boy.

Give me that kill homey! That’S the conquer power spot right there baby look at that. Damage lost nothing literally, no damage loss, sustained heavily Kane. Have you at the fall to see? That’S the best part like you, lose no damage, but you gain so much annoying sustain later on in the game. It’S just it’s better in every single way possible. So one thing that’s good about this. Also, is that actually right, it’s gon na be nerfing mobility, but soon so you can. Actually, you don’t really need my building boost for this, like sure, it’ll affect your rooms a little bit, obviously, but based on the way the build is working. You don’t need mobility boots. You can just go for armor or Ammar boots, because that eventually will just be better period regardless for you and how we go was how we go Caixa: okay, with the flash we’re just in a flash over he’s thirsting, but I don’t know he’s a new deal.

Yeah, I think my guess is you new here: let’s go ahead and remind him that he is playing here yeah we have to remind over here that he is playing indeed, who, dear my friends champion, doesn’t do anything I’m trying to push a step, because I want Pressure on this area, so we can get this dragon. It’S a good dragon to get here. Jesus I had a bat patting there. Now. If I went too fast fuck, I thought the fire will be a lot slower honestly, mine, JK, apparently she’s, just gon na push up it down with no regard whatsoever. It’S an Italian existing in the game. That’S the kind of stuff I like to see from ad carry’s [ Music, ] interesting. Let’S go boys, this fucking easy fuck man, it’s easy Bob! So there what I did to make sure that it works out properly. Actually i flash cute auto, I let the auto go first, because I want to maximize damage.

So i flash queued auto from the queue because it’s really fast and then i ulti it just to make sure I can stay invisible. It’S really important to make sure I stay invisible there, because if I come out too fast, I can’t, like you know, miss directly most hard. I guess and they’ll just focus me. The second I’m back out and I’ll die can no obviously be really good. This is actually kind of bad. I don’t like this at all, saw what about much better! That’S how you back out! That’S how you back out and make them join boys. Let’S go that’s what like to see! No no point in 5050 in the parent! Absolutely no point dear my friend mark CS: is nice scores nice everything’s nice my face? Is nice Parker difference boys? How long am i tango? What am i a tank or what I mean we tried Baran for that I don’t give a fuck whatever man ash gets.

My shut down sulla Shan, do anything, that’s ash support. Well, they go home long. It took them to kill me like it took them so long to kill me. I guess, for this one are playing. Is that in the midlane, of course, as usual, abusing the conquer, like I said, playing is the pipe: let’s focus up, let’s go, let’s do it because what the helmet! So it’s that’s. Actually so fucking ages, w flash the auto icon fuck down down boy, [, Music, ], [, Music ], my god sure, but there is a thousand people here – either form it men he’s too much knowledge ever uses a bill to improperly, or else he will document yeah. [, Music, ] mmm. I knew you started back away, fucking dick! I got no both, so you can do anything, get the fuck I’m out. Did we how the fuck ease boys well? On the rest? Now we’ve got the Baron, so I guess there’s that’s talk to get our of this.

I guess next [ Music ] see that’s right. There is those kind of fights where the conquer comes in in the ceremony. Just fucking do what you want to do. You know same thing: can stop you [ Music, ], [, Music ]. Did you yeah? We they can’t win any. What the Daris is pure armor. He literally can’t do anything to him anymore and I’m playing conker so like they can’t really do much to me anymore. Either – and we have a you me like it’s just at this point – they’re just getting hard outs – income, [, Music, ], another minutes get up boy. This girl give me that free low – I guess that’s gon na – be on this episode – a pretty spicy one on the last. We ended up actually dropping to d2. I think somewhere in the previous one or I came over exactly one, but we dropped the d2. As I was recording today, and then we go back to d1, just essentially through abuse and conquers. So it’s just that simple boys and girls.

I’M telling you Conqueror assassins is the way to go trust me. It’S completely broken, but uh we got abused it before right notices and begins to nerf it so yeah thanks watching guys I’ll see you for the next one. Peace.