Kaisa Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Kaisa


Google Translator, help me with the subtitle 🙂 Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. If you click CTRL + 5, Kaisa wears a helmet. (Denote Kai’Sa ni Kaisa) If you click CTRL + 5 again, it will return to normal. Just an in-game change like DJ Sona. Use it for fun 🙂 If you use the recall immediately after clicking change, the animation will skip. Passive stack by ally immobilizing CC. So support who is a lot of motionless CC is good for Kaisa. (Nautilus, Leona, Thresh) Stack is also passive by polymorph. AA damage increases based on passive stacks. So it is good to use AA after ally’s immobile CC. Ally can stack passives but only Kaisa can activate it. So if the target already has the whole stack, use CC after Passive activation. If you do not have vision for the target, Q will not be applied. So if you are being chased, use it to focus the damage on a target.

Q range is slightly longer than the range of automatic attacks. Calculate the distance to focus Q damage on a target. Q is a multi-target damage and it also applies to monsters. So Q is good for securing / stealing goals. Q damage is fully applicable even if you were killed during Q. W + Flash is possible and the direction is based on the cursor. At the start of the W cast, the cursor is located in this red circle. Even if Kaisa’s position changes, W will be used in the direction of the red circle. This rule applies to many directional skills (Ezreal, Bard) Get used to it! If the stack is more than 5, the rest will be stacked again. Although W has a cast delay, you can use automatic attack + MAY + auto attack very quickly. So you can activate the passive very quickly by automatic attack + (changed W) + AA W has vision. Use W in the jungle to check nearby. You can find an enemy jungler by using W to jungle.

And W’s target moment will be revealed. You cannot move or AA during W cast. So auto attack + Q + W is great to use. You can activate the passive fast HoB. AA + Q + W + auto attack + auto attack Use Q to clear the minion to hit W. Increase hit rate by using W over terrain. Use W when they need to go back to minions. Use W when they last try to reach the minions. Use W when CC hits them. Use W when the enemy is in stasis. If the enemy has 2 stacks, W then Flash + auto attack to activate passive.

W / auto attack / Passive is done at once, damage damage will occur. Try using W align on the road to increase hit rate. W was so good to finally hit the cannon as well. You will be doomed during E state. So try using Q before E if you did not change it. E will help you to avoid the skills more easily.

Using E at the right time will save your life. R is still available after passive activation. You can do auto attack + R + auto attack quickly if the target has a stack. The range of R is based on the target position. If the target is in the range of R, you can go anywhere in the circle around the target. You can use Q during the R dash. So if you use Q at the right time, you can focus on a champ while dashing.

You can cast ON WITH while R dash to reduce W delay. Use R in some positions. After starting the R dash, quickly place the cursor on the target. And use W to do this R + W combo. You have to do it very quickly. Recommend training 🙂 You can jump off the wall with R. You can jump the wall a bit thicker than the R range. So make an opponent close to the wall. You can escape safely. Many people use R just for positioning. But R has a huge shield. So try to use R to save your life. Use R to live longer. You can get killed.

Press automatic attack to stack passive, and use R on the other side and survive. Use R to engage when CC is activated. CC is longer to catch the enticing timing. You must use Flash to get to R range if necessary. Kaisa is good at clearing minions in Q, use Q up to minions to get lvl 2 faster. Clear minions faster with Q and join Scuttle fight. AA + Q main commodity You can move during Q. Try to avoid enemy skill while doing this. As the Q range is slightly longer, you can use Q while returning. Always try to activate Passive. (Like Vayne) If the opponent is far away, use W to activate it. AA + Q + W has passive will provide a blow damage. W is important to activate Passive. Try to hit W if the opponent is close. Play with support who has many motionless CC. Q is relatively short. Note Global tip: Always use a cure for your ally. If Ally used CC, W + R + HoB 3 AAs If you stack the target, W + R + AA You can win many ADCs.

Stay with Ally and clear the front line. Kaisa is a glass cannon. Do not try to deepen. If you think you can survive, R in the back and kill them. Join E or R when they are busy. Always think of the position in which you will survive. And now some montage. Thank you for watching!.

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