Kassadin Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Kassadin


Google Translator, help me with the subtitle 🙂 Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. You can pass minions through passive. This will help you get back or chase the minion block without it. And you can hide behind minions. This will help you avoid enemy or AA target skills in urgent situations. They can use Target Champion Only to exclude alipores. But since it requires one more click, they will have a delay. So you have more chances to win 🙂 Absorb damage by using Q on the opponent. If the enemy is out of range, use Q on the alipores to get damage. Q minions were last hit while damage absorption was the best. The little magical shield can save your life. Q is very good at canceling the channel. You get minion aggro if you use Q on the opponent. You can do AA + W W increases the range of automatic attack. Use W if you need further distance. Use W when you need 1 more stack to use E. AA + W to break the tower. But W is not happy.

Stack coverage is about it. Get used to it! In this situation, Kassadin used one skill but added two E stacks. This means that someone has used the skill nearby. Very useful to learn jungler without sight. E slow is very strong. This will help the ally to reach non-target skills. So E is really good at speeding based on champs. You always need to check if the E is ready and use it a lot during the fight. The Q projectile is too slow for you to reach E while Q is outside. You see to clear the little monsters. E + Flash is possible. R can jump wall longer than R range. So use it to jump on Nexus. This will save you time to get back on the line. And you can also use R while not near the wall. If you use W after R, the R + W combo is fast. But if you already use W, it will be a bit slow. Spam attacks twice. You will make the W + R + attack fast. Slow down again. Double-click the target. Use R to finally reach the minion while avoiding the skill. You can run easily through R.

Use the E in between to slow them down. The R mana cost is multiplied based on the stack. 50/100/200/400/800 So you really need Archangel Staff because it provides 25% Mana refund. (800 -> 600) R + Flash is possible. Get a cloud dragon. This will reduce the cooldown of R. Combos when the opponent is far away. All combos are possible when E is ready. R + E + Q Basic combo. change E and Q as needed. R + Flash + E + Q add Flash to R.

R + E + Flash + Q add Flash to E. R + Flash + auto attack + W + Q + E + AAs full combo. change the order according to the situation. R (+ Flash) + E + automatic attack + WITH + Q you can have two E stacks Combos when the opponent is close. You can use all the combos mentioned earlier. AA + W + E + Q + R + AA W press first to secure the inheritance AA + W + R + E + Q + AA Follow to R if the enemy reacts with the transfer skills. E + automatic attack + W + Q + R + AA you can have three E stacks And many more with variations. You can add more R due to the short cooldown. Combo based on E stack number. You always have to check it out! If you need 1 more stack, use W + E. E slow will help you to walk forward and press W. W + E + Q + R + AA full combo in 5 stacks. R + E + Q Use R to prepare E.

If you need 2 more stacks, Q + W + E + R + AA Q + R + E + auto attack + W to add auto-reset attack R + auto attack + W + E + Q + AA Usually best reach all skills. R + Q + E + walk while slow + automatic attack + W when the opponent is far away If you need 3 more stacks, R + Q + W + E + walk and press AA And many more according to your choice. Many champs will come to strike you. And if it is automatic attack or target skill, the opponent will get minion agro. Caster minions are strong at low levels. So they will be more damaged. This often happens even in challenging games. They need to go back to reset the agro. Waste of time and movement.

Using minion aggro with cannon would be more effective. All melee champs do it well. Use it to win the trade! Spam W while returning to the lane. Great to stack tears with ease. Activate Fleet to get MS. This will help you to step back. Call your team for help. They will help while you are really good at chasing. No need to be a jungler. Anyone can harm, CC will result in murder. You are very weak in the early game. Only join battles when you can win. TP is the best way to join the winnable fight. It is actively used to grow faster. Counter tips: Do not grow him. Do not die for him. Die to others. If you endure until the middle of the game, you will be really strong like Kayle. Do not always wait for the next R. Use Flash during the R cooldown if necessary. Join R if you think you can survive until the next R. And now some montage. Thank you for watching!

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