Katarina Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Katarina


Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. Enable passive in many situations. Powered in the middle of AA Powered in the middle of Recall Powered by knocking Powered in the middle of R Powered in the middle of knockback Stasis does not activate passive. Creates an on-hit effect on all targets. Passive AoE is based on Kata’s position. So you can damage the enemy far away. Dagger has vision. Useful to review or engage. The Dagger is always placed behind the target. The position of another target does not matter. Just placed behind the first target. Use this information to place the dagger in a good position. Consider the range of the Q chain to hit the enemy over long distances. Q hits the opponent collects minions. You can pass minions after using W. Use W to steer clear of skills. This will save your life. Only one target was damaged by E. E also applies an on-hit effect to the damaged target. E damage range is smaller than passive. So if you use E on the dagger, only passive damage can be done. Use E to target and then walk on the dagger.

Use E to do both at once is the best. You can destroy the enemy by using E on the ally. reset auto attack to E AA + E + AA Useful to further damage minions / towers / objectives. If you get killed, AA + E + automatically attacks + E + AA There is some E range around the dagger. You can jump on the wall by using it If the target is close to the wall, the Q dagger will cross the wall. Use it to jump on the wall as well.

Useful to avoid danger. You can use E before placing the dagger. Immediately use E of Q to engage or jump faster You can wall jump faster with W as well. And you can use automatic attack + E + AA after W. You can return to the line as fast as E to the alipores. (+ W) But if there is no minion, you can use it to jump towers. Getting a dagger will give a fixed E Cooldown reduction. E can be used in many things. Blast cones, Honeyfruits Useful to do the double dash of E + AA If you need to use E faster, use it and right-click to skip AA. E in Targeted Traps (Jhin E, Teemo R) E is a quick skill.

Use it to last hit. Use your team or enemies to jump walls Useful to steer clear of every skill that is not targeted Use E before killing to reset and reuse it. Even a small distance of E can save your life. Makes an on-hit effect of every single dagger (25% effect) R only applies to 3 nearby opponents. So you can activate on-hit effect multiple times. Attack speed increases R damage. But without the AD bonus, attack speed will not increase damage. R can be used only if the opponent is close.

Useful to check the brush Damage is applied to target with brush. Damage is applied to the opponent in stealth mode. Lots of combo. You should make your own combo according to experience! Q + E + W + auto attack + 2 Passive + E back early trade Q + E + W + auto attack + 2 Passives + auto attack + E + AA chase more E + auto attack + MAY + Passive + auto attack + Q + E + auto attack + auto attack + EAA full chase without R.

You can use minions / objects / teams to make these types of combos. 1 skill: Kat is very weak. Take care of HP and get CS. Try using automatic attacks to gain CS and use enemy skills. Taking 3 melee first with Q is a good choice. Champ with many pressing skills use this method (Kat, Zed, etc.) This also applies to 3 caster minions. 2 skills: Good at trading E + auto attack + Q + auto attack + Passive + auto attack + E back Fake pressing the alipores will ruin the opponent’s skill Good timing to engage when the opponent uses skill. It is better if you avoid the essential skills. Kill all the alipores to make the opponent to get agro.

You can do this, E + auto attack + MAY (+ Passive) + auto attack + back a bit When E is ready, Q + E + Passive + AA Hide and try to kill when the enemy approaches you. You can easily dodge the gank of the minions in the back. Always try to press passive. It is worth enough to use Flash. Spam Flash if you have a chance to kill. Don’t forget that ward! Behave.

Wandering often. Kat is very good at team battles. Help your jungler and harass the enemy jungler. Zhonya is highly recommended to reset the aggro. With the reduction of E cooldown + Passive, Kat will chase until the end. Use Q on the front line and engage the dagger to target the glass cannon. Engage when your team uses CC. Flash will help you to do good attention. And now some montage. Thank you for watching!.

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