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Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. The wall mark will only occur if the enemy has sight on the wall. So if there is a mark on the wall, it means the opponent is close. Use this tip to find opponents in the brush.

Transform is decided by the type of scope you break the most. The blue orb fell through the rang champ. Red for the melee champ. (dummy is melee) Even if you hit the melee champ, The shadow is open if you have blue more. The other change opening time is reduced by 5 seconds for each orb.

You can send information to the team by ALT + clicking on the bar. How many marks are left and time left to get another change. The Blue orb is absorbed into Kayn’s body. The red orb is absorbed into Rhaast’s eye. When you change, you gain speed of movement.

Use this one opportunity for effective gank. Shadow: Passive is not activated by receiving damage. There is a delay after using the Q dash. So you can add Goredrinker at this timing Cancel the dash and slash right away by using Q up to the thick wall.

You can use it on thin walls by using it in the diagonal direction.

Use it often to maximize DPS. Or use it on monsters to make the jungle faster. Speed Q dash scales with moving speed. Q + Zhonya do not cancel the movement of Q. The dash item cancels the Q.

No damage by Q dash and slash. Flash + Q is good to use. Combine with wall tricks to do explosion damage. You can jump walls using Q. Even thicker than Q.

Shadow: increases the range of W. The skill uses shadow. W + Q to reach both simultaneously. Hurt the opponent to W during E state. W makes a shadow considered another champion.

So you get less shared gold from the turret plate. Watch out for it! If you are inside the walls, you can get full vision within range. You can see across the wall even if you are not inside.

You won’t get brush sight (it will be too OP) But you will see beyond the brush.

If you see the enemy here, the opponent will recognize you by the wall mark. In this vision trick, stay here to see the red zone. The enemy does not know because there is no mark on the wall. You can get instant recovery if you go inside the wall. Use it during battles to heal and fight again.

Healing it can save your life. You can pass the walls for a long time. But if you get hit or damage the enemy, it will only take 1.5s So always check the DoT before entering the wall. If you are an enemy, hit Kayn to reduce the E duration.

And you can’t go back to the wall after 1.5 seconds. so you have to jump on the other walls in 1.5 seconds. Use Q to add more distance to jump over other walls.

You can do the same. Extend E fully to get around the forest faster. Kayn is moved to the nearest spot when E ends. Use it to move a little further. E increases the speed of movement, so the Q dash is increased during E.

Shadow: more speed of movement when entering the terrain. and it takes evenly out of the wall.

So use this trick to gank or use Q faster The tower won’t hit you if you’re inside the wall And it’s useful to steer clear of skills like this. Also useful to steal goals. Shadow: R1 range increases, R2 range increases.

Shadow: Passive is reactivated when using R2. Rhaast: Healing only happens when you do R damage. So if the enemy has low HP, the heal is very low or nonexistent. (Success Treatment) If the enemy dies, Kayn appears in the enemy position without delay. R2 will also be given motion.

So don’t move if you want to stay! You can use blue smite use R. If you have a spelling effect during R, it looks like this Align the monsters to reach the Q dash at all. Touch the raptor with AA to align them. Gather the orb as quickly as possible.

So you have to fight often. Make a longer fight to get more orb. Gank on the pulled line. easy to kill or do long battles. Poke during the E.

state would be good as well. With the help of your teams, you will get many of them.

Okay dying together, as killing will give you a lot. R will help you to get more. With all that effort and finally, you will make the change.

After the change, now everything is getting better. Shadow: Target squishies. The preoccupied enemy is better. Loop to the back when your team interacts. Interrupt them by threatening to the side.

Rhaast: Fight with the team in front. Hit the skill as much as possible. Use R to reset aggro. Heal R2 is also very good to live. And now some montages.

Thank you for watching!.

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