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League of Legends 5 Steps To Jungling Well By: chadiyalan

  1. Consistent and Successful opening route
    1. Analyze lane matchups and path towards most volatile/snowball lane to gank first
  2. React to Enemy Jungler being on opposite side of map
    1. Instead of attempting to contest late and wasting time, look to take objectives on the opposite side of the map.
  3. Play around winning lanes, avoid losing ones
    1. Ganking the losing lane often leads into all of you dying. Gank the winning lane so you both can snowball. Use that snowball to gank more even lanes to use your lead wisely. Then the players with leads can help the behind players get back into the game safely.
    2. In early game, actively avoid the losing lane if you are without your winning lane.
  4. Always fight for 3?rd and 4th Dragon
    1. trading the first 2 dragons for herald and the top side of the map is fine. Don?t let them take three dragons for free. If this is the case, make sure to take top objectives (tower) so you can rotate the winning lane to dragon for a 5 on 5 fight for dragon.
  5. Group with team when they?re pressuring and farm when they aren?t
    1. Don?t farm while your team is pushing up mid as 4 or 3. Stop your camps, and help them look for picks and team fight.
    2. When your laners back for items and no one is in threat of dying, farm it up safely.

Feel free to grab the bullet points and have them open on another monitor while you play to remind you of what you should be thinking about as you go through the game. Happy jungling everyone!


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