League Of Legends 5 Things Every Ezreal Player Needs to Know [5 minute, No-BS guide] By: MugheesJ


Ezreal can be INSANELY strong when you know what you’re doing, so in my latest YouTube video I’ve brought you guys some tips in a concise and no-BS format.

Here it is:

For those of you that are too lazy to watch, here is a very dumbed down version of what’s in the video:

1. Obviously, weave auto attacks between your abilities

(I go a bit more in depth and show an example of the damage differences it can make)

2. Proper Arcane Shift usage.

(Go a bit more in-depth with how to use the ability in lane and the importance of the ability in Ezreal’s kit)

3. Utilize the Q- Flash mechanic.

(Explain “why” and how as well as the different situations where it is useful)

4. Utilize the E-Flash mechanic.

(Explain “why” and how as well as the different situations where it is useful. Explain cursor placement to ensure it’s not messed up.)

5. Correct Ultimate Usage.

Various tips such as the usage of fog of war, when you should use your ultimate, and how it can be used to stack passive in team fights.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to play Ezreal watches this video. I go into depth for all the points and explain my thought process to give a better understanding of the champion. You can learn a lot more from spending 5 minutes here than 30 minutes in one game.

Thanks for your time, hope it was helpful! Let me know what champion I should do next

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