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League Of Legends Akshan E guide By: chenchenleague


Hey guys, Akshan has been one of the newest additions to league of legends with a very unique and fun playstyle. Although his kit shares similar aspects to other champions like Lucian and Sivir, his E (Heroic Swing) is without a doubt his defining ability that makes the difference between a good and a bad Akshan player. Furthermore it is also a super unique ability in the game as it can dish out majority of your damage with a really good swing! (Not to mention the CD reset for montage reels!) Sure many can consider it “unbalanced” or “unskillful” to lose all their hp to 1 ability, but there are a lot of intricacies to the ability. The goal of this guide is to help not only the Akshan players themselves, but also those who want to know what counterplay there is to Akshan E. This guide discuss all.

Video format: (highly recommend as I can only explain so much without visualization, also left some concepts out because of this reasoning, but overall still the same) Timestamps down below in the video description.


Concept 1 – Circle Concept Akshan E is unique because no champion movement in the game goes in a perfect circle. As demonstrated in the video, if you E next to a tower you indefinitely swing for a couple seconds around and around. Being able to draw a circle to estimate your trajectory is very crucial to playing Akshan. A perfect E should be a circle that includes the enemy either within the circle or just outside, but ensuring that you do not bump into them, stopping the E. Swinging around the enemies is critical to maximize dps and get the maximum amount of shots from his E as possible!

Concept 2 – Tower Diving/Counterplay The most obvious counterplay to Akshan E if he goes for a max range swing I to stay in the middle and respond to where he is swinging. The best example of this is under tower, where the enemy hugs the back-end of the tower and slowly walks around perpendicular to your E swing. This inevitability is the counterplay to Akshan E, as you can deny almost every single shot coming from the ability of done correctly! In the video I do demonstrate how to bypass this with a different swing angle and how to effectively tower dive enemies.

Concept 3 – E + Flash Combo A very niche combo where you can cast E and on your third cast, flash before you land to deal its final shot. Although this combo isn’t too practical, it is still something that can be used. The only real time I can see it being useful is if you marked a 1hp enemy walking to his team and then doing E + Flash to guarantee his death.

Concept 4 – E Marking This is quite basic, as you should never E in without a proper mark, especially during the laning phase with minions in the way. E fires at a marked target, basically playing off his passive. Your autos, Q, and R all marks. You should always look to auto E or Q E. In some cases you can R E and go in there as the R can clear minion wave and secure a good E swing.

Concept 5 – E + R Combo In the video I show how this combo is flawed, as your E will not be doing any damage during E channel. You should only do E + R combo if you need to reposition for your R to land, but overall the combo is fairly unreliable and should not be used.

Concept 6 – Extending E Range Self explanatory, E range indicator is shorter than it’s actual range. This is because of the large terrain hit box so when the E gets thrown it, it will latch onto a terrain farther than its actual range (not by much though)

Concept 7 – Maximizing Pit Damage A lot of Akshan players probably doesn’t know the best E position inside baron or drake pit, but after plenty of experimenting, I found it! Go to the entrance of either pit and look for closest E at the back of the pit. (Hard to describe, it’s shown in the video)

Anyways that’s it from me, hopefully some of you found the guide to be useful! Feel free to ask me any questions related to Akshan in the comments! Thanks for your time!

Here is my twitch if anyone wanted to see me play Akshan live: https://m.twitch.tv/chenchen53



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