League Of Legends All in One Season 11 Brand Jungle Guide By: SnooCompliments7054


About two months ago I released a guide for Brand Jungle that was very well received on this subreddit, but due to the changes to Brand specifically as well as the Season 11 Jungle Changes and Item Changes I desperately needed to update that guide. I also noticed that a lot of other Brand Jungle “guides” were recommending the incorrect runes and weren’t going in-depth on the nuances of the Brand which, in my opinion, is required to play him effectively.

If you are interested in playing Brand Jungle I have personally spent over 100 hours testing him on the PBE to gather every bit of information I could to make this guide. The hope is that this guide will be the most in-depth breakdown of Brand Jungle that you will find available online. Hope you guys learn something as well as enjoy as I spent a long period of time creating this for you, enjoy!

Link to the guide:


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