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League of Legends Bronze Rank Guide?by Artiquinno

Hi!?My name is Hemoplague and I play on the EUW server ? currently in promos to Gold I after carrying myself from Bronze 5 at the end of season 3. Although this has taken 450 ranked games I have learned a lot along the way and can say that I have improved enormously. Over this past season I have gone through every division and have played every role in ranked, so I think I can give a good perspective on how to climb and how to hit Gold before the end of the season which is perfectly possible for any of you!

In low Bronze you have to carry your entire team, you can?t rely on other people to do anything at that level. You encounter people who tell you that they are Gold smurfs then proceed to feed, and then there are people who call their entire team ?Bronze noobs? when they themsleves are in Bronze. Here it is essential that you just type: ?/mute all? ? this means that you can concentrate on your own game, you don?t have to put up with anyone else.

As for carrying at this ELO support is not a great idea in my opinion as you are then putting your faith in the ADC to carry. I would prefer to play mid/jungle/top and I?ll explain why.


MID:?You have amazing roam potential, you can destroy your own lane then roam to any other lane any attempt to help. If you are fed then this will put you even further ahead, you push towers here, you go for a dragon. You do ANYTHING you can do get an objective after you get a kill.

There are lots of champions with resets/ short cooldowns that you can play in mid lane which means that in teamfights you can do an awful lot and remain safe at the same time.


JUNGLE:?In the jungle you have the ability to help everylane and you have the best objective control out of everyone. If you play a jungler at low ELO there are two ways I would suggest.

1) GANK HARD?? this requires risk taking but ensures that your team a put ahead, but is only really worth it if you are put ahead a long way.

2) STACK FERAL?? Certain champions will do tremendous amounts of damage and be close to unkillable when they have a stacked feral. The downside to this is you aren?t helping your lanes nearly as much. Because of this it can be risky and it?s harder to carry if your lanes are falling behind. However ? if your lanes are pulling even, you can easily crush the other team in fights.

In the jungle it is essential that you clear every buff possible, if your mid laner is behind then just take the buff for yourself, get the dragons and barons to ensure a gold lead. You should also be buying wards whenever you can, pink ward down 100% of the time and two or three sight wards in your inventory at any time. This means that you have objective control and can see where the other team is at all times. People in lower ELOs tend to not ward at all ? despite being given a trinket. It?s YOUR job to make sure that there are wards down on the map.


TOP:?Top lane is usually left out a lot in all ELOs, lots of people consider it to be an island where the jungler rarely ganks and it doesn?t recieve a lot of attention. Here is where you either play a tanky engager champion that does damage or a split pusher that can win the game single handedly.

TANKY ENGAGER?? Due to most people in low ELO being afaid to fight then you have to be a play maker and choose the fights for your team. Champions that can engage/disengage and keep people locked up while you wait for your team to respond are my favourites to play top lane. An example of this would be Jarvan IV ? he does a lot of damage early game because of his passive and armour shred/poke on his Q ? and he can easily engage with and E/Q combo. His ult does wonders at locking people up so you can wait for your team while the enemies use all their abilities on you. I would heavily reccomend learning him!

SPLIT PUSH?? Certain champions can push towers very quickly and have the potential to 1v2 or 1v3. If you get fed in the laning phase you can stay in lane and just go for the inhib. You will draw their entire team towards you which opens up the map for the rest of your team to push and get other objectives. If you die toplane to a four-man gank; but your team gets a tower out of it ? then it is worth in the early stages of the game.

Tryndamere is a great contender for this. He has amazing early game damage and sustain, his ult means he can tank unlimited spells for a short duration and he can spin away when he is in too much trouble. His only weakness is being CC?d but if you are fed enough to kill people before they CC you then you are in the clear!

A General point to consider when in top lane is that you still need a lot of wards! Get two/three everytime you go back. They will save your life countless times especially if you are splitpushing!




*Jarvan IV








*Xin Zhao





*Master Yi






General Tips for Bronze:?Only focus on your own game, mute others at the beggining of the game. Gold advantage isnt seen so important in low ELO ? take advantage of any objective that you could possibly take. This will give your team more gold and it will be easier to win the game. You are the only one who can be held accountable for warding; do your part. Say you spend 1000g on wards over the entire game but it prevents 10 early game deaths for your team, I?d say that it was worth it.


Check out my other guides ? and good luck with climbing the ladder!


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