League Of Legends comprehensive guide on the (technical aspects) of the League of Legends ranked system (caution long and difficult to read) By: DEUSIDVULT



I am currently waiting on something and have nothing to do. This was on my mind randomly, so I will just write it out. This post is a reference to the technicalities behind the league of legends ranked system that Riot refuses to reveal. I am the type of person to write on and on and rant. I will try my best to keep this concise. (but I probably will fail)

Let’s start off with some definitions:

MMR: (hidden!) matchmaking rating. This is what is used to determine who you are matched with when trying to find a match. It applies to every type of game mode. Ranked, Ranked flex, normals (blind and draft share one mmr) and aram. In this article, we will focusing on ranked (solo/duo).

LP: League points. For people new to ranked. It may be confusing what this is. People might even consider it identical to MMR. It is best to think of this as something completely and seperate from mmr. There is only one time where MMR and LP interact, I will explain this in my post’s main body. It is then that LP and MMR are compared and they are related. Excluding that instance, they are independent of each other.

Elo: The elo system for chess orginally developed by Elo. It is not in use by LoL, instead LoL uses mmr. It is the exact same idea but altered. The original elo system is a simplified system compared to mmr as its only used in a 1v1 game. What you can basically say is that mmr is the advanced elo system. The MMR system describes the rules for gaining and losing mmr when there are ten players in a game, all with different MMR. Both elo and mmr are zero sum. If you don;t know what that means right now, that is okay, I will explain this further in. Even if you do know, you might not know that the implications of this fact is enormous. One thing that elo system and mmr assumes is that the performance of every player is a normally distributed, random variable of which the average is one’s ‘true skill’. I think this is generally very accurate for not only league but every game and sport and honestly life in general. Elo got this idea nail on the coffin. Normally distributed random variable and its connection to “skill”. It’s really a genius breakthrough for Elo to be able to connect the two. If League does one thing right (and honestly probably only this one thing I literally cant think of another thing thats done almost perfect or like even well), it’s its implementation of the mmr system. Elo is not used in League of legends but I will be using the elo system as a comparision for the MMR system in my post.

Dodging: When in champion select, you disconnect from the server in which the lobby is hosted by any means. Ex. internet disconnecting, closing client/alt f4/task manager/turn off pc. When this happens, all other players are removed from the server as well and placed back into queue. Note that sometimes this doesn’t work and although you have left the client, for some reason you may be connected to the server and the game will still continue. Or you could not be connected at all but the game still continues. On the technical side, I’m unsure which one of the two it is or if both could happen. Though for all purposes, though rare, closing the client will not always dodge. This is called “fail dodging”. Actually this could be very dangerous but my post here will reveal something that might be able to counteract it depending on your situation.

Leaving/Disconnection/afk: Disconnection is when the player either 1. closes their league of legends app when the game is ongoing or 2. disconnects from the server for which the match is held. You can do the first one by closing the app through the ingame “leave” or alt f4, task manager, turn off pc, etc. similar to dodging but doing it during the match. You can do the second by for example, disconnecting from your internet. In this case, your league of legends app will still be open, but you will be getting “attempting to reconnect” sign. The app cannot connect to the server for the match. You can still do client-side actions like clicking and attempting to use spells but in the actual match, other players will see you walk or recall back to base. When disconnected, you gain protection. 100% immunity to any and all sources of damage including true damage. You are not immune to displacement, but upon getting displaced, your character will walk back to the center of the fountain. Now some might mix up afk and disconnection, but there is a difference. In fact, they aren’t exclusive. You can be afk and not disconnected. You can be disconnect but not afk. You can be both at the same time. Afking has a bit of a history. Some time ago (not sure when), you can afk in two ways. One is not issuing any command for 5 minutes. So this means that, for instance, if you right click 10000 units away and your character slowly walks over. The 5 minute timer starts when you issued the command and is ticking down despite your character still moving. The afk timer also ticks when you are dead so, if you are dead for 60s. Then you have 4 minutes to act before being afk flagged. This is just because you cannot issue commands to your character while its dead and afk by the first definition simply means no commands received from the league of legends app controlling the character for 5 minutes. The second way to become afk is to not receive any experience for 5 minutes. This is actually a relic from the original DotA, of which LoL is based on. I won’t go too much into this as as of right now, it is not in effect. It was removed at some point and the only way to go afk is to not issue commands for 5 minutes. So if you disconnect for 10 seconds, you won’t be afk. If you disconnect for 6 minutes, you will be afk (unless you have some way to send commands to your character while disconnected, in that case, you won’t be afk). Leaving (or disconnecting I will use these 2 interchangeably) will result in no penalty. Thats why you can leave at the end of the match when the nexus explodes. You’ve probably seen many players do that. If you leave within 5 minutes before the game’s end you won’t be flagged as afk. Afking does carry some “penalties” (to some this may seem like penalty to me, i don’t value what it loses so i don’t consider it as a true penalty. If you put this another way, I may or may not be telling people to afk as much as they please. I don’t hold responsibilities for any consequences). I will go into detail about this later as it is connected to another topic. Lastly, afking invokes leaverbuster. So leaverbuster is a really weird system and its constantly (and i do mean constantly, like the people at riot working on LB have nothing better to do) changing so its hard to tell you exactly what it does. Also I haven’t left too much recently to have enough data. To collect data like this, you cannot just peruse opgg for an hour (which is what i do in my spare time). You have to actually leave yourself or know someone and ask them. I know that there were 3 levels, and recently its become 4 (maybe more?). You are placed in low priority queue for 5,10,20 minutes. The levels increase as you leave more games and will reset after a while (i think its # of game based and not time based for reset but im not sure, I dont afk that many games) starting at the lowest level. Sometimes but sometimes not idk, your first leave wont cause you to be in low priority but you still get a warning. If this happens your next afk before the reset will definitely get you low priority. So that was the old one. Right now on top of the 3 levels, there is a first level of 2 minutes. Im not sure if there are now more level afterwards. Also the # of games for which you get low priority is still a mystery to me. It is at mininum 3 and max 5 from my experience. I know afking more increases it. I think before it was this: 0, 5 mins-3 games, 10 mins-3 games, 20mins -3games, 20mins -5games, 20mins-5games…. Im unsure. If someone has reliable data, either you afk alot yourself or you know someone who does, it would be much appreciated to inform me. Im always trying to learn more. Send me a pm to my reddit account. Low prio means you have to wait the period of time (while not having access to client) before queue will begin. You can cancel at any time but this means you restart the timer. After completing the # of games, low prio will be gone. If someone dodges a lobby, you are placed back in queue, but if you dodge you will need to wait the timer again (compounded with the dodge penalty timer of course). Waiting out the timer in this way will not remove one game (i.e you wait out timer get into a lobby but dodge).

The last section of definitions was a bit longer than I had hoped. But now we can move onto the main text of how league of legends ranked system works. I really want to try to keep this shorter. The length you see on the following would probably be doubled if I wanted to spend more time.

I’ll get to the point. In league of legends matches there are two outcomes. A win or lose. This is a must for any elo system base game unless they added additionally rules for what occurs during a tie (this rarely will be no elo change but usually will be the higher elo giving elo to the lower one, albeit at a heavily reduced rate than if the lower elo one won). In league of legends, one loses when ones nexus is brought to 0 hp. The team which does not lose or causes the other team to lose is the winner. MMR can only change in one way. Through the post game screen after a loss or win. You might’ve seen like a delay or a clock sign on the your lp before it turns into a gain or loss. This is not lag on your internet or the server but the server calculating your lp and/or mmr gain after the match. This happens extremely rarely in low elos but is much more common in non-low elo (gm challenger). I can only assume this means that at higher elos the calculations are more complex. It may also be the system rearranging the ranking ladder at the same time as the calculation. If its harder to calculate changes at extremes in mmr, then it might imply super super low mmr (nearing 0 mmr) may also have this calculation delay. Ive never tried this or tried to see it (again cant just opgg browse to know) so if someone knows again dm me I would greatly appreciate the enlightenment.

Continuing, the winners take mmr from the losers in a zero sum way. All losers will lose mmr and all winners will gain mmr. In extreme cases the gain/loss may be “0”, im not sure how extreme this would have to be, it’d probably be impossible but theoretically, it isnt mathematically incorrect. The distribution of how the mmr will be given is completely unknown and a secret of riot and their mmr system. The naturally and logical assumption is that the highest mmr player in the lobby takes less of the share if he wins and loses more to give to the enemy when he loses. The reverse for the lowest mmr player. It is very likely each player’s mmr is individually compared to the average mmr of the lobby and calculations are done to ensure how mmr is distributed to each individual.

Now I do a little aside. I mentioned that this is the only way to change mmr. This implies no other actions affect your mmr. Majority of people probably already know this but dodging doesn’t affect your mmr. I can only assume people, especially newer players, get this confusion as dodging does affect lp, and if they have in their head mmr=lp it is a natural assumption. I extend this to say that dodging does not affect mmr in promos or provisionals. There was some theory floating around saying dodgin in provisionals “counts as a loss”. This is really ambigious and some people took this to mean a loss in mmr as losing also causes a loss in mmr. So a while ago, dodging in provisionals causes you to lose one provisional game. This is no longer the case now. But people just love to make assumptions. They assumed that you have one less game in provisionals so you must have counted as a loss. They assume that since u lost lp, or you lost a promos game due to dodging, you lose mmr. I invoke what I said earlier, lp and mmr are completely independent besides one instance in which they interact which i will state very soon. Again to restate very heavily, the only way to lose mmr is during the postlobby calculations after a defeat or victory. However this does not imply that every postlobby will change your mmr. (all ravens are black but not all black things are ravens) There is one case where postlobby doesn’t change your mmr. remaking. Now combined with all i said so far there is one VERY VERY profound fact as a consequence of this. If you were paying attention and carefully reread, you will notice it. If not it is fine, I will leave it as an exercise for you to figure out and i will come back to it later and tell you what it is. An addendum is that there is a way to change so to speak mmr gain: provisionals. Although even Im not sure about the following and think its radical, hours on opgg and playing this game for 10 years honestly with pretty few breaks in between tell me that provisionals is roughly 2x multiplier. So your losses and gains are doubled. The less thikning ones among you will agree with it and be done with. But think use your head and think of the consequences. We know that mmr must be zero sum. What is the implication? If he gains more someone must lose more. The radical conclusion, if you have provisional players on your team, you actually must be losing or gaining more EVEN IF YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT IN PROVISIONAL compared to how you normally would. e.g. 1: 1 player in provisional 9 are not. This is simpliest example. If provisional player team wins, he will take a bit extra from every enemy than he normally would’ve. The little bit extra, split among the enemies will be very unnoticeable and even if you stared at opgg for hours you would probably conclude the loss of mmr for those people is normal. It would be hard to figure out they lost a bit extra. e.g.2: 1 player not in provisionals 9 other are. this players team loses. His teamamtes must try to lose double mmr and enemies try to gain double. This player cannot then lose the same amount of mmr as they would have if he were in a lobby of all non-provisional ppl. ex.3 A team of all prov vs all non-prov. Prov team wins. They will try to take double but enemies are trying to only give single. This implies even the none-prov players, due to facing prov players, lose more than normal. I think the multiplier is something like this; its like two forces trying to pull in opposite ways when non-prov meets prov and the same way in prov vs prov. If it were possible to be 1v1 (to make it simplistic), a non-prov vs a prov player has something like a 1.75x to 2x multiplier to loss/win compared to non-prov vs non-prov player. Obviously both parties have this multiplier as its zero sum, ones loss must be equated in the other gain. Now in prov v prov, its perhaps 2.5-3x multiplier for that one game. Now apply this idea to 5v5 instead of 1v1. So its very important to win prov v prov games, you are potentially making your climb 3x quicker for those 10 games. (well its very very unlikely every single game will have every single player be prov so in general its much lower, thats probably why I got 2x as the rough multiplier).

This section will be long. Prepare mentally. I will now talk about lp. The most important thing in league of legends is league points. When you see the top rank of players on the ladder, they are listed by descending order from highest to lowest. They are listed by their league points (not mmr). Above diamond 1, the points are simply listed from descending order. Then within diamond, it is descending order but for instance, diamond 1 0 lp is higher order on the list then diamond 2 99lp. And diamond 4>p1. You all of course know this, im only stating it for completion. Every single player on a given server playing ranked is on the ladder somewhere. (this fact is used sites like opgg. Their api simply searches the game server for a player of a given user name, then takes all the usernames of people in their lobby. It displays to you these games in pretty font with their champions win/loss and players league points; all publicly availible information. It is really is a very convenient tool I love it. I love the formatting too. Imagine after every game you had to go match history click view profile and slowly waddle your way around. Also league match history only stores up to he most recent 20 games but their data base stores much more—it is however discarded and refreshed after awhile to avoid wasting valuable server space. opgg digs up the information and shows much more than just 20 games) The official client has many ways of naming or classifying players to list them into according to lp due to the extreme number of ranked players. If they were alljust listed in a huge list that would be pretty impossible to use with e.g. NA roughly having 1m ranked players (though in theory thats how it is done in the database. You can go to opgg leaderboards and it does it this way). To be ranked on the leaderboard simply complete 10 provisional games. You will be invisible again to everyone (although you will see yourself as a rank) when you suffer decay. I could go into explain decay but i wont, its really basic and not interesting. With the conseuqneces of lp I will explain, you will know exaclty how decay interactions with lp and mmr (decay simply causes loss of mmr, it is one cause). Also upon a new season start, every is placed into provisionals again (so invisible before 10 games). This summarizes the only way to appear on the ladder and only two ways to disappear after appearing.

Continuing (this is the same section as previous paragraph, I just didn’t want a 3000 word paragraph), there are many ways to change lp (majority of this is decrease) contrary to mmr. Dodging invokes a lp penalty as well as a timeout. The lp penalty is -3 for first dodge. -10 for another dodge within 24h. The -10 itself refreshes the 24h. So e.g. you dodge at 1 am, you dodge at 12 am tommorow and again at 2 am same day and again at 1 am next day. This wont be -3 -10 -3 -10 but -3 -10 -10 -10. Actually im not 100% sure if its 24h. Some people say its 20h. Some 18h and some even 16h. This is really easy to test or find out through some other means but im too lazy rn. Its probably 24 h but if not the other 3 are possible. I dont think there are any other possiblites besides these 4. The timeout is 6 minutes where you cannot enter queue on first dodge. After waiting the time, you can queue. The next dodge within (i think something like 45mins again not 1000% sure. Someone comment it, its probably really easy to find out) will be 20 minutes time out. If you dodge again after the 45 mins, its still 6 mins. unlike the lp penalty, the cooldown starts right after the dodge. Immediately after you disconnect from the client, the 45 min starts. This means that during the 6 mins it is still counting. If you have the 20 minute penalty, you only have to wait 25 minutes AFTER the timer is out, to be able to dodge again and recieve a 6 min as opposed to a 25 min penalty. The timer keeps going no matter what until you dodge again or it expires. So it continues while you are in game, in lobby, in queue, or waiting for the 6/20 mins or waiting for low prio or sleeping. I know riot said they changed dodging penalties recently but i honestly havent even noticed it. Maybe they failed like the failures they are or i just dont dodge enough idk. Regardless the concept will be the same, a penalty to lp and timeout, the numbers may change according to riots desire however.

Continuing again, afking in a match invokes a lp penalty. Actually it invokes two seperate lp penalties—sometimes… If you afk in a match and you lost the match you invoke one penalty, lp loss for next couple of games. Two or three games of reduced lp. I kinda forgot off the top of my head lol. As i said i dont leave too many and i cant scrutinize opgg for it. I think its three games but two if u disinclude the current one in which you left. If you win the game, there is two penalties. Instead of gaining lp you lose lp and you have the penalty as before. I dont want to say this but I’ll say it “you lose lp as if you had lost the game”. I cringe myself a bit just typing that. Because although you lose lp, you actually gained mmr if you win. This may be suprising but think back to all I said about how mmr can be changed in only one way. Winning gains you mmr taken from the losing opponents according to the mmr formula. That is the only change in mmr that can ever occur. afking or not afking, you met the only condition to gain mmr (be in postlobby in a victory). And as we probably know (if not its will be explained later) lp is not very important and mmr is important. Though theres no real way to abuse this, just know even if you afk, as long as your team wins, you will be taking that nice juicy mmr off your opponents like you normally would. Also an interjection it seems riot changed demotion. Before and for litearlly 10+ years, you demote at 0 lp if and only if you fail a comparison of your mmr to the average mmr of the tier you will demote into. Now it seems you demote at 0lp on a loss irregardless of your mmr. Its a very recent change.

So into the real meat and maths of the post. Relationship of mmr and lp. In the post lobby after mmr is calculated lp is then calculated. It compares your lp to the lp of all the other players with the same average mmr as you. The formula is probably some flat value and then added or subtracted by mmr difference (this addition or subtraction value will be asymptotic, it will never e.g. make you gain or loss <0) For instance, a win is +15 league points and it will be increased or decrease slightly depending on your mmr compared to the average mmr of all players with your same lp. It doesn’t just use the exact same lp. If e.g. a player with bronze 1 75 lp has slightly slightly higher mmr than the current average for bronze 1 76 lp. He will contribute to raising that average doubly slightly, once due to him being lower lp and doubly due to being lower lp higher mmr. Since he is raising the average it must imply he is also above the average. If he wins, he will likely gain more lp than an average 76 lp player. When he wins, his new mmr (after the win) is compared to the average mmr of his lp and his lp is adjusted accordingly. Every player contributes to the average. One plat 1 50 lp player being above or below his lp average mmr will contribute slightly differently to the average mmr for e.g. plat 2 50 lp. If hes above his mmr is above his own lp, he can contribute to plat 2 50 lp average to be slightly higher than it is, or if hes below, then he can make it below. The ranked system has estimates for how much mmr difference should be between the average p2 50 lp and p1 50 lp players and if too many p1 50 lp players are under mmr’ed, the average for p2 50 lp will be slightly lower (as its a smooth increasing curve, it cannot be that the average mmr for p2 50 lp is higher than p1 50lp). There are many many consequences that arise from this fundamental interaction: the only interaction between the otherwise independent lp and mmr. I’ll give the very basic basics if you cant figure it out. If your mmr is higher than your lp average, you will gain more lp upon winning and lose less upon losing. Note that your mmr is completely unaffected, you will lose and gain mmr as you normally would as if someone else with your exact same mmr is in that game regardless of that person’s lp status. There are some simple implications here. If you didn’t already realize it, it’ll be mentioned later.

Now onto a special topic which for me is the most insane (suprising and disturbing by riot) thing in this game, and I hinted I will talk on it before. Remaking. Now if you use all I said you will realize this simple fact. In a remake all players gain 0 lp. besides the leaver. You also may or may not know, it is obvious but itll be stated, all those other players also neither gain or lose mmr. This is the only way to be postlobby but not affect your mmr, through remake. Riot says its as if it never happened. This isn’t true for neither the other players nor the leaver. The following paragraph will describe this. What does this mean? Using these simple facts you have the answer. Again people assume mmr=lp a completely absurd and inane assumption. MMR is only compared to lp in one situation and other than that very situation they are completely non-interacting. Since mmr is a zero sum system, and the leaver physically has no one to give mmr to, this must mean the leaver also gains/loses zero mmr. This is despite him losing lp “as if he had lost the game”. Now you might already see how this is extremely abusable like to an absurd point. I will touch on it a bit later, but use your own imagination (and riot’s absolute disgusting stupidity) to come up with something. These things are in here because riot 1. never releases this information (understandable, it makes it fun for me to found it out too) and 2. assumes their players are absolute ret$rded apes (probably for the majority, true). They belittle player intelligence while having omegalow iq themselves and this system islike this and not changed or abused (it is probably abused by select some, me making this post may or may not make it abused alot and to the point of it changed?).

There is only two thing (i can think of rn) in which remaking is different form just not playing at all. When in low prio remaking will take off a game for you, so in this case it counts as a game. Also applies things like chat restriction. However, if you are the one who left for the remake, you wont take off a game but this is kind of irrelevant as you get a compound penalty anyways. Remake is an exception to the afk rule, in a sense. I didnt lie when I said there was only one way to “afk” but despite this, remake while you are the leaver invokes leaverbuster. Not only that it invokes also both the lp loss and lp penalty in future games exactly as if you were afk (but you did not actually afk, ie. if you stay in your league app for the 3 mins you will see no “afk message” pops up). Nextly, remake takes a game off provisionals, despite the game should’ve “not counted”. This is obviously only if you are the leaver, and if you aren’t the leaver it wont affect provs.

LP summary: there are many ways to lose lp. Losing a game, decay, afking (both “as a loss lp loss and static lp loss in few games”), dodging, remake (exact same penalty as afk, we won’t discuss if it stacks or not as its impossible to be flagged as afk and remake afaik). LP IS your ranked standing but mmr is more important. MMR will increase lp gains. This means sacrificing lp but not decreasing mmr is temporary. Theoretically, if you play an infinite number of games, you will get the sacrificed lp back. Realistically, in a reasonable number of games, you will very close the all of the lp by simply playing. Remake abuse potential? All of this will be covered in “tips” section very soon. First i will interject with “matchmaking”.

Matchmaking. ie. what immediately follows a queue pop. This uses your mmr and complicated formulas to find a lobby with similar average mmr to your own and players within a close mmr bracket. The main point is that it attempts to do this (and lots of times fails hard). Just note that mmr is very very variable (as in in this game, because of all the different factors put into matchmaking you may end up in a very different average mmr than your own) Every season riot seems to want to put addition restrictions on match making. Consequently, to find “good games” will either take long, or simply widen the mmr bracket for which players are matched in. For instance, Riot stated they wanted to ‘balance amount of duos’ in both teams. This is like really weird. So currently, you cannot duo in non-low elo so i dont experience it too much(you could if you “mmr abuse”, ie. double d1 player will challenger mmr duoing) but on my smurf playing in low elo I dont even think its working. I see games with duo bot and duo mid jg on one team no duo on other team. This is easily balanced by swapping one duo to other team (their roles dont even interfere, all these players are on primary role), but game is like that and other team has offroles. Its smurfqueue (ofc right haha smurfq is great addition to leageu) so not sure if that has an impact. Anyways, putting restrictions on matchmaking gives highly variable results in the mmr of players. Especially in dead times, low elos can even be in a non-low elo game due to the absolute lack of players. (in fact people are claiming this game is dying, i kind of agree at least this season for non-low elos so many people i know many going decay on purpose) You can get a diamond 1 in challenger lobby. With the highest challenger being e.g. 1k lp. The difference b/n this player and the d1 is roughly 1k mmr. For a perspective, this difference is roughly the difference from a d1 player to a mid silver player, in terms of raw mmr (so how many games you’d have to win more than lose on average to get from mid silver to d1 is similar to d1 to 1k lp) (*1.2k, 2.2k, 3.2k mmr respectively roughly. plus minus 200 mmr). Imagine you are playing in d1 low but you get true silver on team. This comparison is really garbage and that game wouldn’t be similar to a d1 in challenger lobby as as you get better there is less and less to improve on.

Now onto advise and such I guess tips for ranking up now you know all this. These “tips” you can come up with yourself with all the information I provided but I’ll provide it for my generosity. One question probably begging your minds rn. Why do the “pros” or “high elo ppls, streamers” say mmr is more important than lp for climbing and lp is irrelevant ? hurr. Yes for me too i value lp very little; like almost not at all (but not quite). The goal of climbing, to become the #1 ranked player on the server is through getting the most league points. It follows that then the goal of every player who plays ranked lol is to get as high amount of league points as possible. However, mmr is a tool to help get league points. A higher mmr will help you get lp faster. Thats the secret and its truly this simple. Also some ppl misconceives the words of others (whats new). They are not saying that lp is irrevelvant. What is truly being is specifically, losing lp IN PLACE OF losing mmr is always worth it. They are not losing lp for no reason at all. They are sacrificing lp for a small advantage at something, this something being the smallest chance of gaining/not losing mmr. Because the value of lp is so low, sacrificing even significant lp for smallest chance increase of getting mmr (despite the fact that u may just sacrifice lp and lose next game anyways), is worth. In the long term it is. You do this chance-offering many many times and overall, your mmr will be higher than not doing it. I’m kind of beating around the bush but obviously im talking about dodging. They dodge games that they think is not winnable even before game starts. Low elos probably have a hard time comprehending this but its a very, very important strategy and over the long term, you will increase mmr. People seem to think there is magic in mmr. Someone in master 100 lp gaining +30 and losing -6, playing challengers. They abused system and cheated using mmr abuse. Thats just so wrong. There is no difference. Easiest way to visualize it is this way. Lets assume that every single dodge they made or other ways of lp losing didnt happen. Now lets assume they won and loss the same exact amount of games they had with dodging. Lets say they would be 600 lp and their mmr and lp are very similar. The 100lp guy is also at 600lp-mmr wise. You CANNOT ever compare him to 100lp because he is litearlly just 600lp(mmr). As in he worked for it. He had to win same amount of games it would take to get there. He is playing in challenger lobbies. Can a true 100lp player play iagainst 600 lp players and win? The answer is yes but its ever so slightly (and with s11 it really is really really slightly hehexd) less likely. But anyways, he is constantly playing challenger lobbies (If riot can find them for you, in theory its constantly, in reality its rarely; dead game shit matchmaking, half time gonna play d1s low masters, but alteast it will try to find those lobbies). So at the end, if the 600lp vs the 100lp with 600lp mmr players win same amount of game, who climbs faster, who ranks higher? the 600 lp. the 100 lp will rapidly catch up but if they win/lose the exact same amount (and ofc assume mmr of lobbies are same and everything are sames), then the 100lp will NEVER EVER catch up. He will get infinitely close given infinite games but will never catch up. In reality, within 100 games, he could be quite closer maybe 200lp difference if he decides to fix his dodge fetish but if you are so much below your mmr, it will still take many games to catch up to it with your lp and if your ultimate goal is to gain as much lp as possible, this long term strategy is fine but you need to weigh pros and cons. How much chance of winning am i getting for wasting -10lp and 6/20mins. And there are some ppl who think that you shoul dodge ON PURPOSE to “get higher mmr” that is just big epic wutface. As in, they say that e.g. you are in d1 promos you should dodge all 3 no matter what the lobbies are to purposefully not get master. This is stupid. dodging has zero relevance on mmr.All you are doing is wasting your time, both the timeout and having to win some to get the “losses” (of lp) back. You are definitely not climbing quicker but slower if you dodge no matter what (although only a bit slower which is why i said lp is very not valuable. Note this not valuable means “lp is very not valuable COMPARED to mmr”, ofc lp is better than nothing at all). The big reason tho you dodge in d1 is to duo abuse d1 to chally mmr. This way you actually dodge purpose. Imagine this. Dodging is an issue. Okay so what happens? Riot makes a system (and they used their collective 10 cells in brain to think through the consequence of system before implementing it) where PURPOSEFULLY DODGING NO MATTER WHAT is not only the correct decision but like a must. Enemy duo challenger/pro bot lane destroys my low master double autofilled bot lane, o no! That aside, to summarize, use dodging to get out of bad lobbies but dont over do it consider if its worth it or not (most of the time its worth it; just how much can you take of this fucking spam dodging? its a mental test). Remember that a player that dodged and won will climb slower than one who won and didnt dodge, if only a little bit. (again assuming same mmr of every player and shit). Lastly a new technology no one uses: remake. Ill keep it brief, use it like dodging and in addition to dodging, if you are gonna be 20 min timer, then consider remake. However BEWARE of leaverbuster, and lp loss and the smaller lp loss in next couple of games. Also remake is much much stronger than dodging. You might think comp is good but when you see the actual PLAYERS behind the champs in loading screen, you can decide to remake. This is extrmeely power and secretive power no one uses.

Finally some misc stuff i didnt know where to put.The biggest thing I know ppl will be like “wheres the proof for your claims” “no evidence then all bullshit”etc etc. Honestly for me, I got to know all these simply by playing the game for a long time (since middle of season one where I even played ranked during my first season and i started bronze 1 lel). Now I know many people all non-low elo and are suprsied by like 80%+ of this information. So ill add that you have to not only play a long time but pay attention. Be conscious of technical things. One way to verify all this information is to believe every bit of it to be true, mentally apply it to every situation you come across and if it contradicts what you physically see happen, then my information is false. Im way to lazy to get evidence for every single bit of this ill give a low effort random throwaway i have onhand rn. See e.g. this account https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=otgrqo . Stare at it hard and think about all u know about mmr. Remember the variableness I said about mmr and espeically compunded in the riot exclusive all new great for the game; smurfqueue, its very hard to tell whats what. Also funny thing about that acc is it does have some losses so take that into acc when you try to think. The losses are from his team not remaking in those games for god knows what reason. Heres another one: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=VeGe7a Just look around and click into things on opgg for couple hours you’ll see many of things like this. Use the information and try to come up with if its right or not. In a meta way, you can think of the distribution of the difference of all the other player’s in a lobby to the player in question’s mmr as a normally distributed random variable in itself. And on top of that inferring their mmr’s with only their lp is probably another ndrv. All of life is. That is it is possible to be playing in a game with vastly different mmr and for lp to be very different mmr although it is rare. (although for the second case, you can force lp to be much lower than mmr. If someone forced in this way, you should be easily able to tell staring at opgg). After staring at many many accounts you’ll have an idea of what their mmr is. See if that contradicts my informations. Remember even if its in line with it, you can never prove a theory correct only reinforce it. However one contradiction proves it false. I don’t claim my information is absolute truth (also in part to the fact that riot could change it too), but from me looking at opgg for long time, i dont see obvious contradictions. One last thing people probably point to sites like whatismymmr for mmr. Honestly, that site is soo egregriously wrong in its mmr calculations its not worth sparing even a second of your time to witness it. Especially in non-low elo. In low elo it might be accurate idk and idc really. For me, I do my own thing. I use what i know about elo system and knowing that mmr is an altered elo system, and knowing lp relation to mmr to then estimate mmr after sparing at opgg for hours. I think this is much more accurate than some website which you dont know their calculations. Also I think that specific site is very outdated. Riot has updated the math behind mmr many times (though ofc they will never tell you; they think us all stupid sheep. Baaaa we dont know any better baa. And its probably a true assumption towards most ). So definitely dont trust it. Also like those accs i linked, idk when you will be reading this post but may see very different things or the accs wont exist at all. Nonetheless, use your own brain and do staring at things and figure out for yourself to believe or not my post.

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