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League Of Legends Drafting Strategy for Clash By: WL_Kairos


This is a repost from something I made a few months back, but hopefully it’s helpful for all of you today!

With Clash coming up this weekend, I thought it would be helpful to put together a simple drafting guide for all of you! I took a lot of concepts from coaching in a traditional competitive setting, and adjusted them so they could be applied at every level.


I also put together a nifty draft sheet to help. The video goes into depth and provides examples. But here are some of the highlights:

Ally Planning

  • Collect top 5-6 champions for each of your teammates and organize them by comfort level (copy spreadsheet from above)

  • Write out the champions you expect the enemy team to ban away from you.

  • Note any flex picks, as well as who has the deepest pool

Enemy Scouting

  • Collect top 5-6 champions from enemy history/mastery/ranked tabs in Clash

  • Ban strategies:

  • Note: they are not locked to roles. Probably smart to ban a OTP even if their last clash game wasn?t in that role.

  • Screenshot enemy history/mastery/ranked and save them in discord so you can view them during draft.

Draft Strategy

  • Recognize basic themes (i.e. dive, poke, kite).

  • Use flex picks to conceal your themes until your enemy team has committed to one

  • Draft towards themes that counter your enemy?s theme

    • Dive beats poke, poke beats kite, kite beats dive. It?s a basic rock, paper, scissors game (oversimplified, but trying to make this easy to follow)

Draft Tactics

HAVE FUN! It’s only a game 😀

I hope this can help you all to win more Clash games and go into draft with confidence! If there are any other tips you recommend, comment below. I?m happy to discuss further 😀


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