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League of Legends Guide on the secret of the 1st wave and minion aggro that applies to all lanes (worth reading) By: Dopa



As always i only translated the important parts.


The nature of the 1st wave consisting of 6 minions are different to the waves that come after. The 1st wave minions have the “Ghost” effect on them. When to try to freeze the 1st wave even using your body, it is impossible because of the effect. The minions will meet in the middle no matter what you do.

There is also another effect. They are in a system where they have to “equally attack/kill each other”. This came into place about 3~4 years ago. There was a time back then when if there was an invade that happened, the laners would come back to lane after a team fight and would see that the minions are all tilted to one side because they would focus attack on one minion. And thats all luck, so people said this is unfair and they patched it. The 1st wave of minions has no focus firing effect, they have to kill each other 1 by 1. They have a very short sight (unlike the rest of the waves), because they are programmed to attack the enemy minions first instead of the enemy champion. So when you hit the enemy champion on the first wave, the minions will not aggro on to you becauss they have a duty to kill the enemy minions first.

This is why when i am playing against Katarina or Qiyana (the champions that use Q to eat 3 minions), I go over the halfway line, throwing away all the cs and popping Electrocute. I dont get hit by the minions so the Potion exchange ratio is superior for me.

For the 2nd wave and on i think the range of the close range minions are about 250 and 400 for the long range minions. These numbers arent exact, I got them from when i was studying minions. Its important to note that the minions do not share vision, they have all been individually hit by Nocturne R. This is how you understand the Aggros.

In the range at which the enemy minions react (their vision), there is a way to lower your rank on their priority list. It is to attack the enemy minions and move. This way you can deactivate their aggro on to you. Their first priority is – an enemy champion that is hitting an ally champion. The one right after is – enemy minions that are attacking ally minions I think. Ive only memorised the conclusion so i dont remember the process to which I got to this conclusion so its a little blurry for me. Well actually it’s fine, you dont need to know why, you just need to know the conclusion.

Thats why if you use a long range champion in top lane, there is often a situation where you will be destroying the opponent in the first few minutes. So whats the conclusion? – the jungler needs to come.


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