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League of Legends How To Beat The Game With Veigar – A guide that will change your life By: PersonalSycophant


1st item must be tear. You may be tempted to spend the remaining 100 gold on pots, but this is a mistake. The same goes for control wards—both items are a waste of gold and will only serve to delay your victory.

You must, of course, stack tear as quickly as possible. For this, take smite to secure blue buff from your jungler. This will free you up to stack both your tear and your passive in lane without limit. Use this whenever blue buff is available.

There are two important runes for this build: Manaflow Band and Biscuit Delivery. The biscuits can help keep you in lane, but more than that, each of the three biscuits increases your max mana by 50. Meanwhile, Manaflow Band eventually gives 250 bonus mana, for a combined 400 mana from runes.

For your build, Liandry’s beats out the other lost chapter items with its ability haste, allowing you to stack faster. Second item should be the completed Seraph’s embrace, assuming you’ve been stacking efficiently. Most Veigar’s move on to build more AP, but this is where they err. Offensive stats are not needed. Frozen heart will be your next item, followed by Zeke’s Convergence.

Now, because Ryze exists, there are no other full mana items in the game. You’ll have to settle for two glacial bucklers. Some might argue that we should go for support items, but mana regen will not help you win.

At full build and max level, you’ll have 4455 mana. While limited, this should be just enough.

The key to this strategy is your W, Dark Matter. Every 50 stacks of your passive gives 10% reduced cooldown to Dark Matter. You should leave this ability at level 1, as leveling it does not reduce cooldown, but increases its mana cost from 60 to 80 at max rank.

Once you’ve achieved 2000 passive stacks, your W cooldown will be reduced by 99%. This is not enough. You must hit 3500+ stacks so that the cooldown is 0%.

With lvl 1 Dark Matter costing 60 mana and having a pool of 4455 mana, you can cast W 74 times. The average computer keyboard has 101 keys. Proceed to keybind 74 keys of your choice to W. Press all 74 simultaneously.

The release of all 74 balls of dark matter at once will, of course, overwhelm Riot’s fragile code. Their servers will explode, and the game will die.

Congratulations. You have freed us all. We can finally live our lives.


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