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League of Legends Lee Sin Tips?by HDCommentary

Hey there Summoners!

It?s time for another guide, this week for Lee Sin! This is more of an advanced guide featuring advanced mechanics, so if you?re here and you?ve never played Lee Sin it?s probably a wise thing to check out an easier guide first. I oriented this video more onto the advanced part as an experiment for my research, in which I?m trying to figure out what people want the most in a guide. If you would be willing to give me some feedback on that topic, that would be great!

Anyways, let?s get back to the guide! Here is a link to the video that will teach you how to play Lee Sin effectively:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq18_baJNoo

I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Script for those who are interested or can?t watch the video:

  • Lee sin can be very strong if you use his passive effectivily. This is done by using a skill, auto attack twice, use a skill, auto attack twice and so on. This can only be used in long-lasting fights or onto minions, because in other situations you might want to use your skills faster for the extra cc / damage.
  • The most important mechanic on lee sin, for me atleast, is to know how to ward jump. You can use your W to jump to allies, including allied wards and minions. This allows lee sin to use wards to get closer towards his target.
  • I prefer to use smart cast for this, but you will find out what you like best. I smart cast W and 2, with 2 being my ward slot.
  • So, basically what you do is very easy. You position your mouse at the position you would like to jump to, press 2 and W consecutively and then you perform a ward jump. The tricky part about it is knowing your ranges and doing it fast.
  • In case you are not familiar with his ranges, try to NOT use smartcast first. This way, it will show you a range indicator for ward placement and your W. Once you?re used to the ranges, I encourage you to use smart casting.
  • If you?ve mastered this mechanic, you?ll notice how freaking much mobility Lee sin has. It allows for great plays and it will make hitting your Q easier. What I like to do is to ward jump towards and enemy, use my E twice to slow him and then use my Q. This makes hitting skillshots much easier.
  • Another way to use it is for the famous insec move. This can be done with either a ward or flash and it requires you to be level 6.
  • The insec move is performed by placing a ward behind your target, ward jump to it and follow it up with your ultimate. This will kick your enemy back in your team, almost providing your team with a kill for free.
  • Here are some examples of the insec move in play. There are different variations of the move, all viable in different occasions. Let me list a few combo?s that are possible.
  • Q > Q > Ward Jump > Ult (The real insec move)
  • Q > Ward Jump > Ult > Q (you will fly with your target, requires you to be close)
  • Ward Jump > Q > Q > Flash behind target > Ult (Very long range)
  • E > E > Ward Jump > Q > ULT > Q (Requires you to be extremely close)
  • These are most commonly used combos to iniate fights or to make picks. They all have their own advantages in different situations, so it?s all a matter of trying it out. Most important is to know how to perform a standard insec move fast. If you are fast, it?s going to be easy to do the move in any way you like.
  • Ok, but how do you learn all this the fastest? Well, here?s how I did it: I played lee sin for 10 games in a row, no matter which role (in a normal game of course). Then my second item was ALWAYS a sightstone. I?m not saying that this is particularly good on high level of play, but for practicing mechanics it?s great.
  • Then once you hit level 6, try to make epic plays. This might fail miserably in the beginning, but after 1 or 2 games you will get a hang of it. Use ward jumps all the time and perform insec moves on anyone who is out of position. Practice makes perfect.
  • After 10 games I?m sure you will know EXACTLY how to play Lee Sin. You don?t need much games in order to know a champion, if you try really hard. The only problem is overall game knowledge, like Matchups, timings etc. This is all learned by playing Lee Sin over and over again.
  • As last I will make you familiar with a very basic Lee Sin move that does a ton of damage. The point is to maximize damage output. So basically what you do is you Q your enemy, ult him and follow it up with your second Q. Since your Q scales on missing % HP and your ult deals a lot of damage, your second Q will have its maximum efficiency this way.
  • Alright, Let?s summarize this guide to make it all fresh again.
  • Number 1: After using a skill once, attack twice and use the skill again for maximum damage output and maximum energy effectiveness.
  • Number 2: Use ward jumps to gap close instead of trying to hit that Q first. Ward jumps are performed by pressing 2 and W consecutively. (with 2 being your ward button)
  • Number 3: Use insec moves to make plays by picking people out of position, or engaging a fight in general.
  • Number 4: Smartcast W and your ward button for faster ward jumps and insec moves. Use this when you know Lee Sin?s ranges.
  • Number 5: For assassination, use Q, ult and follow it up with your second Q to maximize damage output.
  • For builds, masteries and Item builds I will include some links in the description to legit guides. They will help you with the basic mechanics and the macro management.
  • So that was it for this week?s guide. I hope you enjoyed it and most importantly learned something from it. This week I tried to change my whole guide layout in the more advanced parts and less basic parts. I skipped basic mechanics in this video as an expiriment to see how that turns out. Please let me know what you think!
  • Thank you for watching and I hope to see you next time in yet another season 4 guide!

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