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League of Legends Primary Runes List


League of Legends Primary Runes List

Name Type Tier 3 ? Greater
Desolation Armor Penetration 1.66
Might Attack Damage 0.14/lv
Strength Attack Damage 0.95
Alacrity Attack Speed 1.7%
Malice Critical Chance 0.93%
Furor Critical Damage 2.23%
Insight Magic Penetration 0.95
Name Type Tier 3 ? Greater
Defense Armor 0.15/lv
Resilience Armor 1.41
Evasion Dodge 0.75%
Lucidity Energy Regen/5s 0.06/lv
Meditation Energy Regen/5s 0.6
Fortitude Health 5.35
Vitality Health 1.08/lv
Regeneration Health Regen/5s 0.11/lv
Vigor Health Regen/5s 0.43
Clarity Mana Regen/5s 0.065/lv
Replenishment Mana Regen/5s 0.41
Name Type Tier 3 ? Greater
Force Ability Power 0.17/lv
Potency Ability Power 0.99
Celerity Cooldown 0.0532%/lv
Focus Cooldown 0.65%
Acumen Energy 2.2
Sapience Energy 0.161/lv
Shielding Magic Resist 0.15/lv
Warding Magic Resist 1.49
Intellect Mana 11.25
Knowledge Mana 1.42/lv
All Quintessences are Primary
Name Type Tier 3 ? Greater
Force Ability Power 0.43/lv
Potency Ability Power 4.95
Defense Armor 0.38/lv
Resilience Armor 4.26
Desolation Armor Penetration 3.33
Might Attack Damage 0.25/lv
Strength Attack Damage 2.25
Alacrity Attack Speed 0.034
Celerity Cooldown 0.13%/lv
Focus Cooldown 1.64%
Malice Critical Chance 1.86%
Furor Critical Damage 4.46%
Evasion Dodge 1.5%
Acumen Energy 5.4
Meditation Energy Regen/5s 1.5
Wisdom Experience 2%
Avarice Gold 1/10s
Fortitude Health 26
Vitality Health 2.7/lv
Regeneration Health Regen/5s 0.28/lv
Vigor Health Regen/5s 2.7
Insight Magic Penetration 1.89
Shielding Magic Resist 0.37/lv
Warding Magic Resist 4.5
Intellect Mana 37.5
Knowledge Mana 4.17/lv
Clarity Mana Regen/5s 0.24/lv
Replenishment Mana Regen/5s 1.25
Swiftness Movement Speed 1.5%
Revival Time Dead 5%


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