League Of Legends Quick Guide for all those new players struggling with teammates By: herrochrrybrodm


Hello and welcome to my quick guide on how to play league without committing heinous crimes.

I’ve seen a lot of new players on this sub recently asking questions like “How do I deal with X Champion/Teammate/role e.t.c.”, so today I’ll give you a really sweet guide on how to play league, harness your inner anime protagonist and carry your games into level 30 so you’re better preped for ranked or even help in your ranked experience in general. Lets get started:

Step 1: Ban any ‘Freelo’ champions, examples include “Darius, Master Yi, Samira” Special points if one of your teammates says anything like “I’m a Kassadin one trick please first pick and give me mid” – You want to ban them out even faster to be safe and BE SURE TO MUTE EVERYONE BEFORE THE LOBBY ENDS

Step 2: If you already have one then find and lock in your favorite champion based on the role you’re playing If you want to really increase your chances of winning then try out champions like Yasuo, Riven, Zed, Kyle, Ivern, Taliyah or Aurelion sol – Key note: play them in lanes such as Botlane as adc/sup or Jungle to be most effective

Step 3: Now that you’ve picked your champion and banned the no no champions you want to setup your runes, you have two best options: Go to your browser of choice and type in u.gg And press tab and type in your champions name, now go ahead and copy those runes exactly regardless of your matchup. On the other hand you can also type in [Champion name] mains reddit and find any pinned thread discussing champion runes and builds. Remember than it’s best to not consider things like matchups and researching or personal experience don’t matter so just follow the crowd and don’t ask questions – extra points if you can just copy your favorite youtubers rune page or type in “[Champion name] guide lol” into youtube and skip to the runes and items section (SHOUTOUT TO THOSE OF YOU WATCHING EVERY KINGSTIX VIDEO WHEN YOU SWITCH MAINS FOR THE 60TH TIME)

step 4: With everyone now muted, champion locked in regardless of matchup and runes copied you now want to tab out and find the latest MrBeast Gaming video, you want to relax as much as possible before heading into game. Don’t look up your opponents, on the off chance they’re better than you or have above a 40% winrate we wouldn’t want your expectations of winning to go down – remember you’re the best player in the game

Step 5: Now that we’re stepping into game you want to press tab, look at their team composition and entirely ignore it, MIA ping any of your teammates picks you don’t like and type “? wtf” into chat Don’t worry the mute function of lobby carries over into game so your ego is safe Now that you’ve not analyzed the enemy, begin by building recommended items. you’ll want to do this for the entire game, don’t stray off the recommended build path! Never forget that the ‘ALL ITEMS’ Tab is a bait for bronze players!

Step 6: As you progress into the game, you will either want to wander around aimlessly spamming spells to secure cs or try to fight your opponent at every opportunity. A good rule of thumb to have is; if you’re fed early on, build blindly and continue to play as you have done until the 20 minute teamfights breakout | if you instead fed the enemy then your first move should be to unmute everyone and begin typing in /all chat to convince your teammates as well as the enemies that you should FF – extra points if you; say a slur, tell someone to commit sleepy time, general rage and incomprehensible garbage or focus blame on your jungler.

step 7: At this point you have either won or lost the game, be sure to type in gg ez or bg 9x jungle, alternatively you can try [lane] diff, cursing in another language or don’t say anything and save it for the post game lobby which should load in roughly 3-5 business days depending on how much your parents love you enough to buy you a good PC in which case the wait time could be anywhere from 6-9 hours based on the clients mood. At this point you should get any left over anger out in the post game lobby chat, add anyone you don’t like to insult them further in pm’s, report your allies for specifically “negative attitude, intentional feeding and harassment and racism”. – Additionally you can queue back up instantly and let out that anger at your new teammates by saying you’re going to run it down if you’re not mid lane.

I hope this guide has been informative and as helpful as possible to all the new players out there, or even those who simply need a bit more help and guidance in their current silver-plat games. Let me know if you think anything should be included or if you think you have any additional helpful info drop it down in the comments.

GG and good luck on the rift Summoners! <3

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