League Of Legends Step by step guide to viewing pros play on Chinese SoloQ By:


Disclaimer: Foreign player’s soloq accounts are still being discovered so Observer streams aren’t fully scouting everyone yet at the time of this post.

As you may have read over the past 24 hours, a lot of pros are playing on the Chinese server for lower ping. To most here it is a dark world and nobody knows how to get any information about chinese accounts. So here I am to help!

In China there are two primarily well known streaming sites, “Huya” and “Douyu”, this is where you can find either pros streaming, or observer streams (something similar to trackingthepros on twitch). So how do you get there? It’s pretty much the same for both sites.

  1. Head over to Huya or Douyu

  2. Look for “??” on the top bar and hover on it

  3. “????” is League of Legends so click this, it is always the first one. Alternatively you can just translate the page and instead it will be easier to navigate.

Now there’s a plethora of streams, but who to watch? Well a lot of LPL players are contracted to stream on these sites, so often times you will find a bunch of pros streaming high elo games which is one way to view worlds players playing, and you might catch a stream of the likes of Uzi, Theshy, Knight, Jackeylove, depending on what time you visit the site.

But what if you want the observer experience? Well there’s plenty of that too.

  1. Once on Huya or Douyu, head to the search bar and type “OB” and smack the enter key

  2. There you will probably see a bunch of streams, well the key is to look out for team/player names in the title. Some streams are dedicated to certain teams and will simply rerun replays when teams aren’t playing so avoid things like “Theshy OB” which won’t always show live games.

Once you have found the stream you want to watch, enjoy! Here are some tips left over

  1. You are sadly limited to 720p30fps on both sites unless you register or download the desktop app, neither of which I am forcing you to do as it generally requires your phone number, and that is your choice.

  2. The scrolling text? What is this! Here is how to remove it on Huya and here on Douyu.

  3. To watch VODs on Huya simply click here while on Douyu you click here from the stream’s profile.

  4. There are still things flying across the stream? These are gifts/donations sent to the streamer, on more popular streams they may flood the screen at times. Sadly without logging in you can’t disable them.

Happy viewing! And feel free to leave a message or pm me if you need any extra help or info.

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