Today, I will teach you the basics of League of Legends. The goal of the game is to kill the other team’s kingpin. Blue team has a dragon and purple team has Baron. There are only five good characters: Fiora, Urgot, Teemo, Azir, and Ice climbers. For the sake of this video, I picked Wukong on accident, one of the weakest summoners. Most professional players will run this rune setup. Personally, I like to do more damage, so I use really big runes. For items, it’s pretty much the same for every summoner. You get twin shadows, blade of the occult, banner of command, and Ohmwrecker, with the Blue Trinket, of course. Now notice how I kill this guy in one hit. Here’s his rune page. Generally, you don’t want to die, but don’t be a baby. You know, the only thing that happens if you get killed is that you have to sit in the timeout for a little while.

Now we all know how to do this one. But did you know that Blitzcrank’s Q allows him to pull Baron into the jungle? Go ahead, go try it right now. It works. You gotta sucker on your team stealing all your kills? Just bop ’em on the head, dumbo. Ah, what’s this? You’re Anivia and Wukong just knocks you up into space? Just flash over the wall! Look at this. You come down… and you’re out of there. It is as simple as [that]. Oh, what’s this? The whole team is camping in blue again? Just pull them into your own base! That’ll teach these little bastards some goddamn respect! Now let me introduce you to the single player. You got Pauly D! I’m the Frankenstein in the house! The Situation! Grool. The Two Hombres! Dr. Gadfather! No! What are you people doing? You’re attacking your own kingpin. Oh my God, just beautiful guys. Just….

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