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Hello everyone, last year I, a yung diamond scuttle crab main created this scuttle crab guide to help and nurture other zoea (that’s what baby crabs are called I think) to become adult crabs. Now that it is season 11, a lot has changed and I figured I’d create an updated guide, though a lot of the core information will stay the same. I have learned a lot since then and I hope I can provide more insight for the proper way to pilot this fickle yet steadfast crustacean.


Scuttle crab is one of two crab type champions in League of Legends (the other being Urgot). The scuttle crab is a more advanced and ascended version of Urgot as he is part human while Scuttle Crab is full crab.


Below summarizes the scuttle crab play style.

  1. Scuttle crab plays similarly to river Shen and Nubrac Teemo.

  2. While unfortunately doing about the same amount of champion damage as an ally team Yasuo, you can have some of the best map presence in the game.

ABILITIES (updated)

Passive: Rift Scuttlers

There are in fact 3 scuttle crabs on summoners rift. Two in the rivers and rift herald. The rift herald is a scuttle crab who has become corrupted by the void, though the player is unable to control it.

Scuttle crab itself is a crazy busted character, and thus, Riot decided to impose numerous restrictions to balance it. Scuttle crabs can only spawn in the river and can not leave the river. Because they can never be in range of the shop, scuttle crab is unable to purchase any items. In addition, much like how Jax uses a lamppost to even the playing field, scuttle crab only spawn at 3:15, with a death timer of 2:30 after both are killed. Scuttle crab will also never be hostile.

Scuttle Crab in addition has -100% tenacity, meaning crowd control affects affected by tenacity last twice as long.

Q: Rift Run Range: infinite Cost: 0 cooldown: 0

Rift run is an evolved version of Kassadin’s rift walk. Upon reaching the end of the river, or being forced out of its habitat, Rift run may be cast. Upon casting, Scuttle crab quickly dashes back to the center of the river.

If a piece of honeyfruit is dropped nearby, rift run can also be cast to dash onto that honeyfruit

As Rift Run is a dash, it can not be cast while rooted or grounded.

W: Shell Smash Range: self Cost: passive Cooldown: 0

A non-damaging normal type move originating from gen V, notably popularized through Cloyster and Carracosta.

Scuttle Crab is shielded for 60% maximum health. Shield is removed when immobilized. CC which does not remove the shield include: Blind, Cripple, Disarm, Drowsy, Nearsight, Slow, and Stasis. All other forms of CC will remove her shield.

E: Fleet Footwork: Range: self Cost: passive Cooldown: 0

When damaged or under crowd control effects, scuttle crab enters a state of “fleet”, gaining 100 movement speed and moves away from the enemy champion.

While not in her “fleet” state, Scuttle Crab is unaffected by slows.

R: Speed Shrine Range: infinite Cost: passive Cooldown: 0

Deathrattle: Scuttle crab switches teams to whatever team gave her the killing blow. She leaves behind a speed shrine which grants sight in a 525 radius and 30% movement speed for 1 second for all allies who move within the speed shrine’s radius. In addition, 70-140 gold and 115-230 EXP (depending on the level) will be granted to Scuttle Crab’s killer. The Speed Shrine lasts for 90 seconds.

STATS: (updated)

Health: 1000 − 2066 (based on level)

Armor: 20

Magic resistance: 20

Attack damage: 35 − 116 (based on level)

Attack speed: 0.638

Movement speed: 155

GAMEPLAY: (updated)

Scuttle Crab has definitely gotten much stronger in season 11. The reason being is that the game has shifted towards many carry junglers being strong (graves, hecarim, kha, kayn) as well as a very gank heavy meta. There is a lot more fighting and skirmishing going on as well. What this means is that there is a lot bigger emphasis on objective and scuttle control, not only that but the extra gold and exp junglers receive from scuttle will be even more useful and help them snowball faster. So then why is this good for Scuttle Crab?

Contrary to what some may think, as Scuttle Crab, your priority is to determine the stronger and more coordinated team. Once spawned, you should use your Q (Rift Run) and E (Fleet Footwork) to escape from the first jungler that appears. Your goal is to stall for the other jungler to show and hope for a duel if not a skirmish. In this way you can determine the better team, then utilize your R (Speed Shrine) to join the superior team and further accelerate their lead through gold and exp, essentially funneling them. For this reason, Scuttle crab is best picked when junglers have similar jungle paths or the same starting sides. As Scuttle Crab you should repeat this process as the game goes on, but the first couple of spawns are most important as they are likely large factors in the game outcome.

Another trick is to guide the jungler to “trap” you in the baron or dragon pit if you have determined that jungler’s respective team to be superior. This way you can pretty much guarantee to give them scuttle control and snowball them harder.

However keep in mind that baiting worse junglers to prove their inferiority is part of your goal too. How many times have you seen one jungler run up to hopelessly contest a top Scuttle already knowing both his solo lanes lack prio? Baiting them to do this not only weeds out the inferior jungler but also puts him behind even more, further securing and improving odds of victory. To stop a losing jungler you can also dash onto and eat a honeyfruit for 10 seconds.

However, as evident, for this play style, syndra and Tahm Kench are Skuttle Crab’s biggest counters as they can displace you out of the river and prevent skirmishes from occurring.

Keep in mind you can only respawn if both scuttles die, and your respawn timer is a fixed 2:30.

Regardless, his ultimate is what makes Scuttle Crab so OP, as you will almost always be on the winning team, in fact you can even be on both teams at once. For this reason, it is incredibly difficult to lose LP maining scuttle crab.

Thus, Scuttle Crab’s strength lies in her ability to not only adapt to various situations, but also to influence them at the same time as well.

Lastly, remember this guide only applies to a regular game on Summoners Rift, these tactics probably will not apply well to other game modes such as URF, OFA, or Nexus Blitz.


Scuttle to River Shen or Nubrac Teemo if met in game: “You think the river is your ally. You’ve merely adapted to the river. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see land until the end of my larva zoea stage.”

Scuttle when using Q: “skrrt skrrt”

Scuttle Crab when her shield is broken: “Tis but a scratch!”


Scuttle Crab’s best friend is Ivern, of course. However she is also on decent terms with Tahm Kench, since if Tahm Kench dances near her Scuttle will instinctively dance with him.

Scuttle crab’s self control is second to none. She won’t attack an enemy even when taunted despite having attack damage and attack speed.

According to lore rumors, the reason why Scuttle crabs and Nunu are not on good terms is because one of you fuckers went out and copped Nunu’s Svellsongur (the flute he uses for his passive or something) causing Nunu to chase us down.

Rift Herald was once a Scuttle Crab, but was corrupted due to the void energy coming from Baron Nashor’s pit. So don’t do drugs, Scuttlers…

If Scuttle Crab were to cease her self imposed restriction in attacking enemies, she would be worshipped as a cold blooded demon lord, as evident by the fact that she won’t drop any soul to steal when thresh is nearby.

NOTE: scuttle crab mains do not associate themselves with those in the Valorant community as a restaurant called “Scuttle Shack” is located on the map, ‘Split’ where they serve cut-up scuttle crabs.

Thanks to all of you who have gotten this far in my guide. I am not the highest of elos (I’ve reached Mentally Challenged Challenger 420 LP once before tho) so there are probably many hidden features and mechanics I may not know about. If you have any other suggestions or cool facts please feel free to share them.

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