League Of Legends Ultimate Sett Guide You Will Ever Need! By: bibblicallstuff


i put my soul into this guide, so this will be a long read everyone.

hello everyone, I have been playing sett since he was out, and I have fallen in love with him ever since. including all my accounts, I have about 5000 to 6000 games on him. highest tier is master..( I know, maybe im not in the position to make this kind of guide when im only a master player)

so before I get into the guide, please note that this is only from my experience playing sett, so not everything I say will be correct. we all have the champions that we have difficulty against

ALSO, for the high rank players that happen to stumble across this guide, please feel free to let me know any feedback or suggestions.


number 1. runes

as a proud top solo laner, you should always carry conqueror on sett and obliterate the enemy in half.

haha, all jokes aside, conqueror is the ideal rune for sett. there are some exceptions, for example top vane, i carry fleet footwork if i think i need some healing early on. I carry aftershock when im against renekton. grasp of undying is a good pick as well, only if you can activate and use the rune properly.

number 2 counters, what to ban

sett’s main counters are mordekaiser, renekton, camile, and probably? not faced it yet, but top lulu.

mordekaiser, i recommend building a very heavy attack based sett. the only way your gonna win the fight is either you die, or he dies. renekton and camile, seriously, do i even need to say anything? just downright op champions.

surprisingly, darius is not a very hard matchup for sett. I will talk below on that

number 3. Sett’s item build tree

**(first item, blade of the ruined king)**I have noticed that the league shop recommends players to go tiamat, however, this is not a good build tree for the current state of sett. Tiamat is good for lane clear. but lets think about this for a second. does sett really need lane clear? is his lane clear really not that reliable to go for tiamat?

the answer is, no. he does not need tiamat. and this, I can tell you, is a FACT. you would want to go blade of the ruined king for the first item.

but why does sett need this? not only does ruined king provide life steal and attack speed for sett, there is a movement speed boost. I assure you every sett player has experienced this at least once, and this is when your ult is just out of reach, or your e is just out of reach. that was frustrating wasn’t it?

blade of the ruin king is the solution, and it is also a good way of helping your jungler gank your opposite laner, as it has the slow.

(second item trinity force) now from here on, it varies from player to player, however, the build I will be showing you is the sett build I use in game.

do I even need to say anything? tri force guys, its hella powerful. HOWEVER, please note that if your laner is a tanker, or you just think you need more cooldown reduction, you can in fact go for black cleaver.

(third item death’s dance)

now this, this is when you are at peak. you get attack, heal, armour, magic resist, and cool down! what more is there to not buy this item?

(from here, you can build what you want to, depending on the situation)

for me, I would use sterak’s gage, for survivability, dead mans plate, if i really need more survivability, or to distract the enemy and get into the front lines, or if im fed i would go youmuu.

for boots, when you have some spare money after buying your core items, buy boots. ideally, you would want your boots completed by the time you get your second core items.

if the enemy has lots of cc, go mercury, and if the enemy laner is doing some damage to you, ninja tabi.

number 4. the lane phase (what skill to go master first) and different uses of skills

you would want to learn e first, and go for an aggressive start. your passive is just crazy, and it is probably what makes sett so strong in the early game. HOWEVER, there will be times when you will need to learn your w first, for example, top lucian, or top vane, or darius ( however this is a different type of lane phase) so if your laner is a laner which you have a hard time taking cs, wait until the first 3 close range minions are low, and hit them all with your w, allowing you to take at least 3 cs.

normally, after e, you learn w, then q. after you learnt all 3 skills, then proceed to master q, however of you still cannot win your laner, master w first.

number 5. some skills to take note of

skill combos of sett will be, starting off with a blade of ruin king, proceed with aa and q for maximum damage, e followed with w straight off the bat to make sure your opponent cant dodge your w, then a ult for a finisher, and if you cant finish them, go with a similar combo, and you will most likely win most 1v1s, because of your crazy passive and the sudden w shield.

you can actually w flash to make sure you land the center

if your enemy dodges your full grit w, no problems, just flash so your w lands in their face

for darius, you will learn w first, and wait for him in the bush. darius is a funny matchup for sett, because sometimes he wins, sometimes you win, but if you utilise w correctly, you will win darius level 1.

wait until you have full grit. make sure he thinks he got you. if you dont go all out in this, you will definitely have a bad time at lane. as soon as he underestimates/ doesn’t think much about w, smash that noxus kid’s face.

i might make a youtube channel explaining this matchup further, or record a video of a full explanation.

remember that you can w flash. this I believe is what sets a good sett player from the normal ones.

setts combos are completely up to what you think it is right for the situation. you can use e first, that works too.

number 6. what to do in teamfights,/should you split push?

I personally think that it is good for sett to be in teamfights. The ideal teamfight is for you to go in with ult, hit everybody with your ult, flash then hit at least 2 people with your e, tank until you turn golden, and use w to hit everyone. This is why i recommend sterack and dead man’s plate. You need survivability.

You can also go around the back, flash ult to bring somebody to your team. However, this can go really wrongly. Like lets say you brought a extremely fed darius, renekton, or mordekasier? Oh boy your in for a real mess. If you are going to use this method, i recommend you try to pick out who you are going to ult. But it is really hard to do, so i suggest first method.

As i find sett valuable in teamfights, I only split push when there are no champions to split push. Always tell your team to play defensive when you are split pushing, and make sure you remind your teammates to tell you if they are coming your way.

(this is why vision is so important.)

I think thats about it folks. thanks for the long read, and if you have any suggestions, questions, feel free to ask me.

again, i am only a master, so there might be some differences in gameplay, game sense.

thank you, and always remember that “It ain’t how many times you get knocked down. It’s how many times you get back up.” sett main out.

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