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Lee Sin Tips / Tricks / Guides – How to Carry with Lee Sin


Google Translator Hello everyone! Useful tips for you. Lots of sooooo many tips and combos for Lee Sin, so I will explain the main / useful / unique things. Enable passive using Q, W1, W2, E1 to maximize tower damage. If there are alipores, add E2. Activate the passive to clear the ward faster. For normal ward, AA + skill + automatic attack + AA Q2 scales with missing HP. So try using Q2 at the end of the combo Also Q1 + Smite + Q2 Recommended. Especially when you try to steal the Baron. Use Smite to clear the minion to reach Q. You can do this to hit the enemy unexpectedly. Ally’s CC best to reach your Q. Use Q like a Leblanc W, go away and choose to do Q2 or not. Ignore Q2 slow Many people think Ward + W is a bit difficult to use. Here is a tip to do it safely and quickly.

Many people use Ward with the number 2. 2+ W is hard to click as fast as it does with just one finger. Try using Ward numbered 4 or T. 4 + W, T + W will be easier. Or set Ward with Space. (Or any key you want) Space + W is really easy to use. You will make Ward + W faster and safer with it 🙂 The W range is somewhat longer than the Ward range. W is very good at escaping from the enemy.

Use W to steer clear of skills. Use W to save ally. W on the side will reduce the cooldown. Also applies for using W yourself. So even if there is a ward that will use W, approach Lee Sin to reduce the cooldown. Leave the monsters with low HP and use E to save time. If you use E before stealing, the enemy is exposed. E + Flash is possible. Useful to activate damage and slow down unexpectedly. During the R cast, the target is rooted. So if the R cast starts, the enemy will usually not be able to avoid R.

Use R + Flash to change direction. You can do this easily if you use Flash while in rooted state. So you have basically 2 options to set the R direction. Set the R + R + Flash direction Set the R direction of W + R R on the walls to get a knockback with proper position. You can easily hit Q during the knockback of R. So R + Q1 + Q2 is great to use.

And you will be taken and targeted to your intended position. You can get from enemies to target. You can get out of the tower range. And it is also good to jump walls with targets. You can also use Q1 + R + Q2 You can do this to stay away. But if you use Q2 too fast, you will not fully follow the target. Very bad especially when you have to do wall jumping. So try to use Q2 when the target almost comes to an end. You should select the R direction based on what you want to do. Just serve a target to your team. Or knock a lot of enemies to the target. In many cases, you want to end the enemy in R But sometimes if you use R, the target is not turned off. If you do not want this to happen, add an auto attack to secure the kill. As with automatic attack range, you need to use R closer than full range. If you need to use R in full range, you can add Flash + auto attack to do this. R + E is possible (should also be close) Possible R + Tiamat (This can be done in the range of max R) You can combine them.

R + E + Tiamat You can activate Electrocute in this combo. R + E + Tiamat You can also combine them. R + auto attack + Tiamat R + auto attack + E + Tiamat I can’t do this. Tell me if possible 🙂 Now combos with Q, W, R (Add Tiamat, AA, E according to the situation) Combos if Target is far away. Q1 + Q2 + R Basic basis Q1 + Q2 + R + Flash Main delivery combo W + Q1 + Q2 + R + Flash Add W if the target is too far. Q1 + Q2 + W + R Known as Insec kick Q1 + Q2 + W + R Change direction slightly Q1 + Q2 + W + R Serves another target Q1 + Q2 + W + R + Flash Delivers other targets Q1 + W + Q2 + R + Flash Avoid directional skills Q1 + Q2 + W + Flash + R Avoid directional skills during Q2 Combos if target is close. You can do every previous combo here. Q1 + W + R + Q2 W + R + Q1 + Q2 Flash + R + Q1 + Q2 Q1 + W + Flash + R + Q2 When you need to come closer. W + Flash + R + Q1 + Q2 Q1 + W + R + Flash + Q2 serve target W + R + Flash + Q1 + Q2 serve target Change the order or add Tiamat, AA, E regarding each situation! People usually start jungling with AA + W + automatic attacks + AA Give it a try.

Use W about 4 seconds before resubmission. And about 3 seconds later, use W2. Now you have 2 passive + W2 activated with 4 seconds left to reuse W. This will help you to maintain HP. Use Q2 at the end of activation to maximize damage. Use minions to move faster. Use Q on other monsters to activate the passive and move faster. If there is a big wave of minions, dive with your team. Wait for the enemy to return to the line and catch again. Always take a chance to capture the enemy monster. You are really strong if you hit Q2. Hide and seize the opportunity. And Q is really good for chasing and killing. Practice to increase Q hit rate. But in most cases, try to use W to get close. Use W on the ally is better due to the reduction of cooldown.

Use Q and wait for movement and CC skills and chase along Q2. Global tip: Press the back of the Herald when there is an eye. It does great harm. Get CS if it gets lost through the tower. Lee Sin only has E for AoE, so doing this is less efficient. ?????? (KR Pro Player: Gen.G.nyx) Use Q, W on minions to escape and engage. Practice to finally reach the Baron in Q2 Always look for opportunities to participate And now some montage. Thank you for watching!.

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