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LoL Azir Guide?by Shadyblink

This guide?is gonna be about my main Champion number 1, Azir. I?m gonna go over matchups, Combos, Laning, Teamfighting & Itemization. It?s gonna be a long read, but will include everything you need to know! 🙂

So first off, let?s talk about Azir?s abilites and how to make the most efficient combos. I?ll explain the abilites very fast but won?t go into detail.

Passive: Shurima?s Legacy. 1. You can resummon a fallen turret for 1 minute. 2. You get AS for CDR.

Azir?s Q is Conquer. Conquer moves your Sand Soldiers to a targeted location while dealing damage through every unit they pass though.

W is named Arise. You summon a fallen Shurima Sand Soldier to help you in battle. You can store up to 2 sand soldier at any given time.

His E is shifting Sands. Azir dashes to the selected Sand soldier. When colliding with an enemy champion, he knocks them up and gets a shield.

R ? Emperor?s Divide. You summon a wall of sand soldiers creating unpassable terrain with them. You can move through them, so can your allies.

Now, knowing what his abilites are let?s go over some basic combos. The most basic combo is W-Q-AA. This means you summon a soldier and make them conquer into the enemy champion. Don?t forget to AA as soon as they arrive. It?s important to know that your AA deals more dmg than your q. Next combo, (mostly against melee champions) is: W (Arise in the enemy champions face) ? AA ? Q ? AA. This allows for tons of damage. Now let?s get to the Summoners Drift. This combo is W-E-Q. To drift properly you have to use your Q shortly before Azir arrives at his soldier. This technique is a must know. Go into custom games and learn it, even master it. Lastly, add emperor divide to the Summoners drift, and perform the Shurima Shuffle. ( ) It creates this beauty.

To learn all these combos, you should watch videos. I can?t explain them in detail in text form, I don?t see it making a lot of sense. But, if you guys are intrested, I could make a video guide.

Let?s talk about laning phase. Azir?s laning starts at very weak and scales into absurdly strong. His lvl 1 is one of the worst out there. You mostly wanna focus on Csing. Depending on the enemy jungler (passive or early strong) you can push the wave with W, making the enemy use their abilites to waveclear and not miss cs. I tempt to push the wave nearly every game, only when the enemy jungler is Lee/Shaco I don?t, since they can gank at lvl 2. Otherwise as mentioned, push early on. It?s not worth using Q to harass at early levels, since Azirs base damage is not great. It?s not worth spending mana on level 2 Q for the dmg you get out of it. I suggest only to farm or position your W so that the enemy has to walk into it in order to cs. To be completely honest, it?s VERY hard to kill someone pre 6 or pre morellonomicon.

After you get Codex + Forbiddon Idol, you can start to harras. You got 20% CDR (more AS) and some dmg. Laning is starting to become a pain in the ass for the enemy. Use your basic combos to harass them down. Refrain from pushing too much, since Azir is easily gankable, or ward up. Harass them down, and get them low enough to go all in with the Shurima Shuffle combo as explained earlier. Your all in damage is not high at all, and you need to know the damage before ending up with the enemy just barely flashing away with 10hp (happened tons of times to me :((( ) Azirs Roaming is not the best. He can easily get intercepted mid way and die to a 2v1 since he lacks mobility. A succesfull roam can be amazing tho. With emperors divide you can make the enemy stay in their lane and watch them die.

So far for laning. You might have noticed that Azir?s secondary role/class is listed as marksman, which is absolutely true. It?s how he should be played in teamfights. You sit at the back of your team, sending in your soldiers and deal as much AOE damage as possible with them. You can use emperors divide, to peel for yourself+adc, against jumpers like Rengar for example. If that?s not the case, use your ult late in the teamifght, when the enemies aree low enough to get executed. This should be your standard teamfighting. If your team lacks engage, you can also use your shurima shuffle to engage or seperate someone from the enemy team. it requires a zhonyas, in order not to die imediately. Azir?s teamfighting is arguably the strongest part in his kit. You deal insane amounts of damage with your Soldiers from a save distance.

Another important part about Azir is itemization; My most used build consists of these item; Morellonomicon ? Deathcap ? Void Staff ? Zhonyas ? Sorc Boots ? Last item depending on the enemy team. It?s very important to check how the enemy team is before buying items. Do they have tons of AP? (Mid/Top/Jungle?) Abysal Sceptre might be a great choice. Chalice over Morellonomicon is also viable. It all depends on their comp. 2 Ad assassins? Rush Zhonyas. Are they squishy? Get luden?s ekko. Tanky? Liandries. Every item has it?s own role. Make sure to build it in the right situation to utilize it to it?s fullest. Lot?s of people ask me about Luden?s ekko on Azir. Imo, it?s not such a great item for him. He does not need additional waveclear, nor does he need the MS. The only good thing is the passive, which adds more burst. That?s why I only build it when going up against a squishie teamcomp. Nashor?s tooth is a complete noobtrap. DON?T BUILD NASHORS TOOTH ON AZIR!! Stinger is somewhat viable, and gives you an early powerspike, but falls off later on again since it lacks AP. I would only recommend stinger if you have no cdr runes.

This brings me to runes and masteries: The optimal runes for Azir are: Magic pen Red ? Scaling health per level yellow ? Scaling CDR blue ? Ap quints. Use these runes to get most out of Azir. If you are new to Azir, or playing vs ap champions and afraid of dying, get MR blue instead. If you can?t afford magic pen red, AS red/quint are fine too, they are only second choice tho. Armor yellows are completely fine too. The runes mentioned are used for the best possible LATE GAME.

Masteries are 21-0-9 of course. It makes the most out of your kit.

For maxing order: W-Q-Q-E-Q-R-Q-W-W etc. Max W before E for cooldown on Soldiers. But of course, Q first.

Summoners; Barrier + Flash. Ignite aint good on long range poke champions. Barrier fits his playstyle much better.

Lastly let?s talk about matchups for Azir;

Imo, Azir counters mid-ranged mages. Example ? Annie/Ahri/Veigar. You have an easy time harassing them in lane and they can?t answer well. But, we all want to know what?s strong against the emperor. MY personally most hated and feared matchup is talon. He all ins you, and you can?t do much. Every Assassin is hard for Azir. Leblanc+Katarina are doable, if you know how to play the matchups. Zed/talon are a pain in the ass tho. Further more, LONG RANGE is hard as Azir. Xerath (FCK XERATH SHURIMA) will just poke you down and get you out of lane. The same goes for Lux/Ziggs. They are anoying matchups and really hard. I play these lanes safe and try to find out, how good the players are. I managed to kill many ziggs/xerath/luxes, because they just outpositioned and didnt make use their range. But, I also died to many.

To finish off, here some general words about playing Azir;

NEVER EVER surrender as Azir. See yourself as a ticking timebomb which explodes late game. You scale so good that you can always make a comeback.

Learn Azir before going into ranked with him. His winrate goes up the more experience people have with him. It?s starts at 39% (SO BAD UGH) with people who have 0 games on him, up to 55%!!!! by people on 100+ Azir games. Learn the champ, get the Freelo.

Azir makes extreme use of Blue buff. The CDR gives him additional AS. If you?re playing jungle with an Azir , and he?s not feeding like shit, consider giving him blue buff.

Azir is really fun IMO. I can?t get enough of playing him.

I don?t see Azir as a hard carry champion. Like, I wouldn?t play him on my smurf to carry in Bronze/Silver since he can?t snowball or dominate lane as hard as other champions. Still it?s 100% worth learning that champion.

If you guys have any other questions ? Feel free to ask them. Or, you can come by my stream (3-4PM GMT+1) and ask me anything there:?

I hope this guide makes you pick up Azir and enjoy that wonderfull Champion.


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