LoL Bans Quick List


LoL Bans Quick List?by Zanshien

In solo queue when it comes to bans you have to not just worry about yourself but you also have to think about what is going to give your team the best chance to win. Yes you can use all three bans to make your lane easier but you?re sacrificing the rest of the team to do it. Rather than target bans you need to ban the champs that are going to have a broad but impactful presence against your team, those champs will have several of these qualities:

Overpowered ? Self explanatory, if a champion is just that much better than other champs in the same role either pick or ban them

Easy to play while still having a high impact ? In solo queue it is rare to have a team where everyone gets their main role, this usually means someone is going to be in a spot that they?re not very comfortable. If you leave up a champ that is easy to pick up and have a high impact then you?re negating the disadvantage that person would have had

Tanks with % damage mitigation ? Teamfighting around a tank that won?t die requires a lot of coordination which is a group of five people who don?t know each other and can?t talk directly to one another in a fight is tough so don?t put your team in that situation. Being tanky is one thing but having percentage damage mitigation built right into his kit makes it easy for them to walk right up to your squishies

With that said here is the list that should be 100% pick or ban:

Tristana ? Overpowered, Easy to play: I don?t need to say much about this one because you?re probably already banning her. Not only is she currently the best adc but she is also super easy for anyone to use, she?s a point and click ADC that is also super safe to play, unless you can first pick her, ban her.

Maokai ? % damage mitigation, easy to play: Maokai is one of the tankiest champs you can select, on top of that, he?s easy to play and has a ton of CC. When he turns on his R he?s going to walk right up to your ADC or APC, twisted advance in, knock them up and stick to them like glue and there?s not a lot you can do about it because of just how tanky he is. When in this kind of situation it?s very hard for your teammate to think about anything other than getting away and they won?t be participating in the team fight. It takes a LOT of coordination to both peel for your squishies and deal with the other four people attacking you guys and in solo queue coordination is hard to come by.

Alistar ? % Damage mitigation, easy to play: Exact same as Maokai, he can pop his R giving him SEVENTY percent damage reduction. On top of that he also has a ton of CC, he can either flash in to q your squishies or E Q which is a very easy combo to pull off but very hard to stop. Alistar might be under a lot of people?s radars but every time you see him on the enemy team (either top or support) you are going to have a hard time, I guarantee it.

Morgana ? Overpowered, Easy to play: Morgana is already on a lot of people?s ban lists but they may be mistaking what makes her overpowered. Yes her Q is super annoying when you?re stuck for three seconds but it?s actually her black shield and her ultimate that put her over the edge. Her black shield creates a huge disparity in how each team can apporoach the game. In the mid and late game picks are huge and usually what end up deciding the whole thing. When you have a champ that can just black shield your ADC thus preventing them from getting picked out and bursted down it creates an unfair advantage. On top of that her ult extremely powerful, not just because of the AOE CC but because it creates a lot of havoc. When it goes off the only thing people are thinking about is getting out of its circle causing everyone to stop auto attacking and start running. It takes a lot of coordination to fight around her ult and we?ve already talked about what that means.

Nidalee ? Overpowered (In the early game), easy to play: This one might seem like a target ban because she doesn?t quite fit the mold of the other ones, she?s powerful but manageable, and some of her kit is easy to play but she?s still a complex champion. What really makes her powerful is that her early game is godly, she can be hard to play against and she has high mobility which creates global pressure. While Nidalee isn?t super easy overall to play but it?s very easy to get kills with her early game and it?s very easy to play a champion that?s 3-0 by the ten minute mark. Players of all elo have a hard time playing at a disadvantage and you shouldn?t expect your team to be any different. Top lane is the hardest lane to play from behind and yes, it?d be great if you always got a top lane who knew how to come back but it?s naive to expect that to happen, it?s best to just not put yourself in that position.

Runner Ups ? This is a list of champions that, while powerful, do not demand 100% pick/ban.

Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Akali, Fizz: These champs are all good and all very snowbally but they all require an in depth knowledge of the champion to be effective. Yes it sucks when you get ?the god Akali? on the other team but the chances aren?t high and you?ll never have enough bans to ban out all the snowball champions, go with the high percentage play when it comes to bans.

Braum: I?ve included Braum because I still see people banning him. When he first came out he was ban worthy for the same reasons as Maokai and Alistar, % damage mitigation and heavy CC. What seperates him from them though is he is not the type of tank that jumps in and sticks to the enemy adc, in fact his role is the exact opposite. After his stats were nerfed he?s just not ban worthy.

Ryze: Ryze is very good, gets very tanky and is rather easy to play because all of his abilities are point and click. So what puts him on the runner up list? He?s not that hard to play around, he has some bad matchups, and overall won?t be as big of a problem as the other champs on the list. If the enemy team does give you a free ban feel free to use it on Ryze, but really you should be fine either way.

I hope you guys enjoyed the list, feel free to agree/disagree and add any that you think I?m underestimating.

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