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LOL Camille Tips & Tricks [Pro Analysis]


Let’s start with some tips You can enter with auto attack or q while directing E If you are fast you can auto attack + q When the E range is short or E – Flash – E to circle the opponent E – E – Flash is shorter but used more often It is harder for the opponent to react Use the walls to make it harder to escape You can change the angle with a flash. You can throw W when using E However, if you hit the opponent with the inner cone, there is no extra damage, slowing or healing effect. You have to do E – W – E You can dash away and take down an opponent in a funny way Simple swap combo E – AA – Q – Q Use the shield for one-sided swap Camille’s main damage comes from Q2 as it has extra damage and real damage When trading you need to get used to Q2 time Q1 to the petite You can identify the opponent with E when you have no vision With a thorn you can jump faster Can never escape from the opponent’s ultimate field But Tham Kench can take them off easily.

Ghoul’s Claw, Shield Slash, Second Chance, Blindfold The most popular rune for Camille Grasp of the Undies Grasp of the Undies gives you incredible sustainability in the corridor, allowing Camille to win tough matches The invincible rune is still a good rune for long trades Usually starting with Doran’s Sword and obtaining Tiamat and Triple Force 1st and 2nd sub-items Exchange at lvl 1 AA – W – AA Make sure you hit the opponent with the outer cone You can trade well with W even against ranged champions When you are level 2, open E and attack When you reach level 3 Q to cancel animation right after auto attack Remember that the closer you get to the walls, the easier it becomes to hit the E This Camille deliberately moves towards the wall Driving e fast Uses W – Flash to finish Sometimes it is better to hold the E2 and wait until the opponent uses the flash With E you can stop the opponent’s kicks And you can stun the opponent with E With Ulti it’s important to dodge opponent abilities One of the best timings to use ultimate is when the stun ends Riven wants to use Q3 as soon as the stun ends Or just before the opponent’s flash or throw abilities Prepare Q2 with minions or jungle monsters 1.

When you trade in the hallway 2. When you assassinate 3.In Team Battles Wait for your team to enter in team battles Engage in combat from the rear or side and attack the carriers Camille is good at split push Focus on hitting E in split push E gives you 80% bonus attack speed, allowing you to attack almost 2x faster Let’s watch some montage now How about playing Camille today? .

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