LoL Champions Summary List

Champion Lane AP/AD Build NotesAatroxTop/JungleADDamage, Semi TankHas lots of lifesteal, Will revive if healthbar shows redAhriMidAP, True DamageDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Skillshot CCAkaliMid/TopAPDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Invisibility ShroudAlistarSupport/TopAPTank, Support*Super Tanky, Lots of CC and DisplacementAmumuJungleAPTanky AP DamageLong Range Gap Closer, Large AoE Stun, TankyAniviaMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLate Game Damage, Great Anti-Siege, Can ReviveAnnieMid/SupportAPDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst, Stun, Played as a Control SupportAsheADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemGlobal Stun with Ult, Perma Slow, Late Game Damage, Good at kitingBlitzcrankSupportAPSupport*Long Range Hook, Knockup, Silence, Slightly Tanky, Passive Gives Shield when health is low, Size of shield is based on manaBrandMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemStun, Strong AoE DamageBraumSupportAPTank, Support*Super Tanky, Lots of CC, Slows, Stun, KnockupCaitlynADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemLong Range, Late Game Damage, Ult Can be Blocked, Lane BullyCassiopeiaMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemVery hard mechanically, AoE stun, PoisonCho?GathTop/MidAPTanky AP DamageAoE Knockup and Silence, High Health/TankyCorkiADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemLane Bully, Some AP Damage, Long range pokeDariusTopAD, True DamageTanky AD DamageStrong Early Game, Attacks cause Bleeding, Ult resets on kills, Falls off Late GameDianaMid/Top/JungleAPTanky AP DamageTanky AP Assassin, Highly Mobile, VersatileDr. MundoTopAP/ADTankSuper Tanky, Hard to kill in lane Post Level 6, Abilities cost healthDravenADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemExtremely High Damage, Uses lots of Crits, Global UltimateEliseJungleAPDamage, Utility**, Semi TankPercent health damage and Magic Penetration, Skillshot CC, Strong Early Game, Changes forms, Abilities change with formEvelynnJungleAP/ADTanky AP/AD DamageInvisible, Highly Mobile, Can easily chase, Strong early gameEzrealADC/MidAD/APDamage, One Defensive ItemAll Skillshot champion, Plays AP in mid lane, No waveclear, Global Ultimate, Highly Mobile, Poke championFiddlesticksJungle/MidAPDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsFear, Life Drain, Silence, Strong AoE DamageFioraTopADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst, Highly Mobile, Untargetable during UltFizzMid/TopAPDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Skillshot Ult with latent damage, Weak Pre 6GalioMidAPTanky AP DamageTanky anti-mage, AoE TauntGangplankTopADMultitude of Builds***Global Ultimate, Q can Crit, Has debuff removalGarenTopADTanky AD DamageUlt does more damage based on missing health, Requires early game aggression, SilenceGnarTopADMeta Builds Still Being ExpirementedWhen Rage bar fills he transforms, very squishy and small form, Highly MobileGragasTop/Mid/JungleAPTanky AP DamageTanky with Strong CC and good damage, AoE Ultimate with displacementGravesADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst, Tankiest ADC, Fairly Short RangeHecarimJungleADDamage, Movement Speed, Semi TankDamage increases based on Movement speed, Can be built tanky, FearHeimerdingerMid/TopAPDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsSets up turrets, Creates a safe zone with turrets, Hard to Gank, Ult Turret does high damageIreliaTopAD, True DamageTanky AD DamageStart with Trinity Force Build tanky after, Lots of lifesteal, Stun, Highly MobileJannaSupport/MidAPSupport*/Damage, One or Two Defensive ItemsGood at disengaging, AoE Displacement with Ult, Ult Heals Teammates in area, KnockupJarvan IVJungle/TopADTanky AD Damage/Full TankStrong Engage, Can be Super tanky, Ult locks players inside wallsJaxTop/JungleAD, Some APTanky AD DamageWeak early game, Strong late game, Very strong 1v1, Stun, Tanky, Great Split PusherJayceTop/Mid/ADCADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsCan switch between ranged and melee, High Burst, KnockbackJinxADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemLate Game Hyper Carry, High attack speed, Snare, Global Ult, Gains movement speed on killKarmaSupport/Mid/TopAPDamage, One or Two Defensive Items/Support*Lane Bully, Shield, Snare, Strong AoE DamageKarthusMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemUlt targets all enemies, After dying can still cast spells for a short timeKassadinMid/TopAPDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly MobileKatarinaMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Ult Can be stopped with CC, Grievous Wounds, Skills reset on kills and assistsKayleMid/Top/JungleAPDamage, One Defensive ItemCan switch between ranged and melee, Heals, Ult Negates DamageKennenTop/MidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemHighly Mobile, Stun, Strong AoE damage on UltKha?ZixJungle/Top/MidADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Can Turn invisible, Does more damage to isolated targets, Abilities evolve with UltKog?MawADC/MidAD/APDamage, One Defensive ItemLate Game Damage, Very Immobile, long range poke, Can be played AP MidLeblancMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Snare, Ult mimics last ability usedLee SinJungle/TopADTanky AD DamageHighly Mobile, Strong early game, Ult Displaces target, Can ward hopLeonaSupportAPTankTanky, Lots of CCLissandraMid/TopAPDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsStrong AoE Damage, Can switch places with Claw, Ult can protect her from damageLucianADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemShort Range, Lane Bully, High Burst, Relies on cooldowns to spam skillsLuluMid/Support/TopAPDamage, One Defensive Item/Support*Lane Bully, Shield, Perma Slow, Ult Knocks up enemies and makes target ally strongerLuxMid/SupportAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLane Bully, Snare, Long range ultMalphiteTop/JungleAPTankDoes more damage based on armor, Tanky, Ult knocks up enemies in AoEMalzaharMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemStrong AoE Damage, DoT damage, Ult SupressesMaokaiJungle/TopAPTanky AP DamageVery Tanky, Amazing Teamfighting, Ult Lowers Damage dealt to self and Allies, SnareMaster YiJungle/TopAD, True DamageDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Cant be slowed with ult, Relies on critsMiss FortuneADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh movement speed, no escapes, Lane bully, AoE Damage with Ult, Grievous WoundsMordekaiserMid/TopAPTanky AP DamageShield that comes from damage from his spells, Ult creates a ghost of target if killedMorganaSupport/MidAPSupport*/Damage, One or Two Defensive ItemsLong Range Snare, Lots off CC, Shield that protects for AP damage and CCNamiSupportAPSupport*Short Range Stun, Heals, Ult Knocks up in AoENasusTopAD/APTankQ gains extra damage when used to farm, Destroys towers late game, High health, ImmobileNautilusJungle/SupportAPTanky AP DamageLong Range Hook, AoE Knockup with Ult, Aoe Slow, TankyNidaleeTop/MidAD/APTanky AD DamageHighly Mobile, Strong Split Pusher, Does more damage to marked targets, Builds AD in Top, Abilities change in cougar formNocturneJungleADDamage, One Defensive ItemGood Jungle Clear, Semi Global Ult with vision denial, Good at chasing, fear, ShieldNunuJungle/SupportAPTanky AP DamageTanky, Good sustain, Built in smite, High AoE Damage UltOlafTop/JungleAD, True DamageTanky AD DamageUlt makes him immune to CC, Good Lifesteal, Deals a lot of true damage, Stronger the lower his hp isOriannaMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLane Bully, Shield, AoE Damage and Displacement with Ult, High Utility, Damage comes from where her ball isPantheonJungle/TopADDamage, Small amount of DefenseSemi Global Ult, Stun, Strong Early Game, Shield that can block tower shotsPoppyTopADTanky AD DamageExtremely strong late game, Tanky, Knockback, Ult blocks damage from everyone but targetQuinnADC/TopADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsBlind, Short Range, High damage to marked targets, Can be played top, Strong Split PusherRammusJungleAPTankTanky, Taunt, AoE Damage to turrets with ult, Does more damage based on armorRenektonTop/JungleADTanky AD DamageStrong Early Game, Tanky, Lane Bully, Late game tank, Stun, Strong LifestealRengarJungle/TopADDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Can Turn Inivisible, Snare, Good Self HealRivenTop/JungleADDamage, One Defensive Item/Tanky AD DamageUlt does more damage with lower health, Stun, Highly Mobile, Strong AoE damage, ShieldRumbleTopAPTanky AP DamageShield, Strong AoE Damage with ult, Long range poke with slowRyzeMid/TopAPTanky AP Damage, ManaScales off of Mana, Tanky, Late Game Damage, Snare, Low Cooldown on abilitiesSejuaniJungleAPTanky AP DamageTanky, AoE StunShacoJungleAP/ADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsCan create a copy of himself, Can go invisible, Boxes fear enemies, Doesn?t need a leashShenTopADTankSuper Tanky, Taunt, Has Self Heal, Shield, Ult Teleports and gives shield to allyShyvanaTop/JungleAD, Some APTanky AD DamageTanky, AoE Damage, Ult Displaces enemiesSingedTopAPTanky AP Damage, ManaTanky, Tosses enemies behind him, Leaves Poison trail behind him, AoE Slow, Proxy Farms, Don?t Chase SingedSionMid/Top/JungleAP/ADMultitude of Builds****(AP) High Burst, Stun, Shield, (AD) Lots of lifesteal, High Health, Max health increases for each minion or champion killSivirADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Mobility, Shield that blocks a single skill, Good waveclearSkarnerJungleADTanky AD Damage/Full TankSuper Tanky, Good at chasing, Ult supresses and drags enemy with him, Shield, StunSonaSupportAPSupport*Very Squishy, Lane Bully, Heals, Shield, StunSorakaSupportAPSupport*Lots of Heals, AoE MR Shred, Ult Heals entire team, SilenceSwainMid/TopAPTanky AP DamageAoE Snare, E increases damage to marked targets, AoE lifesteal with ultSyndraMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLane Bully, Stun, Knockback, High Burst DamageTalonMidADDamage, One Defensive ItemHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Can Turn invisible, Can blink to behind targetTaricSupportAPTank, Support*Tanky, Stun, HealsTeemoTop/MidAP/ADDamage, One Defensive ItemTurns invisible when stationary, Poison, Blind, Places invisible traps that poisionThreshSupportAD/APTank, Support*Tanky, Lots of CC, Shield, Lantern transports allies to threshTristanaADC/MidAD/APDamage, One Defensive ItemLate Game Damage, Long Range Jump with reset, Attack range increases with level, Lane Bully, High Burst (AP)TrundleTop/JungleADTanky AD DamageUlt Steals defensive stats from target, Tanky, Increases healing to himselfTryndamereTop/JungleADDamage, One Defensive ItemGreat at chasing, Great Split Pusher, Relies on crits, Ult keeps him alive for 5 secondsTwisted FateMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemSemi Global Ult, Stun, Good WaveclearTwitchADC/JungleADDamage, One Defensive ItemCan turn invisible, Poisons, Ult hits anything in line behind target, AssassinUdyrJungleAD, Some APTank/Multitude of Builds*****Great Jungle Clear, High move speed, Stun, Good AoE Damage, Tanky, Shield, Split PusherUrgotADC/TopADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsLane Bully, Falls off late game, Ult Supresses and trades places with target, ShieldVarusADCADDamage, One Defensive ItemLong Range, CC Ult, No escapes, Marked targets take extra damage when hit with an abilityVayneADC/TopAD, True DamageDamage, One Defensive ItemShort Range, High Mobility, Knockback with stun, Does extra damage based on healthVeigarMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemStun, High Burst, Does extra damage to champions based on amount of AP, Q gains extra damage when used to farmVel?KozMid/SupportAPDamage, One Defensive Item/Support*High Burst, Strong Poke, Stun and Knockback, Target with 3 marks takes extra damageViJungleADDamage, One or Two Defensive Items/TankHigh Mobility, Shield, Knockback, Snare Gapcloser and Damage on Ult, Can be tankyViktorMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemGood Poke, Strong at level 6, Silence, Stun, ShieldVladimirMid/TopAPTanky AP DamageLots of Lifesteal, Abilities cost health, Good AoE Damage on Ult, Can go into pool to dodgeVolibearTop/JungleADTanky AD DamageVery Tanky, Toss, Fear, Passive Heals for a large amount when health is lowWarwickJungleAD/APTanky AD Damage/Tanky AP DamageLots of Lifesteal, Tanky, Movement speed increases near low health enemies, Supress on UltWukongTop/JungleADDamage, Semi TankNaturally Tanky, Armor Shred, Can turn invisible, AoE Knockup and Damage on UltXerathMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLong Range Poke, Semi Global Ult, StunXin ZhaoJungle/TopADDamage, Semi TankHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Tanky, Knockup, Displacement on Ult, Self HealsYasuoMid/TopADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHighly Mobile, Shield, Knockup, Windwall stops projectiles, Knockups set up UltYorickTop/Mid/JungleAP/ADTanky AP Damage/Tanky AD DamageTanky, Lifesteal, Ult creates ghost of ally and If ally dies they are revived for 10 secondsZacJungle/TopAPTank/Tanky AP DamageNaturally Tanky, Knockups, Can Revive from passive, Ult knocks up enemies he lands onZedMid/TopADDamage, One or Two Defensive ItemsHigh Burst Assassin, Highly Mobile, Ult with latent damage, Can trade places with shadows, Shadows mimic abilitiesZiggsMidAPDamage, One Defensive ItemLane Bully, Good AoE Damage, Late Game Damage, Semi Global Ult, KnockbackZileanSupport/MidAPSupport*/Damage, One or Two Defensive ItemsLane Bully, Bombs do AoE Damage, Ult revives marked ally that diesZyraSupport/MidAPSupport*/Damage, One or Two Defensive ItemsLong range Snare, Ult AoE Knockup, Seeds turn into plants, After dying gets one skillshot

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