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LOL Cheat Sheet For Every Champion And How You Can Find The Best Build for your champions and playstyle By: Littleboyofhope


Hello, I’m a Gold 2 Player Currently And Have Been Coaching League For 4 Seasons Now.

Peaked In D4 Preseason

Those are simply my stats, not saying I’m good or anything just the average player

I have been coaching as long as i can remember, coaching others in things I excel in usually, such as breakdancing, soccer, running, and working out. I’ve developed a knack for it so meanwhile my rank isnt challenger, i have the ability to coach people and teach them what’s necessary to help them climb the ladder

I have a ton of reviews and results in my discord for credibility

With that said, There is advice in this video for both new and advanced players.

In Today’s guide, I share with you a cheat sheet from a professional coach for LAS ; Coach Neko

He shared this awhile back thus the builds arent updated but its still a good reference

The second part of the video i teach you how to find the best most optimum build for your champions because the cheat sheet isnt super viable due to coach neko not updating it

And the third part I teach you how to utilize the shop to maximize your victories and keep a consistent win rate

I hope you guys found this useful

Let me know what other topics you’d like help with, and I’d be happy to make a video on it.

Im currently in the middle of doing an adc series this month and transitioning roles every month. I also plan on releasing extra videos more than once a week to help more players out.

Good luck on the rift!!


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