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LoL Gnar Top Line Tips and Tricks


LoL Gnar Top Line Tips and Tricks?by jurrud

I have been playing mostly Gnar since he came out and I thought I could help you guys get a head start with the Dino. This guide will focus mainly on top lane Gnar. I will try to list the tips in sequential order.

  • Build
    A lot of the build guides I see will tell you to build some combination of TriForce, ghost blade, and blade of the ruined king. I find this build renders Gnar far to squishy. I prefer to rush a brutalizer or hex drinker then build straight tank and finish off the brut or hex later in the game. I would only recommend building more damage or finishing your hex/brut early if you feel you will need to split push to win.
  • Level 1
    Gnar is quite good at level one harass. I recommend you start Q against champions with scary level one harass/all in such as wu-kong or Lee sin. Be especially careful against these champions and only move up to harass of they move back to get a cs. You should start W against weak level one champions or champions that you out range such as Malphite or Jax.
  • Beware the level 2!
    Gnar is out classed by many champion when it comes to trading/dueling at level 2. It?s best to play it safe against champions like Riven, Quinn, Lee sin, pantheon? You get the idea.
  • Play it safe
    I cannot stress this enough. Gnar?s laning phase isn?t to spectacular against most champions. If you play your cards right you could come away fed, but as a beginner it is much safer to just play it slow, cs, and use your tele to get to lane when you get chunked/need to buy.
  • To split or not to split?
    Gnar?s split push is nothing to sneeze at, but his team fight is better. If you are in solo Q and you are ahead but your team is behind, you might want to build some damage early and start splitting!
  • Use your hop the right way
    Whether you are engaging a team fight or you are going to all in your lane opponent, make sure you use your hop to get the double jump into Mega Gnar. This will allow you to do maximum damage in a 1v1. If you do not get the double jump you might not be able to get the maximum amount of people in your ult. It is also good to come into a team fight from the side and surprise them.
  • Get the adc!
    Try and get the adc in your ults. You do not want to get to over zealous but if the adc can?t be killed he could kite you and destroy you.
  • Do not over extend
    Gnar has a very solid amount of gap close. This means you can get way ahead of your team and they might not be able to follow up on your cc. Remember when you build tank you will not do TONS OF DAMAGE so you will need to let your team do the damage while you do the cc.
  • Conserve your passive
    Without Mega, Gnar is squishy and easy to blow up. Make absolutely sure to have your fury bar in the yellow before getting to hyphy in a team fight. I like to put down some damage on to their front line, get red, then hop in.
  • Fight in the jungle
    Gnar is especially good at team fights in the jungle due to his wall based aoe dps + stun ability. You can do the same thing in the lanes, but in certain areas of the jungle there is little the enemy team can do to stop you.

Well that is all I have for now. Leave anything you think would be good to add/remove in the comments. I hope you find this useful.


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