LOL Magical guide on how to play AD Sylas By: RickChum


I know it sounds bizarre to think that Sylas has an effective AD build… or does he? It mainly works because of 2 things, his Passive and Hail of Blades.

Sylas Passive (Wiki for Sylas)

Essentially, casting an ability empowers his next auto giving him attack speed and dealing damage to nearby enemies. However, the scaling of the passive should be noted. Primary targets take 130% AD + 25% AP magic damage. Let me do some math really quick. A long sword gives you 10 AD which makes you deal 13 more magic damage on your empowered autos. An amp tome gives you 20 AP which makes you deal 5 more magic damage on your empowered autos. I want to emphasize that Crit and Lifesteal do not work on your empowered autos. You can crit, but it deals 0% more damage and you’ll lifesteal 0% of the damage dealt.

Well, you could argue that he has scalings outside of his passive, well yeah he does but… uhh moving on

What does Hail of Blades do for Sylas? Aside from the attack speed, every time you cast an ability, then auto attack it will not consume the Hail of Blade stack. It works similarly to an auto attack reset. If you read that right, ALL of his abilities count as auto attack resets (at least for Hail of blades). Q, W , 2x E, R, sometimes 2x R. You could theoretically get 8 Hail of blade autos in a single combo. Though most of the time your combo will look something like this

E > AA > Q > AA > E2 > AA > W > AA > R (if possible) > Any extra autos

Using the ult for the auto attack reset is actually super viable because of the increased damage you get from your passive. Some ults have short casts which give you even more passive stacks and some that are only great for non-combat.

Here’s the build/runes

If you want to cheese start: Long Sword, 3x Health pot, or start Dorans Blade/Cull

Core Items: Muramana/Manamune, Blade of the Ruined King, Sorc Boots

Defensive Items: Hexdrinker, Merc Treads, Ninja Tabi (Don’t build tank, you want damage)

Situational Items: Tiamat (Just follow the damn build)

Late game items: Triforce, Steraks, Gunblade, Oblivion Orb, Void Staff, Banshee, Zhonya

For runes I take:

Hail of Blade, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter. From here you can

Magical Footwear + Biscuits OR

Absolute Focus + Manaflow/Nullifying Orb/Scorch/Gathering Storm OR

Presence of Mind + Legend Tenacity/Last Stand/Coup de Grace

Double Adaptive, Armour/MR

For Summs I take Flash Ignite

How do I play this abomination of a build?

I level 1/2 cheese every game. At level 1 you get: 2 autos, 2 empowered autos, E damage, and damage from runes. All this on top of a Long Sword can easy deal up to 400-500 damage at level 1.

Get Level 2 and skill W and just ALWAYS look to fight. Don’t feed to hard pls.

Max W then max whatever that isn’t W.

That’s it! AD Sylas, does it work, does it not work, idk. It’s a lot of fun to play.

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