Hello, everyone welcome back to a new genshinimpact video. My name is dukx. Today we finallycan do a build guide on ayaka the character wehave been waiting for since the close beta, testone and she’s. Finally, here in the genshinimpact update 2.0, so what’s the best buildfor Ayaka?

What are the best team compositionfor Ayaka? What’S the best artifacts setwhat’s the best weapon everything willbe answered in this video? So if you want click that like button, it only takes one secondand helps me so much understand what you guys – likeso. Maybe let’s reach 1000 likes for this videookay enough talking and let’s get right into how ibuild the my ayaka to make the most damage and howyou can do the same as well. First of all, with the2.

update, genshin impact decided to make ayakamuch better than she was in the close beta test. 1.The most important change is that you can expectayaka to do 88.4 percent, more critical damagealready from the ascension stat, this one isthe best, ascension that you can never look forin the main dps. So this is already a huge pointfor air.

Our normal attack combo will do so. Muchdamage, especially at ike oscillations, the radiusof, the e skill has been changed as well coveringmore ground and finally, the ultimate skill asi predicted before will be stuck on the enemymaking. So much damage is also slower and that’sa great thing. If you want to target one characterwithout surpassing him and making just few ticksof damage everything else, it’s kind of the samemaking all the normal attacks into cruel attacksthat by itself will be so useful in a lot of teamcomposition. You don’t need chongyan anymore tomake.

All the attacks into crew attacks that wouldbe so helpful. If you want to keep her on the fieldespecially in free steam compositions last thingthey removed from ayaka is the assassin’s creedpassive. This one was a very cool one. Wheneveryou get out of the sprint. You can attack theenemy.

If the enemy is very weak, but let’s faceit, that was not that great. She still has all herpassive that increased the normal attack chargeattack after the e skill, and if the enemy gets itwhen you get out of the sprint ayaka will receive18 percent more creo damage. That’S insane that’sa lot of damage everything. We talked about: sofar mixer, a very strong dps unit that utilizeour normal and charge attacks, making all sortof damage. There are so many builds that you canuse her in she can cover a sub dps rule a birthsupport.

She can do whatever you want her to do. Butit’S undeniable, that her best use is whenever youuse her as a main dps. Now, let’s go over what youcan do with ayaka as a main dps. Unfortunately, areverse malt team composition for ayaka would notreally work due to internal cooldowns. In fact, theinternal cooldown will be able to apply creo onher normal and charge attack every 2

5 secondsshe cannot apply krio with most of her tick’sthe burst skill due to internal cooldownand.

Finally, the dash will apply creo every 5seconds. This all translates into a not reliablesource of a reverse malt, because the main pointof such a team composition, is to let shanglingburst attack to make a lot of damage thanks to alot of melt reactions, but due to ayaka limitationthis is not possible. So if you still want to run avery solid team with the proper damage and a veryeasy to build roster, the best choice for youis, a normal melt, freeze, combo or even betterat perma-free steam composition, let’s start withthe melt, ayaka team composition, such a team mightturn out to Be the best choice for you: especiallyif you already use a bannet and the shanglingthese two characters will provide all sort of pyroapplication and bannet, of course, will give you allthe healing and all the attack boosts you willever need. Then we have the main dps, ayaka and forthe. Last spot we have syncw this team compositionwill overcome the inability of ayaka to make a lotof melt reaction due to internal cooldowns insteadwith, a proper rotation.

You will be able to makea lot of melt reaction, plus also freeze reactionthanks to the syncqui application. With this teamcomposition, you will have a lot of damage. You willhave a lot of superability, but the only downsideof. This is that, in my opinion, as of now, i feellike, we still don’t have the characters that areneeded for this kind of team composition, changlinghaving, a huge requirement of energy rechargedoesn’t feel like the best peak to actually applya lot of melt reactions. So, in my opinion, this kindof team composition will shine a lot more in thevery near future, with an artifact set like theglacier and the snow field that it’s speculatedto actually enhance.

All these kind of reactionsand, then with characters like bal or maybe tawamaayaka, might turn out to be much better in suchteam composition. But as of now, i would suggest togo more towards the perma-free steam compositionit’s much better, especially if you don’t havea primordial jade wind cutter. It’S a lot moreconsistent and utilizes. More all ayaka’s passivesthis kind of team relies on the character to applykriyo all the time to the enemy, then from aneither reaction. The enemy will just stay stuckstay still and it will just take all thedamage without fighting back this kind.

Ofteam composition used to rely on chongyon, usingthe e skill to convert every single attack, intokorea attacks, but now with ayaka, this would be somuch easier. A permafree steam composition will beespecially good for ayaka, because a frozenenemy will not shred eyes with a sword. This isespecially good when you watch a blizzard, strayersat and also the creo resonance. So what does thisteam need a main dps, a query? Applicator slashbattery.

Then we have the hydro applicator andfinally. We have a filler, an extra character, thatcan either heal make cc buff the team. Even more ormake some use, but it’s not the permafreeze itselfof course for the sake of the video ayaka, will beour main dps. This kind of team composition usedto rely on chongyan, making all the attacks intokorea attacks, but now with ayaka that does notrely on such a mechanic. She only needs anothercreo character for battery.

In fact, she needs 80energy to actually recharge your ultimate abilityso having another creo character in your partynot. Only will increase your critical rate, but willrecharge that ultimate ability is so much fasterso. Ayaka will stay there having a 100 uptimeon the crew application thanks to her sprint. Shealso has an amazing synergy with all her passivesand, their cossolation increasing the normal andcharge attack bonus. She can move freely on thefield and she will do an amazing job in this teamcomposition.

So, what’s the best creo battery orthe best other creo character that you shouldhave in your team composition for a permafreesteam composition for ayaka the best characterto cover. This role is dayona. She can heal shecan, give you a shield that gives 10 percentmovement speed and 10 percent stamina. Reductionshe is an amazing character overall to haveanother very good character that is so undervaluedit’s, rosaria or kaelia. You can also use ganyu thatis, an amazing second dps option and their passivealso gives you 20 creo damage bonus, insiderultimate overall, an amazing sub dps and of courseeven.

If you don’t need it, you can use chongyon ifyou, don’t have any other choice if you don’t haveany other character, but the amount of dps withthe cheongyan will not be the best. So after youmake, your decision for the second cryo characterthe hydrosupport is essential to actually applyall the hydro damage you will ever need on ayakamona in this field. If you are lucky enough to everwill, be the best choice because she will increasethe damage up to 60. With the omen she has eitherapplication with the e with a q, she has an amazingburst damage, but overall she will need a lot ofenergy recharge to actually have a 100 uptime andas a single target, either application she’s notas good as a shinku. So if you are willing to giveup on some damage, shinkwu is another very greatchoice, especially for free-to-play players, wehad, so many opportunities to get this charactereven for free and hands down it’s by far the bestsingle target – hydro applicator, it’s basically madefor permafree steam composition.

It also providesdamage reduction. This character overall is oneof the best support in the game. So, if youhaven’t built up it’s an amazing choice, fora, perma-free steam composition and finally, ifyou – don’t have anything else. You can even usebarbara that okay, she can provide a lot of healingbut other than that she’s, not that great for thisrole. But oh well, if you don’t have anything elseyeah, you can go for it and now let’s talk aboutthe last roll for the super troll in this lastspot, you can use a character like a zongli thatprovides, a lot of utility.

You will be immortalwith this character in your party, but you need topay close attention to the e skill. In fact, everytick of its pillar will break the permafreeze soif. You want to use him pay close attention to thator, even a bennett that, even though, will break thephrase with all his skills is undeniably one ofthe best support in the game. He heals you so fasthe provides so much attack boost it’s an amazingcharacter to have overall, but in my case i willnot use these two characters. I think the bestpick for this last spot.

It’S an animal characterwith, the venti being the best choice, bentisultimate and ayaka ultimate. Basically do thesame thing, but with venti actually doing cc bothof these ultimate will make so much damage. Animalcharacters are also an amazing choice. Wheneveryou go for a viridishan sat because that actuallyboosts all the damage as well so benty been thebest choice after that, of course, kazua. The newcharacter provides so much utility.

He has superlow cooldown for the crowd, control and overalla very good character to have, or you can even usesucrose – that has an amazing crowd. Control a lotof damage boost a very good character. Overall ofcourse, even gene or the animal traveler are verygood choices. Gene especially if you decide not togo for the yonah in your party. She can do a lot ofhealing that will be needed at some point in thatteam composition below this character.

Suggestionas, you can see you can find all the best artifactthe best weapon, but now what’s the best choice, fora, yuck yourself, what’s the best artifact setwell, it’s a no brainer that, with a permafreesteam composition, would be a blizzard straighterit’s, just the best more creo damage more criticalrate And overall, very good sat, especially when youface an enemy that is always frozen. Some peoplesuggest also a combination of blizzard, strayerand, two-piece gladiators or two piston blastsand, that’s fair, but if you don’t have a jet cutterthat provides so much critical rate. You will needsome extra critical rate on your ayaka and i wouldmuch rather have instead of 18 percent attackpercentage or in the case of the nobles, that onlyapplies for the ultimate that is just a minor partof. All the ayaka damage output and of courseas a weapon the best one is the bunner weaponit’s a great choice, and even if you don’t useayaka this banner, it’s a very nice one to go. Foryou have the string glass.

That is an amazing bowand with the new pt system. Weapon banners might beworth it for some people, but of course thisoption is for pay to win players. So, what’s thebest choice for you if you are free to play playerwell if you are a very low spender, the battle passweapon is by far your best choice, or if you area pure free to play player, i would suggest you gofor the shop weapon, the black leaf. Longsword thatit’s still a very nice weapon and does not requirethat much investment. I will leave a link downbelow for the ayaka stats calculator if you wantto experiment with different combos with differentweapon and see what’s the best choice for yourneeds.

I hope this video was helpful. You can findsome more information in the description. Belowand also feel free to leave a comment i will makesure to reply to each and every one of you to helpyou guys build the best version for your ayakathank. You guys for all your support on discord, i’mgiving away. So many blessings to all the communitythere every single week so make sure to join ifyou, haven’t already, please make sure to click thatlike button and if you’re in the 90 that are notyet subscribed, make sure to do so.

Thank you guysso much for watching and i will see you guys later.

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