If there’s someone who knows how to be stylish and devastating at the same time, then Kazuha is the samurai you’re looking. The only question remains – how will you build him? The first thing you need to know about Kazuha is that while he has few viable builds, the one that basically fits him the most, unsurprisingly is going to be focused on Elemental Mastery or to be more precise – him taking advantage of elemental reactions. And that mainly has to do with the fact this Samurai Boy does quite a lot of Swirls consistently, which belong to the Transformative reaction category and the best part about it – since the latest 1.6 update buff, they are absolutely insane right now but there is a caveat you need to know about.

Now traditionally, we’re used to the usual suggestion if a character wants to be a support or a sub damage dealer, their level doesn’t matter that much, besides getting them to 70 or 80 but if you want to hit harder with your Swirls when using Kazuha, you need to think about raising him all the way to level 90, even if this sounds weird when talking about a support character.

And that’s because the difference you get for a Swirl reaction is going to be roughly 34% of damage increase which already looking good enough but let’s not kid ourselves here, since the supremacy of this reaction lies against multiple enemies where if you hit two or more them with a Anemo elemental attack, you’re actually going to cause double Swirl which ends up as a pretty significant damage increase. Obviously, this isn’t going to be the end of the world if you don’t have the resources or maybe want to focus on raising someone else to Level 90 but the point remains true – Swirls do become stronger the higher your level and that has to do with the fact, Transformative reactions only depend on 3 things – your character’s level, their elemental mastery and the enemy’s resistance. But that’s basically the sneaky or to some – boring part of the explanation of why Kazuha’s level matters so much and the next thing that will probably confuse a lot of people is going to be the passive, which all you really need to know about is that any time you cause a Swirl with any of the elemental statuses on your enemies, you get that corresponding element damage bonus.

As an example, you have two enemies, one with Electro status and another with Hydro, you cause a Swirl with Kazuha and now everyone in your party gets Electro and Hydro elemental damage bonuses.

Now keep in mind, you will not be able to get Anemo or Geo bonus this way, because, you cannot Swirl these elements, so it only makes sense you don’t get the bonus as which is a shame to say the least. Now for some fun advanced tricks, his elemental skill is pretty simple on a surface level but has few hidden features, for example, if you’re climbing, you can press the disengage button, immediately tap the skill, gain some height and grab onto whatever you were holding which ends up giving you more height and even regenerates stamina as well, so you can now basically climb any mountain with enough patience.

But most importantly, since the other passive gives elemental absorption, the followup from a plunge attack will cause elemental damage from any element that your skill initially came into contact or it will also use your own status you have on the character, so don’t get surprised when you leave water and do the plunge on solid ground and end up with a Hydro attack. Which brings us to the final and probably most important trick you should be aware of, if you want to take advantage of your builds and team compositions and it has to do with elemental burst, which also happens to absorb an element once it comes into contact but the tricky part is there’s actually a hidden priority when multiple enemies are met with different statuses, so with this graph shown here, you can expect to always cause an absorption with Pyro when other elements are present while on the other sits Cryo which has the last priority, so as an example, if you have enemy with Pyro, Hydro and Cryo, you do the burst, it will turn the circle into Pyro but if you do this again with just Hydro and Cryo, it will take Hydro as the absorption, so in other words, keep this in mind when you’re building teams or fight against multiple enemies with different statuses.

It’s kind of ironic when you think about – even in elemental absorption, miHoYo just can’t help themselves and make Pyro yet again the most dominant element in terms of priority.

But in essence, that’s all the major things you need to know about some of his gameplay mechanics, while the rest of the more finer details get covered in equipment and team building. Building Kazuha into a haiku composing war machine isn’t that hard and it’s mainly thanks to some really easy choices you can make if you decide to pursue the Elemental Mastery route. And as mentioned previously, there’s basically two builds – either Elemental Mastery or Sub Damage Dealer. And the main difference being is that for the first build, you want to stack as much Elemental Mastery as you can while also fine-tuning Energy-Recharge if you either don’t have first constellation unlocked, team doesn’t have another Anemo character or your own team mates aren’t good at generating particles.

And for the latter build, it’s basically the same way you would build any other damage dealer, putting focus on obtaining as much Critical Rate and Damage as well as maintaining high enough ATK% and Energy Recharge but since this is also Kazuha we’re talking about, so Elemental Mastery won’t hurt but it will also not be the focus for this build in particular.

But the first weapon and probably the easiest one to recommend for Elemental Mastery Kazuha would be Iron Sting just because it’s accessible for F2P and also gives decent amount power from the substat. The passive itself is fine, but it’s not the most amazing thing, so it’s up to you if you’re willing to refine a weapon that’s very specialized.

There’s also the Alley Flash, which has very high base ATK but laughable Elemental Mastery and it’s also a weapon from the gacha system not to mention the passive itself gets deactivated if you get damaged, but it’s still a weapon worth using if you don’t wanna bother with leveling or crafting Iron Sting. But if you’re struggling with getting a decent uptime for your burst, any of the Energy Recharge swords, especially the Sacrificial one can be a great substitute. Now if you’re going for a Sub Damage Dealer build, any of the regulars like Blackcliff or Black Sword will do the trick for managing that Critical Rate and Damage or you can also opt-in for Harbinger of Dawn as a budget option.

One final note would be for Lion’s Roar which is actually a very excellent weapon you can use when in a team of mono pyro or electro characters, which will get showcased later in this video. Moving over to artifacts, pretty much your best set is going to be Viridescent Venerer because of how much value it provides for your Elemental Mastery build, not just by increasing Swirl Damage from the 4-set bonus but also acting as a devastating combo with Kazuha’s elemental damage boosting. But, getting a decent full set of artifacts can take a long time, so for a more approachable build, you can also go for 2 Set Wanderer’s Troupe and Viridescent for that extra 80 Elemental Mastery or if you’re using him as sub-damage dealer, it’s also not the worst idea to pursue 2 Set Gladiator’s as an alternative. Now for the artifact stats, it couldn’t get more simple – just get Elemental Mastery on everything – Sands, Goblet, Circlet, however, we’re talking about realistic scenarios here, so expecting to find not just main stats you’re looking for but also a full-set of Viridescent can take time, as absurdly as 8 months like this account, which still doesn’t have Elemental Mastery Goblet from Viridescent Set, so instead, if you can’t have it, you can substitute any of the three main stats into either ATK%, Anemo DMG or Critical Rate and Damage but it’s recommended to at least try and get 2 Elemental Mastery main stats from your artifacts.

Finally for substat priority, focus on getting Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge and of course, Critical Rate and Damage.

Last thing to note would be his talents and if you had to pick which one to raise past level 6, then it would be the burst, followed by elemental skill and then normal attack, which by the way, will increase the amount of damage your plunge attack will do, so it’s worth leveling but not as much as the burst. So all in all, you could say that this samurai demands some specific weapons and even stats but it should be obvious by now his strong suit is using Swirls to not just cause a lot of damage but also boost your team from the Elemental Mastery you gain.

And while as a sub damage dealer you get to see bigger numbers, in all honesty, the line between these two builds get blurry as you can really mix and match them to your liking, especially when it comes to facing off some enemies, where having a all-in Elemental Mastery build is strong against many enemies, while sub-damage dealer excels when going up against single targets. But that’s just his own build peculiarities, next would be teams that get to enjoy this Canadian Traveler’s presence. So you saw some advanced tricks, despaired at the thought of building him up properly and now’s the time we take a look at some of his team compositions.

Well, the good news are – getting him up and running with a proper build doesn’t play such a big role as his own utility. And that’s because after testing more than 15 different and popular teams, as well as some new ones, it’s clear that this guy not only knows how to look good but play good as well. So why is he such a good team mate to have? Well, to be frank, it’s not that he is an exceptional team mate like Venti or Zhongli but he can get the job done with basically any composition and you won’t be disappointed.

For example, he was tested with National Team, Morgana or basically any decent Vaporise and Melt composition and the results were very satisfying to say the least.

In fact, for Melt teams, you can even get both Cryo and Pyro damage bonuses from his passive, by first applying Cryo on the enemy, then using Bennet’s Burst while making sure you don’t hit the enemy and then finally unleashing Kazuha’s Burst, which ends up Swirling the Cryo and then Absorption occurs from his own Pyro aura he gets from Benny’s circle, so you end with a very nice variation and this can also be done in a similar way when using Vaporise teams. But few teams that stood out with him were Freeze and Mono Pyro and to a lesser extend Mono Electro. Now for a freeze team, two most critical members are Xingqiu and Chongyun, so that you can get those consistent Freeze reactions going while the remaining one can either be Anemo or Cryo team mate like Sucrose or Diona.

It’s and extremely efficient team at handling mobile enemies, especially those annoying Geovishaps on Floor 12-2 so if you’re struggling with them, this team can help you out. And for the mono teams, the beauty of them lies with the simple fact that the 4-set of Viridescent Venerer becomes extremely potent because not only will you be boosting Pyro Elemental damage with your swirls but also decrease your enemies Pyro resistance, thanks to the set bonus, which in result gives some spectacular pyro numbers to look at.

And if you want to squeeze even more damage out of it, you can go for Lavawalker’s 4-set on your main pyro damage dealer, so someone like Klee, Yanfei, Diluc, Xiangling or even Hu Tao can get even more Pyro damage out of Kazuha’s boosts. The same more or less can be said about mono Electro but the character pool is much smaller even though the resonance bonus makes it easy to spam bursts non-stop. Also, let’s not forget the Electro-Charged team you can build and take advantage of so many Swirls you get to cause with it. The last thing we want to take a look at would some ideal partners for our samurai and the one’s that stood out most were Constellation 6 Diona because of her massive Elemental Mastery boost she can provide for the team. Then there’s also Sucrose but with this alchemist there’s a slight problem – even though she can boost Elemental Mastery for Kazuha, his elemental damage boosting passive won’t benefit from Sucrose newly gained boost, so only his reactions will be stronger instead.

Now this was actually addressed by the developers recently and they’ve stated this is working as intended, so it’s not a bug but a feature instead. Finally, you can’t go wrong with either Ganyu, Venti or Klee as they all interact with him pretty much in excellent sync, for example the ability to group enemies and Klee’s bombs with his own skill. And that’s pretty much all the teams and character interactions recommended but keep in mind, Kazuha is extremely flexible, so you can easily put him into many teams, including a team of Double Anemo and Geo, where Xiao is your main damage dealer but Kazuha pretty much acts as energy battery while also providing damage when using him as sub damage dealer. But enough strategy talk, let’s get into the final thoughts and suggestions. While fun is a very subjective thing, it’s hard to ignore Kazuha’s entertaining burst and elemental skill which sometimes it’s the only thing we need to make those daily commissions more bearable.

But aside from this, building him up will require some specific investments and while can either act as your Elemental Damage booster, it’s also possible to utilize his sub damage dealer capabilities, even if it means compromising the purity of the builds and going for a mixed one instead, which isn’t the worst thing and you still get a ton of good performance out of it.

But in the end – he is very plug and play friendly, so you will definitely find a team that will appreciate his skill set in no time. Hope you found the video useful and entertaining but you can make things even better if you subscribe to the channel and gently press the like button, so your support can help this channel thrive. For more Genshin stuff, visit the Twitter profile, link in the description. Thanks for watching and see you next time.



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