Making a DIAMOND 2 YONE Look BRONZE With CHALLENGER Tactics! – Mid Guide


Hey everyone, as you all know, learning to snowball is a very important aspect of the game, especially in certain matchups, like assassin mirrors. So today, i’m going to run you through a strategy that snowballs your lane as hard as possible. If executed properly on my diamond 2 account playing zed version, it can be done in any matchup but works best when playing an assassin. So before we get into the gameplay, let’s go over the game plan and the match up. Yonay and zed are both melee ad assassins, yoni wins in extended trades with his low cooldown q and extra damage from e, while zed wins purely in burst, trades or poke from range with his q. Knowing this, our matchup game plan will be mission 1.

Let the wave push it’s not possible to push the wave when yone has a really low cooldown aoe ability and dead can’t really walk up level 1. Without getting poked mission 2 stay healthy. It’S important not to take too much damage, while the wave pushes. So we can play for mission 3 reliably the mission 3 fight with the rebound wave. The wave will crash on the tower and bounce back the other way. So we want to use that to get a level and minion advantage and then look for trades all right. Let’S get into the gameplay now at the start of the lane, i’m going to be immediately working on missions, one and two letting the wave push to me and not taking any free damage. If yona tries to contest any cs, i go for as in if he walks at me. Looking to hit me with q, i’m going to use my q to grab the minion from a distance. If he doesn’t walk up, then i can grab it with an auto attack.

That’S why right here, i’m forced to give up this last hit. I tried to poke yone with my q when he walked up and now that my q is on cooldown. I can’t walk up here. If i do he’ll knock me up with q. Auto me a few times, then q at least one more time. It would be impossible to win the trade, and i would take a lot of free damage. I would have to do the same thing if i was on fizz diana or echo. I didn’t have my ranged ability to grab the cs safely. After that i use my queue to poke una when he walks over this minion and dodges q. Now that he doesn’t have q, i can walk up for this low health range minion. But, as i do, i realize yonei is going to auto me when i walk up, so i just auto him back instead to trade. Since i know he’s going to draw minion aggro, the low health minion won’t die, and i can wait for my q to come back up trading damage back, no matter how small is very important. We both hit level 2 next and since no minions are low. I can look for some poke with my next q, so i’m going to stand near this low health, blue minion and when yone walks up to use his q, i poke him with mine. Then, as this next minion gets low, i try to position myself to get the most damage out of my cube.

Zed’S q does less damage if it passes through something first, so i move to a spot where i can throw it and not hit any minions, then for this next minion i know he doesn’t have q, but he will auto attack me. So i’m not just going to auto attack the minion and eat his damage, i’m going to walk up and use e to grab it and trade back once again, i’m breaking down every single minion, because you guys have to realize how every cs will be contested in Higher elos and if you play each of these small scenarios properly, that can win you, the lane anyways. He has tornado stacked now and there are no minions for me to grab. So i back up waiting for him to use it. I’Ve landed some really good poke. So far and i’ve been playing these small scenarios very well because of this i have a pretty big health advantage, even though he’s pushing to me, this is a really bad scenario for him. Do you know why this is because he should be crashing the wave on the third wave, so the wave bounces back, but since he’s so low and hasn’t been focusing on the minion wave, he can’t crash it and he’s basically froze in front of my tower. This makes him very gankable and yoni doesn’t have many ways to outplay a gank. He needed to focus more on using q on the wave to get a larger push advantage, get level 3 before me and push me off the way while crashing it. I can’t even walk up to the wave if he’s level 3 and i’m level 2

Anyways getting back to the gameplay he’s going to hit level 3 here, so i have to back up a bit since he’s not playing aggressive with this level 3. Yet i’m gon na hit as many minions as possible with my autos just to thin it by trimming. The wave it makes it a lot harder for him to crash it and keeps it frozen. He goes in now, though, with his e, which does exactly what we talked about, forcing me to back off the wave and he clears a good amount of minions, but because he’s so behind on this part of his game plan. It’S still frozen in front of my tower on the fourth wave, which is when a lot of junglers are looking to gank. My sishwani takes advantage of this ganks mid, getting yoni to use his flash problem with the freeze.

Is it doesn’t set you up to win trades that well, especially in melee versus melee matchups you’re, purposely giving them the minion advantage. So i’m going to kill enough minions until the wave is even like this with the wave. Even what will happen? The wave will slow push the other way because of the even minion rule. If the wave is even whichever side of the lane the waves are closer to, it will push the opposite way. So this basically gets me started on mission. Three. My wave will slowly stack up now. This is also when i want to start looking for real trades and not just small q poke. So i walk up to use my w e and q and miss both shurikens, like a scrub, basically wasting my 20 second cooldown ability that is crucial to my trading patterns. This means i have to back up a bit and play a little safer inside my wave until my w cooldown is up, then you should already be able to tell i’m in a bad position here, i’m making multiple mistakes.

First, i have a potion that i haven’t used in assassin matchups. You should never let yourself drop below 80, if you can, on top of that, i’m disrespecting youna’s trading pattern here when walking up for the cs. Every champion has a trading pattern in lane, for example, fizz uses q auto w then e to follow up or disengage. Echo uses eq, auto runs away with his passive talon uses. W then q and auto to proc is passive. Yonei likes to stack up his tornado. Then uses e and q to knock you up and follow up with as much damage as possible before using e again and popping the death mark. So when he has tornado and e up, i shouldn’t be walking up to grab a cs until the tornado was gone. But since i walked up this happens, he goes in for the exact combo we talked about and because i luckily dodged his last cue. He doesn’t kill me just barely now. We know he doesn’t have flasher ignite and i have both summoners. So i’m going to let my potion heal me up, while waiting for my w to come off cool down. My w is my defensive ability and my engage also yone has a tornado stacked, so i want to wait for it to go away as soon as it does, and my w is ready. I come at him from this angle since he is on the far side from his tower. I can cut him off with my w, which makes him walk away and finish him with ignite in an auto attack. Now i just have to shove the wave, so i can reset all right with that kill. Now we want to get into the strategy of snowballing. Of course, you can’t snowball without an initial lead, so that’s step one get that lead before level.

Six. When i get back to lane the wave bounced back to me, because i crashed on the tower – and it looks like this – what will happen with this wave, you should know the minions are so close to the tower that it won’t freeze and will slow push back Towards yone, this is good, though we don’t want to freeze it. Freezing is good, sometimes, but to really snowball on someone you want to do what i’m about to show you. We know we have an advantage from the solo kill, so we’re going to push as slow as possible and stack up as big of a wave as possible, as you can see, as i clear these a few minutes just randomly run into the tower, and that’s why It’S not possible to freeze here, but anyways, i’m gon na last hit and not use anything on yone, even when he walks up here, i’m playing the long con for a big play and not looking for a kill at this point. So i let him grab these few cs and eat away. Let’S say i hit level 6 and killed him there by the time i shoved in the next wave. He would be back in lane and grab the waves, so it’s good, but not optimal, so i’m pushing as slow as possible like we talked about – and this is step two of the strategy as i’m clearing these last few minions, you can see how big this wave Is now we want to crash on the tower, as i crash on the tower it’s important to act quickly as the window to pull off the big snowball strategy is small. I need to dive him and kill him before he hits level 6.

If he hits level 6, it gives a lot more outplay potential and makes the dive a little risky before then, though, it’s easily doable, if i land my abilities. So i wait for my e to come off cool down. Wait for him to walk up for this cannon then hit him with my w eq combo landing, both shurikens, which is a perfect start. Then i’m going to wait a second before swapping to my w and getting ready to alt him, but i need to wait for these two minions to die first to make sure he doesn’t hit 6 as i go in as soon as he kills them. And i see he doesn’t hit 6. I know i’m good to go and hit him with an q, e and auto, which gives me tower aggro, but then i alt to dodge the tower shot. His knock up and drop tower. Aggro then, as he’s running away with his e, i flash ian auto right before my old pops to finish him off, because i killed him with such a big wave, pushing. He hasn’t hit level 6. Yet, and after i clear this wave, i’m about 60 to level 8

Nearly three levels ahead of him from that play and that right there is how you hard snowball, a matchup all right guys. So, as you can see, just killing your enemy, laner is a good thing, but if you set up the waves properly, you can snowball much harder than you would think. If you can get a lead before 6 and slow push level 5, you can turn one level lead into three levels, just like that and just bury the enemy laner. If you want to truly take your lane phase to the next level and learn how to convert leads into easy wins, then you need to check out our site

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