Master Yi 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends


Master Yi 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends

Summoner Spells
1) Exhaust: Marks out heroes for kill, also to escape
2) Flash: To chase and also to escape

1) Offense: Deadliness, Cripple, Alacrity, Sunder, Lethality, Havoc
2) Utility: Awareness, Utility Mastery

1) Mark of Desolation, Seal of Furor, Glyph of Furor, Quintessence of Desolation

Champion Skill Priority
1) Highlander (Ultimate): Increase move speed, attack speed, self cannot be slowed
2) Alpha Strike: Jumps and attacks 4 random units with high damage. Teleports to unit you first target. Very good to farm with.
3) Wuju Style: Passive damage increase, Active double damage increase for 10 seconds.
4) Meditate: Heal yourself over 5 seconds.

Item Build
1) Meki Pendant: Mana Regen to spam Alpha Strike
2) Boots of Speed: Movespeed
3)?Phage: Slow effect for kills and extra health
4) Berserker?s Greaves: Attack speed and Movespeed
5) Youmuu?s Ghostblade: Attack Damage, Criticals, Armor Penetration, 15% Cooldown reduction, Unique Active: +20% movespeed +50% att speed
6) Infinity Edge: Massive Attack and Criticals

Early Game:
1) High base damage means easy last hits on minions to farm.
2) Use Alpha Strike to farm and harass enemies.
3) Don?t die. You need to level up as soon as possible.
4) Use Exhaust for easy first blood.

Mid Game:
1) Keep farming and using Alpha Strike.
2) In Ganks, use Alpha Strike to join in the fight after it has been initiated and stun spells have been cast. If you join the fight too early you will die in 1 second.
3) Use Highlander to kill enemies and also to push down towers quickly.
4) It is best to use your skills in this order. Highlander + Wuju Style -> Alpha Strike.
5) When Highlander is on cooldown, use Youmuu?s Ghostblade.

Late Game:
1) Keep moving with your team and Ganking enemies.
2) Quickly grab runes when you walk past rune monsters.
3) After getting Infinity Edge, Backdoor. When the enemy is occupied with attacking your base on the top or bottom lane, go to the opposite lane and use your Highlander to crush their towers.

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