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What’S up everyone and welcome to the skill capped, adc itemization guide for season 11.? There’S a ton of small tweaks to many of the adc items along with a bunch of new additions to get you off on the right foot. We will be breaking it all down to make everything less confusing for you guys without taking up any more time, let’s get right into it. First off to get you up to speed.

There are now two categories of items: one being mythic and the other legendary mythic items will be the strongest in the game and the one you will want to rush. You can only purchase one mythic item. Legendary items will follow and are the items you purchase to round out your core build. We will first take a look at the three main crit mythic items and then, after that, discuss what you would want to build on your non-crit based adcs immortal. Shieldbow is the first mythic crit item, which will be a strong defensive option. Its passive provides you with a shield and life steal when you drop below 30 hp, so when playing against an assassin, comp or heavy dive shield bow can be an option. The more offensive crit mythic is kraken slayer.

It provides you with more aed and crit than shield blow and the passive is like vain silver bolts, as it will deal additional true damage. Every third attack. This will likely be the best option on most adcs as the amount of dps you will be able to output with this true damage. Proc will heavily outweigh the dps from shieldbow and galeforce, which we will take a look in a moment just think about vayne, with press the attack, her silver bolts and now kraken slayer. She may as well be an assassin because that third auto is gon na hit. Like a truck, the third and final item for crit based adcs is gale force. The active provides you with a dash that also deals damage. This damage is increased based on the target’s missing health. This item will be best for immobile adcs or in games to where you are snowballing early on, since the dash and added burst damage will allow you to be way more aggressive. Now that we’ve covered your first item purchase. Let’S talk about your build from then on out prior to the changes. Your second item on most adcs would usually be a zeal item or another bf sword item.

These items didn’t really get changed too drastically for season 11. So the only thing that should change is the timing in which you purchase them for on-hit adcs like vayne, kog’maw and varys. Instead of rushing a blade of the ruin king like before picking it up. Second, after you’ve completed your mythic item and then getting ginsu’s. Third is what your build pass would look like for the likes of jin, caitlyn and tristana purchasing, stormrazer, second, and then infinity edge third will be a great option. We think you get the picture. The only thing that really changes here in your build pass is the item you rush. Whatever you were building before as your first and second core items, you can just delay those for one slot now, due to the new mythic items. Now there is one completely new, legendary crit item. You could look to pick up in your second or third slot that we need to discuss. Navorri quickblade is that item and its passive is very similar to what we saw in sphere of shojin before it got removed. It provides you with ad and crit, along with 30 ability, haste, which is the new name for cdr, and a super strong passive. This passive reduces the cooldowns of your non-ultimate abilities by 20 when you crit.

This item could turn out to be absolutely nuts on adcs. Like lucian vane, siver and samira lucian is definitely going to be the adc that benefits most from this item. So look to try it out as your second item on him. A new tank busting item you could grab later on is surildus grudge. This item gives ad haste and armor penetration along with a passive that slows the enemy when you hit them with abilities. The other option will still be lord dominic’s, it’s being changed a little bit as well as it will now give you crit, along with the ad and armor pen. Basically, if you’re a crit adc, then lord dominic’s will work great for you and for adc’s like ezreal or senna, who don’t like crit cerro dos grudge will be the best tank busting option. Now, once you get really late into the game around your 4th and 5th slots, everything will be pretty similar as before, based on the situation, but there are a few new changes we should talk about. If you need healing reduction, there are now two options for adcs.

You still have mortal reminder which gives you the ad and grievous wounds, but it will now also give attack, speed, crit and move speed, making it a great offensive purchase the new and more defensive, grievous, wound. Item option is kempunk chainsword, another new, or perhaps you could say old, late game defensive item we need to take a look at is sterax. Yes, sterax is now viable again on adcs. The shield will be weaker for range champions, but it will still be a great late game option to provide yourself with survivability if the enemy team has a lot of burst champions. Titanic hydra will also be a late game. Defensive option now for adcs as the bonus on hit and splash damage now works for ranged champs, albeit with lesser of an effect that you get on melee champs.

This also means tiamat will work for adcs as well. So, potentially we could see some wacky tm at rush strategy on certain adcs overall. If the enemy team is really tanky, you can build one of the last whisper items. If you need healing reduction, mortal reminder or chem punk are there for you. If you want more survivability, there are now many different options, ranging from death stance to guardian angel, scimitar, sterax and titanic hydra, and if offense is the only thing you know, building another bf or zeo item is an option as well. So now that we’ve discussed crit based adcs, what about outliers like ezreal or senna, who don’t want crit in their builds for ezreal building, either trinity force or divine sunderer, will be his go-to mythic items.

Both items provide you with sheen spellblade. Passive trinity force will likely be the most optimal option in most scenarios, but against very tanky compositions. The percent hp damage that divine sunderer provides will make it a viable purchase. Something worth noting here when talking about ezreal and senna is that tear is now a starting item. It costs 400 gold, so you can get your manamune stacking as soon as you start the game. But the downside to this is that the rate in which you can stack tier will be a lot slower now and the bonus mana you can stack, will be lower as well going from 750 down to 450

This means the amount of extra ad you get from manamune will be lower for season 11., because iceborn gauntlet is also being removed. Ezreal won’t be getting as much value out of the mana 280 conversion from manamune on top of this manamune will no longer get the 15 mana refund on ability use, so you’ll be running out of mana quicker. Overall, the efficiency of manamune is being decreased for season. 11., we probably won’t see it being abused as much on a variety of adcs and even ezreal may struggle due to his changes to finish off your build on ezreal, the standard, death’s dance will work great as his third item for your final items. If you need healing reduction, then the new item – chem punk chain sword, which we touched on earlier, will work great for him.

If you don’t need healing reduction and want more survivability, then either sterax, guardian, angel or scimitar are good options. And if you want more damage, then the blade of the ruined king, 4th or 5th can work, as well as for sana’s mythic item options, there’s either duskblade or the new lethality item eclipse. We should add that miss fortune and jyn may also find themselves really liking. This item, as they’ve had success with lethality boats in the past. Eclipse gives ad lethality and omnivam, along with a nice passive, that synergizes really well with senna’s kit. How this passive works is that, if you hit a champion with two separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds, you deal additional percent hp damage, get a shield as well as movement, speed to kite around, with senna being able to auto and then q very quickly. She will benefit greatly from this passive from here on out. The build will be very similar to what you did in season 10.

Pick up your manamune second and then yommus and rapidfire cannon to round things out. Alright, that’s gon na! Be it for today, guys use everything we talked about in this video to give yourself the edge for the start of pre-season, be sure to experiment by yourself and try different stuff out to see what you enjoy or find the strongest. If you’re someone who’s been theorycrafting and have come up with new op builds then be sure to share it with us down in the comments below with that being said, thanks for watching everyone be sure to subscribe. If you haven’t already and we’ll see you in the next video.

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