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What are the changes on Revamp, Miya and what item build suits her? Now in this mobile legends guide, we are going to talk everything about Revamp, Miya and the right and wrong decisions that I did before we start. I wanted to invite all streamers for a Collab. I’M doing livestream on my Facebook Page every other day around 6 to 8pm.

We are going to make a content during Liverstream. It can be Rank Game Challenges 1v1 or any idea from you. We are also going to promote your Youtube Channel or Facebook Page. Then you can also post our stream on Youtube. We are going to do this to help each other Grow. We are going to call this # LetsGrowTogether to everyone who are intersted. Just message me on the social media accounts on the description of this video. Ok, Let’s Go in this game, we are with ChesterGG for our # LetsGrowTogether, He is doing Faramis and Balmond Gameplay and to help him Grow.

Don’T forget to Subscribe. We don’t have Jungle, I will be the one to Jungle and because we don’t have Jungler, that’s why I was forced to be Jungler on this game, but everything we are going to talk about here will still help, even if you go for Gold lane Miya and Because Miya can’t farm jungle on level 1, that’s why we won’t buy Jungle item and we are going to clear, mid lane. First, you need to remember. If you have jungle item the Exp you get from minions will be reduced on the first 3 mins of the game. That’S why, if you want to receive full Exp on level 1, don’t buy jungle item.

Yet this is still the Emblem I used on Miya and when it comes to Spell because we are the Jungler, that’s why we need to have Retribution. But if we are going to do the Gold Lane Miya, we don’t need Retribution anymore. You can go for Flicker or Purify to increase your escape. Aside from that, if you are Gold lane, you don’t need to take buffs on the early game, it’s better to give it to your Jungler and because we have Jungle, Item and Retribution, that’s why we can Solo Jungle. What your Tanks can do here is to protect you so that no enemies can get close or just mess with the enemy jungler.

But if you are in Gold lane, it’s better, if your Tank will help you in lane when it comes to Miya’s skills, her basic attack still gives additional attack speed, but up to 5 stacks only. You can also see now how many stacks she have and if it reaches 5 stacks, she will have a shadow that will also do a basic attack. It deals less damage, but it can be Critical. Aside from that item effects doesn’t work on her passive when it comes to her passive. It’S almost the same. It will hit up to 3 enemies.

But the good thing here, her passive Works on it. That means, if she has 5 stacks and you used 1st skill. All heroes that is hit by basic attack will also be hit by passive and the good thing about her 1st skill Item effects works on it. When it comes to her 2nd skill, she will drop an arrow on a location. Everyone in the middle of the target won’t be able to move, and when it gets down, there will be an arrow that will split everyone that will be hit by the split arrow will receive damage and will be slowed when it comes to Jungle. Marksman, the only important thing is to have Farm fast and to incease your farm faster. You must take Gold from towers when it comes to Miya’s Ultimate. The most important thing you need to know it works like Purify.

That’S why you must only use it when you get caught by CC skills aside from being a Purify. Her ultimate also gives movement speed. Then you will also be invisible and her passive will become 5 stacks instantly, but because it’s Purify Invisibility and Movement Speed. That’S why it’s better to use it as an Escape, rather than going in. There are few cases where it’s good to use her ultimate for going in. One of it is for the enemy to not see you when you are getting close, but if you are going in a teamfight, you must always reserve your ultimate for crowd. Control skills when it comes to Miya’s Item build because we are Jungler, that’s why we need to build the Jungler item.

First, that’s good so that we can farm in jungle faster aside from that we can make the stacks of it full quicker because we most likely to farm in jungle in the early game. This is the item build that I will do on this game because we are Jungle, Miya and because Harith and Guin can Burst us. That’S why I will choose to go for Athena Shield, but if we are going to do the Gold lane Miya, we don’t need to buy Jungle Item. This is the item build that you can do? If are Gold Lane Miya, if you won’t die on Gold lane in less than 4 mins, you will have Windtalker and if you’ll be able to get Gold from tower, you can build the items faster. Windtalker is good and Demon Hunter Sword on her, even if it doesn’t work on her passive Windtalker for Mobility and Demon Hunter for Sustain, and even if it doesn’t work on her passive. It still works on her 1st skill.

When it comes to her last 2 items, you can change it depending on the situation. Next thing you need to remember when you used a Jungle, Marksman you’ll be able to take objectives faster, like Turtle or Tower. If you are Jungle, Assassin you’ll be able to get kills on the early game. That’S why you can pressure the enemies on the early game. Then you can take Objectives, but the real advantage of Marksman Jungle when it becomes late game. The enemy will have a hard time, stopping you. If you notice there, I waited for Guine before using my Ultimate. If I use my Ultimate in offense, I could’ve killed by Guine. Aside from that, you will see later what will happen if you misuse the Ultimate

And because we’re able to kill them, that’s why we should take Objectives. I hope you learn a lot from that Guide and if you have a guide that you want me to make just comment down below and I’ll try to make one about it. So if you are not yet subscribed, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve, # justmasterthebasics, I’m out .

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