NEW WUKONG REWORK 2020 Gameplay Guide (CLONES USE R) – League of Legends


Hello guys it’s Ramos here bringing you yet another, rework for this little monkey over here. Yes, he got reworked last year, then he got a rework to his reward last month and now he got yet another rework witty much. All of his abilities changed a little bit, and the biggest change is that you have seen in the intro is that your clone also casts the ultimate and that you can cast your ultimate twice yep. You can cast it twice. So, let’s get through his abilities. A little bit and see what changed so for the passive no longer gains that shield when he goes still tall in a bush. He now gains are more per level and regenerates maximum health. Every 5 seconds and the bonuses are quadrupled when 3 or more enemies are nearby. So look at the armor. If I go next to them, it’s 101 and if I go away over here, it drops to 68.

Alright, that’s for the passive next, the cue! It’S almost the same, but it also has that cooldown reduction by 0-5 seconds every time himself or his clones hit an enemy with an auto attack or spell so. Let’S remove the cooldown thing. I’M gon na use the cue and then you can see BAM. It’S getting reduced if I hit it or if my clones hit see it’s getting a reduction next, the W is pretty much as before, but they mimic abilities. So he is where the cursor is becomes invisible for one second living behind this clone and the clone attacks nearby enemies that work on recently damaged and will mimic his ultimate dealing 40 % of normal damage. So, let’s see if it works now because last time it attacked, even if I didn’t attack them, so, let’s test it out a little bit. Let’S say I come here: let’s also get rid of the cooldowns and bam I use it. I leave it there.

That part is optional because it keeps saying that he attacks nearby enemies that work on recently damaged. So apparently they don’t need to be targets that work on recently damage. Maybe it prioritizes targets that I recent dip. So let’s say I hit this one from height. Okay, then I leave a clone here. The clone is retarded. Let’S try again, I hit him. I live a clone there. It attacks the right on, I think yeah. It tries to prioritize the one that you last hit. That’S what they meant today so see. I leave this one here and it attacks that one now I attack this one. I leave this one here. It attacks that one. So that’s how it works. It attacks that he recently damaged and if you didn’t damage any, he just attacks, one, that’s closest. So that’s there! That should be if you pressed oh, if you press shift that should show the entire thing all right. He is almost the same, but now it scales with AP instead of AD, like in the last iteration, so he dashes and sends close to two additional targets.

They take magic damage and after dashing he gains attack, speed and the clothes also. So I live a clone here them the clone is again retarded sorry mister again see the clone also has a TAC speed, but wait if I it also mimics the queue, though doesn’t mimic EE, but it mimics the queue. I don’t know if that’s intended, because it says that it clones it copies the ultimate, it doesn’t say about the queue. So I don’t know if that’s a mini bag over here or it should copy the queue as well. Let’S just assume that he should copy the curse well, and I cannot have more than one clone, even if the in the hood daunting all right and you ultimate it’s a bit longer now so still the same thing he spins around against movement speed. He deals, damage and also deals target max hail damage apart from the base, one per second to nearby enemies and knocks them up for one second, the first time they get hit. So you can cast it twice, but you cannot knock them up twice and cyclone.

Can you give cast a second time within seven seconds before going on cooldown and the second cast will knock knock up enemies hit by the first and damage the monsters is kept so cut this? I can do it and then, when itself I have a few seconds. I can run around and bam. I can cast it again, but they don’t get knocked up or you can activate it, cancel it activate it cancel it. If you don’t want to use it entirely, you know, and if you have a clone, the clone will also use it twice. Even if you have time now, let’s see what happens when we max them out, so we can let that clone stay longer. How so the armor goes insane at max level, so this one just increases the damage a bit. It doesn’t increase the time the clone stays up, so you cannot really make the ultimate longer all right. That’S increases the attack, speed to 50 % and you rate increases only those movements we 240.

I’M not sure it was the same, but it’s nice that it also does that target max health damage. That’S pretty impressive! So let’s try again there you go nice alright! Well, that’s it for this little guy. I guess the build is pretty much the same. We also have eternals integrated. Now, I’m not sure if I can see them somewhere, probably not in a custom, but yet the paid achievements are live. If you wan na buy achievements, you can buy them with blue essence as well. Some of them – and you can buy them in sets for every champion, but the more personal ones for each champion are only with RP. I think alright, that’s it for this one. Thanks for watching, the skins are again not up, even if the PB got delayed by 2 more hours so yeah. I will see you next time and there your Abed, bye, bye,