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So after many many many hours and an extremelylong night last night we’re ready to fullygive you guys the definitive best weapon tierlist guide for the long night. You can even seesome bagginess going on here as we talk aboutthis. So if you did like this video there’s a lotof work going in this video, like all the videoswant to see more stuff, you know what to do. Hereon the youtube section like and also comment andsubscribe for sure here now, let’s get into it, withyou guys with the method behind what’s going, onhere builds they’re all pretty much the same nomatter, how you, how you math it out the best buildsare, always the same exact setup. Artifact wisefor eula when it comes to numbers in damagesso the set.

That’S always the best is the fourpiece pill flame set. Don’T panic, though it’sonly marginally better than having two piecebloodstained and two-piece pale flame. So if youhave, some really nice well-rolled blood-stainedstuff and you don’t really have perfect four-piecefor pale flame, yet go ahead and do that all you’remissing out on is that 18 percent attack butthe pale flame here. 50, damage bonus and it’snot that hard to get two stacks euless is enoughfor a second press cooldown there on top of thatall of the same sub stats and main stats wereused for these builds because it was the bestno matter. What weapon you were using when it comesdown to eula?

So let’s talk about that real quickthe amount of main sets and subsets you’relooking for here. Obviously your goblet isgoing to be physical damage. She does do a tiny, bitof cryo damage, but the vast majority of her damageis physical she’s got her normal attacks. She’Sgot the big sword from her elemental burst she’sgot the ascension that someone is a mini swordwhen. You use her hold hunter elemental.

Skill sophysical damage gobble is what you’re looking forthere sans series and attack percent sans and thencrit rate was the best. On average, there althoughif you had a very high well rolled crit damagecirculate, with some sub stat for crit rate allthe way through that one’s very nice as wellbut mathematically, uh, crit rate main witha large majority of crit damage substanceis. What we’re using here so with the subsets we’reusing here we’re using some very nice well-rolledfive-star artifacts in the calculations that we’llbe showing you as well as the graphs and all thatnice stuff when it comes down into here. So whatare we looking for here so we had like 80 percentcrit damage and substance, 30 percent crit rate insubsets and around 30 percent attack percent insubstats. For you guys there now, i do have a buildin gen, it’s very similar to that it doesn’t haveas much crit and as much crit damage, but it doeshave over the attack percent that i was using inthe calculator.

So that’s awesome there as wellready to pull for eula, which it comes out if youguys want to see that stuff as well, we’ll be doingthat on the channel. I think we’ll be streaming toyoutube this time for that. So you want to checkthat stuff out. That’S where we’re going to bethere so before we get into all of the weaponsthere’s a couple weapons. I want to talk abouthere and these ones are going to be the energyrecharge weapons, guys so skyward pride right, youhave uh that weapon.

You also have stuff like thefevonius weapon and the sacrificial greatswordthose weapons, it’s very hard to quantify how muchextra damage you’re going to be getting from theseenergy recharge weapons in the grand scheme ofthings when you’re kind of templating it like thisright. Her cooldown is a 20-second cooldown on theelemental burst, but it also does cost 80 energybut. You have a very, very lengthy time. 20 secondsto get 80 energy back. So it’s going to bedependent on how many enemies are you’re fightingif you’re, fighting a bunch of low-level enemiesthey’re going to be dropping orbs from beingdefeated they’ll, be dropping particles andorbs from getting damaged through certainthresholds.

So this is going to be a verysort of uh differentiated based on what how manyenemies you’re fighting and how much hp they havein the grand scheme of things. So it’s very hardyou could be looking. You know, five to ten percentmore uptime on your elements of burst. That’Sgonna. Give you maybe, like you, know five percentmore damage when it all is said and done: andmaybe like a two minute fight, so very hard.

Toreally quantify like i said how much damageyou gained from energy recharge, but it’s notan insane amount in most cases. So i wanted totalk about those first and foremost now, let’s talkabout some of the actual stuff and we’ll breakit down, and why these weapons are ranked. This waywhat holds them back. Why they’re good? Why theyare bad here so you’re gon na see this nice littlechart here as we bring it up here?

This is thetotal damage done in this scenario. Now this is uma combination of normal attacks, uh as well as theelemental burst damage and the elemental skillhold damage there. We have a little bit of cryodamage coming through with the elemental burstthe. Initial activation is cryo and you form thesword and that’s physical, same thing with theelemental skill. Here the activation and stuffthat’s cryo, but the ascension will drop a minisword which is physical, so some weapons are goingto, get a little bit of bonus because they haveyou know higher attack percent and some weaponsare going to have a little bit of a bonus.

Becausethey have physical damage on the normal attacksdamage and the the non-cryo damage there, thelonger you’re in a fight the more attacks you getoff with your normal attack string. You might seesome slight changes based on what you see herewith this raw damaged math, because if you’re ina fight and you’re messing around you get threeelemental skills off, but you attack 25 timeswith, your normal attacks and you’re gon na havea, very slight difference in the actual damageyou’re. Getting between these weapons but allthings said and done, it’s gon na be very closeand very accurate, because this is raw damageattested. For here now the forced weapon in thegame uh is the fuvonius weapon. It has the worstbase attack of all four star claymores period, it’sgot, the lowest one, and, on top of that it hasthat energy recharge and like we just coverednot, really changing how much crazy damageyou do there.

It also has that crits give yousome energy back, but you’re still held back with a20. Second cooldown on the elemental, burst and theelemental burst does do a pretty substantialamount of damage here, especially if you’reconstellation 6, which we’re not even talkingabout here, we’re doing a constellation. Oneconstellation zero build here for youi should say uh we’re getting like 10to 15 stacks on your element to burst for thatsword there, so that is by far the worst weaponperiod in ganshin impact for this character. Nowyou also have something like the bell: sacrificialrank 1, or rank 5 right. Those weapons don’t reallychange too much there.

The bell is going to giveyou that damage, while they’re shielded, but hershield is going to be based off of her old hp. Fromthe bell proc she’s not being built for hp percentso, the enemy’s going to shred right through thatbut. Even if you had a high refinement rank, bellit is still gon na, be one of the worst weaponsthat. You can use their range slasher as well. Evenif.

You had 100 up time on doing bonus, damage totargets, that are, you know, uh, hyde, road or uhhit with electro, which you might be able to dowith fishel at c6. But even then it’s just notgood that em shatter hasn’t gotten changed, yetnot, really all that crazy stuff. There, as wellroyal greatsword here it had a lot of questionsroyal greatsword uh, especially if you already havewell-rolled artifacts the higher crit you alreadyhave in your build, the worse, the royal weaponsgive you – and this is going to give you when youhave, like you know, 50 60 crit rate On average, evenat refinement rank five you’re, looking at maybeon average like three to maybe five percentwith, really bad rng, because you’re not creatingextra crit rate and the long-term effects of abattle there. So definitely definitely definitelybottomed. Here, white, blind, refinementrank, one terrible stuff bell, fivefor.

The same reason, terrible and that’s whatthe proc up still, then you have lithic blade. R1Which is kind of in there just hanging out this iswith two leeway. Members remember you have to haveleeway people to get that extra attack percentin that crit rate percent. So that’s going to bethere barely barely barely meeting up on some ofthese other r5 weapons. We have the range slash r5still, not that good and you have the what we weretalking about early got a lot of questions aboutthis one in the previous video for four starweapons.

The black cliff weapon now, why is theblack clip down here so low? Well, this is becauseyou can see. There’S 39 different graphs here: 39different weapons that we’re testing out andthere’s, not 39 different claymores, but some ofthem have time-based procs or harder to activateprocs weapons that are just like hit an enemy geta proc. That’S not that hard to do so. You don’tneed to differentiate them uh.

Before the firstthree attacks, whatever, when you’re looking atthe grand scheme of things here and trying toget right to the point of how a weapon will serveyou in general, but some weapons like the blackcliff will have to be defeated. You know enemiesto get those stacks up. So if you have an r1 andr5 but you’re not getting any sacks, maybe you’refighting one big uh enemy in the abyss. Rightyou’Re fighting the heralds and you can’t actuallybeat anything the entire time. You’Re not gettingstacks, so you’re not getting the big effect fromthat black cliff, but whether it’s r5 or r1 thatcrit damage it does make it significantly.

Betterthan all the other weapons. We’Ve talked aboutso far, but it will get better all right, nowthere’s, the sky rider great sword. The skyrider claymore refinement rank one. Now this is thethree star weapon. This does actually beat out justa straight up non-proc version of the black cliffand.

This is r1 of that weapon. So it’s actuallykind of one of eula’s secret sauce weapons, hasa bunch of physical damage on it and the proc isnot that hard to activate it’s just do damage tothings you get up to if you’re at r5 on this 10per stack gets up to four stacks for 40 Extraattack there it’s got very low bass attackbut. It actually does a significantamount of increased damage for youbecause 40 attack plus 48 and some change worthof physical damage there. It’S very strong and youwant to fast forward. You can see the skyriderr5 is actually just above the midway point.

Ofall of the weapons that you can use in genji andimpact for this character, so very nice, stuff, therea, prototype, archaic right below the white blind, r5white blind. We talked about that one before if youhave an r5 uh. It is a very defensive weapon, butat r5. It gives you a very significant increase: toattack 48 attack 48 defense, as well as, if you’retrying, to run a more defensive oriented team, wantyour shields to last forever, with your diona oryour zhong li or perhaps your noel. You have anr5 white blind, but you have noel in your team, soshe’s, probably wearing that uh, so scratch, noelbut, dion or zomling.

That’S another option for youthere for a lower damage-based, four-star weaponthen. You have prototype archaic, refinement, rank5, which is actually right next to the refinementrank 1 skyward pride. Now this is another weaponthat has a proc that is not up all the time, so ifyou’re just swinging around with your skywardpride. You haven’t used your elemental burstthen, this weapon’s, actually pretty bad hereespecially at refinement rank one. It’S got adecent base attack, it’s got some energy rechargebut fear not skyward pride fans.

It can get veryvery much absorbed better with refinement ranks orwhile. Its effect is actually activated right. Youuse. Your elemental burst, you can be doing extradamage there, so stay tuned for that one therewith the snow tuned, r1, barely beaten out by thelithic blade r5, which is then beaten out by thesnow tuned r5. Okay, so that little tiny proxycan help that one out there, but the longerthe battle goes on.

Those procs are time based alittle bit rng and the olympic blade is right, ontop of that one, so they’re kind of back and forthdepending on how long you’re in an encounter therethen, you have the skyward pride r5, which getsa little bit of bonus damage, increase right 16all. Your stuff, this is still without activatingyour elemental, burst and getting those extraattacks off during this period of time, so we’regoing to talk about that more and more and moreas we get into higher refinement rank weaponsand, higher rarity weapons because these becomemore accessible or more common. I should saywith these hierarchical weapons. We also havelike the skyward pride in the broken pinesand wolf gravestones. So keep all that stuffin mind there.

Now the skyward pride refinementrank one as you can see this first big jump. Herethis is actually because the refinement rank onewith. The proc up does significant damage, so duringthat burst window you’re. Looking for a burstyield with the scattered pride, it’s pretty goodit’s, actually pretty darn strong when it comesto dishing out damage right away, but that one isalso right on top of the black cliff their neckand neck, they’re, really they’re, literally withinless than one percent dps of each other And thisis refinement rank one black cliff. This is givingyou 36 attack 55 crit damage very strong weaponhere.

Keeping up at refinement rank one with arefinement rank one five star weapon, so you cansee the difference in damage of the black cliffbetween. When you are able to take out enemiesor you’re, not able to take out enemies that’swhy, i didn’t really have it in the other videothe. Four star weapon video, because it’s a veryvolatile weapon. I put that pin comment in therebecause. It’S either going to be not that good orit’s going to be really good, because this is arefinement rank one version of that weapon.

It’Salso still underneath the serpent spine, refinementrank one, because that weapon at refinement onehas almost its full potential as a weapon alreadyunlocked that the full crit rate got 30 out of the50 total damage bonus there. So if you’re good atdodging or if you have some big shields to takeaway the drawback of serpent spine stacks fallingoff, it’s an incredibly powerful weapon for youso much so that it is right, neck and neck with anr1 wolf’s gravestone. But keep this in mind. Thisis wolf’s, gravestone! In general, not when you havean enemy under 30 hp, so if you’ve already proc thewolf’s gravestone and it’s on cooldown or you arefighting, one big enemy until the enemy gets to 30hp or below.

Until you hit somethingwolf’s gravestone’s, full potential is notunleashed and when it’s not inside that big burstpotential window, it’s right on there with serpentspine. That’S how strong serpent spine isfragile as a four star weapon right, nextto, wolf’s gravestone is broken. Pine’S r1 whichis very similar. You need to get those stacks upand if either those stacks are on cooldown forthe attack percentage, extra attack percent buffup. You can’t have that buff.

Yet when that buffis unavailable it as well does way less damagethan before now. On top of that, then you have theskyward pride. R1, if you’re hitting two enemieswith, the uh, the nice wind blades, then it doesa significant amount more damage. This is reallywhere. This weapon shines is in aoe situationsright.

You pop your elemental, bursts your swordsforming you’re, throwing your your attacks, aroundand you’re procking! Your sword stacks to grow. Yourelemental burst there just in general, but alsoon top of that you’re hitting multiple enemieswith, your skyward pride vacuum blades and thenif you’re hitting two enemies per vacuum. Bladeit starts to do a lot more damage in general. Andthose are still all refinement rank.

One weaponsbecause refinement. Five is going to swap it up abit, because some weapons gain a lot more damagethan other ones at refinement rank five. Now r1the unforged, the unforce is going to be one of themost stable five-star weapons. If you just want agood strong weapon, that’s always going to do. Goodaverage damage for you and give yourself a littlebit of tankiness too from the shield strengththat’s, something you care about: the unforged isdefinitely right there.

This is possibly one of mypersonal favorites. Just because how how good itis all of the time we’ll see that in the futurenow, you can see right here why, on forge r01 isso strong, our five wolf’s gravestone is literallythe same weapon. They do the same exact damageon as an unforced r1. If you have the shield upthan a wolf’s, gravestone r5 does without thatbig under 30 hp proc. Now, once you get the 30 hpproc you’ll see it.

Obviously you can see it rightnow wolf’s gravestone is the highest damage. Weaponyou can have in the game, but without that procit falls down substantially because you’re notgetting that giant extra attack percent rightthat 80 attack for your whole party thing going onthere, but inside that burst window, nothing matchesthe gravestone outside of it, though it’s rightthere with an r1 5 Star weapon black clip r5 hereif – you can see it with stacks up – is actually atiny bit better a tiny bit better with max stacksthan these other weapons. So if you’re fightinga bunch of lower hp enemies, a bunch of hillytrolls in the abyss or little slimes and stuffthat weapon is going to shine, but remember ifyou’re, not you’re, fighting big dudes, your r5 blackcliff is gon na go from. You know just sub 800k rawdamage in this scenario, all the way down to 600kone of the worst weapons in the game. So that’s howvolatile!

That weapon is when it comes to a weaponlike that ingention now skyward pride here at r5with hitting one thing with the proc during thatburst window. It’S pretty significant. It’S rightup there with all these other weapons. We’Ve beentalking about right, wolves, gravestone, black cliffvery, strong with stacks skyward pride during thatburst window is very good, but remember as soonas. You leave that burst window you’re fallingback down in average to these other weapons, so howpowerful these weapons are going to be with theseburst windows depends on how long it’s taking youto beat something.

Does it take you two minutes tobeat the best floor. Does it take you 30 seconds toin the best floor? Does it take you a minute to bean abyss floor all of these different time, changesaffect how strong these weapons are in general butwith. These different layouts here that i’m showingyou are five during proc window or five doing. Nota proc window, you can just literally take theaverage right and figure out how that works.

Bestfor, you guys here now the broken pines r5 herewithout, the proc very strong weapon being out bythe r5, a serpent spine! That’S how strong serpentspine is for her now. This is with max snacksobviously, so you want to build around that zongleyshield diona shield, some big shield, like that orjust be exceptionally into the game and not takeany damage. That’S also a thing you can do. Butit is one of the top weapons of the game.

I thinkit’s in seventh place here very, very, very strongand. It’S also not situational at all. There’Sno burst window for this serpent’s fine weaponthe only situational thing is: don’t get hit, soput a shield on good to go all right. You knowthe broken pines are one during the proc. Sothis is also very strong, followed right up bywolf’s gravestone r1.

During that proc window sothe proc window for broken pines r1. That’S whenyou get the four stacks. Not that hard to do. Butit does have a pretty lengthy cooldown on it in anaura, when you’re going to get a pretty significantattack bonus right 16 or something like that. Andthen 12 attack speed, i did add an extra attackthere because we were doing 10 attacks.

Uh so atyou know 12 percent attack and get just over oneextra attack. So we did uh one two, three, four fiveone, two, three, four five. So we got an extra attackthere that bumped it up. It helped you out thereobviously if you’re not good at up time, if you’redodging too much during that window, this weapon’sgonna be worse than that for you. It all comes downto, so many different circumstances and how youplay genshin, but if you’re playing it perfectlythis, is kind of what it’s going to be.

Looking likefor you there and wolf’s gravestone still edgesthat up, gets that nice. Big attack bonus for yourwhole party, we’re just focusing on eula here, butget that wolf’s gravestone attack bonus right, dropyour elemental burst boom, big damage there now theunforced r5. Here you can see just how solid thisweapon is. This is why it’s one of my favoriteones for eula, because all you need is a shieldwhich – is one of the best things to run with heranyway right you’re. Looking for physical damageyou got zomling good to go.

You were looking fordragon strike. You want some shields and heelsdown with some free crit right from time to timegood to go. Two of the best characters run withher. If you want to see that video haven’t checkedthat one out yet check it out, it’s on the channelcame out a couple days ago, but this one righthere there’s no window on how well this weaponworks it. As long as you have a shield, thisthing is insanely good.

It’S insanely good andit’s, just going to be standing the test of timehere. Now it’s beaten out by three weapons: heremore damage during a certain window, theseare all certain window weapons. So we haveskyward pride r5 if you’re, hitting two enemiesat least with your elemental, burst, activated alittle little wind cutters right. So if you’rehitting, two or more enemies with each one thisweapon does substantial aoe and it’s gon na bea, very nice, aoe, chunker weapon and rememberit’s got energy recharge on it. So it mightbe getting you an extra five to ten percentof more damage through having maybe one extraelemental burst in a certain period of time.

Duringan abyss for right. If it takes you 20 seconds, tobeat the best floor, energy recharge doesn’t meananything. So you just drop your elemental. Burstsand good to go, and you just do it again, the nextround, so that’s something that’s going to comedown to how strong your team is in whole, how goodyour artifacts are, but this is what it looks. Likemath out with these very very strong builds acrossthis certain period of time there we also havethe broken pines r5 with the proc here at the endvery strong stuff uh, with that proc 24 attacki think it’s 36 attack with the proc up as wellvery very strong, doesn’t have Full uptime thoughremember so during the proc, you’re gon na be doinga bunch of damage and then once it’s goneyou’re gon na be dropping from second placeall.

The way down to third four fifth sixseven eight place without the product soproc window, very strong out, proc window stillgood, not the best and then obviously the bestone. So far in genji and during that proc windownothing comes close during this window is thewolf’s gravestone highest. By far of course, of anyweapon here, 40 attack for equipping the weapon 80attack for your whole party, it’s specifically alsovery good for Eula, when you’re, hitting something30 hp or below get that proc. Some of that limitburst or excuse me elemental, burst it’s gon na feellike, a lemon verse, you’re gon na feel like a finalfantasy character when you pop that bad boy offand hit someone for about a million damage, sothat’s going to be incredibly powerful, but lookthis is why i, Like the unforged, so much becauseif you’re fighting a bunch of enemies that youget down to 30 hp right away. That’S awesome.

Maybeyou find some hilly trolls. You got one big bad guybiting, one big bad guy, though the whole time untilyou get them to 30 hp. The wolf’s gravestone r5 isnot hitting that proc, and so it goes all the waydown here way below the unforged by a significantmargin. As you can see sub 800k in this examplehere, while the unfortunate kind of chillingand you know 884k. So, on average right, the wolfgravestone is going to do below it and then it’sgoing to do above it and then it’s gonnado below it – and this is gon na – do above itmeanwhile.

The unforced can just do that averagedamage all the time. So it’s one of my favoriteweapons in gen shin forwards, probably the one i’mgonna be using. I don’t have an r5 unforged uh butif. I had like an r5 serpent spine, that’s a bad oneto be used and that’s a very nice weapon. There uhfor you guys, but hopefully this guy’s gave youall the good information mathematically, aboutwhat weapons to use for eula.

Here remember: likei said before as well. Hopefully i hammered homejust how much the importance of that proc windowis because hey if you proc the proc and you startnot attacking you proc and you start swapping yourcharacters out you’re, not really seeing the fullbenefit of that weapon. So if you’re bad at thatmaybe think about. Maybe you have another weapon touse. Maybe you want another weapon like you’ve beenworking on a serpent spine.

It’S not conditionalyou got a shield good to go, but hopefully thisguy’s give you a good informational lead on whatweapons. You should be looking for when usingeula as she comes out in gench, remember gonnabe pulling for her i’ll, probably be doing. Ayoutube live stream. Um check out the twitchas, well, usually stream over there, but we want totry it on youtube. This time see what happens thereand.

So you guys should get a notification forthat, but we usually stream over on twitch whenwe. Do so go ahead and follow there as well. Youguys did like this video help. My little help. Mylittle saggy my saggy eyeballs, with a like andi’ll, see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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