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A bird in the wind told me you guys were lookingfor the best weapons for cause. Don’T worry, we haveall the math and the spreadsheets and the data foryou guys in this video. The best weapons for bothsub, dps, main dps, psi dps em mastery support andeverything. You need to know about this characteris going to be featured in this video ifyou guys want to know more stuff about casayou need a whole guide, that’ll be out tomorrowif. You guys want to know more about the swirlreaction, then go right on ahead and checkout the video.

I put up just the other dayon that now getting into this video here, the bestweapons. So, let’s get into the weapons, what are yourunning alongside the weapons? What’S going onhere with the sub sets, the sub stats in thesemathematic equations are highly rolled pieces, offive, star artifacts. Of course, now we’re focusingon crit chance and crit damage in the subsetswith, a tiny little sprinkle of attack percenthere or there for the sub dps main dps. Buildson top of that here we are using the veradesand ven reset, because kazaha here is a fantasticaoe character in a lot of people really underratejust.

How strong the four piece set is at boostinghis own damage, because, yes, even if you’re buildingfor damage with crit chance and crit damage, andattack percents, he is still gon na be swirling alot and that sixty percent swirl is gon na helpboost his damage. All that additional and thenon top of that it also has the resist elementdown, which doesn’t work for animal, but some ofhis attacks do have that elemental. Infusion andit will apply for that part of his hit as wellit’s gon na outweigh like the 18 percent attackthat you’re doing with your gladiator set in aoecircumstances but more on swirl, and that laterand, of course, obviously you’re wearing an animalgobbled we’re focusing on crit chance. We have acrit chance circle it in an attack percent sansfor. These dps builds.

There are going to be someem builds in here as well. When we get over, thosethose are all em based main stat, artifacts withfocusing on crit chance, crit damage a little bitof energy recharge and then of course, obviouslythe tiny bit of em. You can get on your flowerand, your feather as well for the em buildsso. The first weapon will be tackling here, isgonna, be that black sword r1 r5, but it does notmatter here because we’re doing hold elementalskill plunge plunge absorb elmo to burst and thenthe five following damage over time effects. Fromthat elemental burst now, remember the ones thatare absorbed.

Those are affected by your swirl inyour four piece: varidescent venera set associatedwith swirl, so they’re going to get that extraresist down right because you’re doing cryo orpyro additional damage; well, you’re, also reducingcryo or pyro, whatever element that you swirl withthat four piece. So that’s gon na help that outa lot there now, as you can see here, we’re doing apoultry 123 thousand total damage here this isn’tfactoring in defense, but it is factoring in enemyresistances, because kaza is animal unless you haveyou know a venti with multiple constellations, ora, multiple constellation Gene in your team, you aregoing to suffer that ten percent animal resistancedown unless you have also zong lease and you aregonna be affected by that. Unless you have certainexternal forces like we just mentioned there, soyou can see the whole thing here. The one two threewombo combo with a little bit of ticks there 123000 damage now the lion roar also is a very decentweapon. This is with no proc with the proc at r1and, with the proc at r5.

Remember the enemy hasto be affected by certain different elementsso. If you have like an electrocharged team, withyour casa, genera, that’s gon na be a very fantasticweapon for you, because you can go all the way. Upto 150k damage with that one combo by the timethe dot. The final one has ticked there and that’sjust from your raw damage. We’Re tackling swirl alittle bit later when we get into more em stuffand.

The swirl stuff does actually kind of matterfor. These non-em focused builds cause, remember, youget, 115, em from a level 90 kazaha and then on topof that you get that extra swirl damage bonus. Forthat four piece: vv set the other weapon that we’relooking at here is gon na, be black, cliff, no stackshere or all the stacks. So we have black cliff withno sex. Remember if you can’t defeat an enemy youdon’t get the attack percent from the black cliffso.

It is pretty bad if you don’t have additionalstacks, but if you are r1 or r5 with three stacksup, it becomes a very sufficient weapon, all theway up to 167 000 damage with just that one combothere. Now the sacrificial sword is a weapon. Thatdoes do a fair amount of damage here, but this iswith, the reset uh. You would do – do a hundred andone a thousand damage there, but you would alsofactor in the initial combo again so add another34, 993 and you’d just be at 135 000 damage. Nowthe reason why this is so low lower base, attackthan all the other, which is 454.

You have energyrecharge instead of some sort of offensive, stat soit’s going to drop that down. However, it is goingto help you right, build additional particles, getadditional swirls in there. On top of that and soit is a pretty powerful weapon, although it’s notgoing to be nearly the best, although you can useit in these circumstances with kazaha here and youcan kind of use it possibly in an aoe circumstanceyou get extra swirls. You get two extra squirrelsone from your holy one from your plunge, becauseyou get to reset it and do it again, so you getthe extra raw damage and the swirl damage againstmultiple enemies and that’s gon na be a fun thingfor you there, but for raw damage, not very Good nowlet’s move into some of the five star weaponshere. We have the primordial jade cutter at r1and r5.

So this is a fantastic weapon for kazohahere. You’Re gon na have a very high crit rate 80and. You just focus in sub stat, crit, damageeverywhere and you’re, going to be doinga large amount of damage here up to 168 000 damagewith, just that little bit of a wombo combo, the r5version 189 000 damage with that same combo, thesummit shaper is right. On top of the jade cutterwith, very similar, big, daddy, builds so to say, hereso we are focusing on once again crit chance critdamage in the subset attack percent, wherever youcan get it and you’re gon na just going to be ableto, get some nice numbers they’re right. On top ofeach other, as you can see there and then the r5 inthis circumstance it does outdo the jade cuttera tiny amount there.

This is because, between thetwo r5 weapons, the amount of additional attack youget in a summit shaper build as long as you have ashield on is going to be larger. You get an extra40 attack, whereas the jade cutter, it’s based, offyour hp, you’re, not really, building hp on kazakhhere, and so since that refinement rank on the jadecutter. It’S just giving you a little bit of extraattack we’re talking like 200 extra attack 250extra attack, whereas the summit shaper is givingyou 40 percent extra attack, which is a largeamount we’re talking like 400 attack. It slowlyoutpaces it there, but if you have some externalforce, like bennett in your team, to give you attackthen the crit chance and crit damage from theprimordial jade cutter r5 will then out surpassthe summit shaper as well. Now, let’s get into someof the em builds here and as we talk about thesewe’re gon na be talking about a little bit of aunique mechanic called swirl and gentian impactand.

This is where these weapons, even though theydo terrible damage and raw damage in comparison, tothe other builds they’re just wildly bad and rawdamage compared to the ones we just went over. Butdon’T worry swirl is gon na come back and save themlet me explain now. These em builds here youcan, see, do terrible damage 60k, 67k. 69K. 80K98K, with an r5 freedom sword with the proc on whywould.

You ever want to use these weapons well thisis, because swirl has some very fantastic andunique mechanics when it comes to aoe. Ingentionimpact swirl is an amazing asset in aoe teams ingenji because swirl, even though it can only proctwo aoe damage effects, you can hit multiple peoplewith. Those effects so say, for instance, you havethe iron stain, which does 6 325 raw swirl damageand. This build has 841 elemental mastery youhave 533 damage increase to your swirl. 6 325that sounds absolutely terrible right.

Well, noyou’re, not right you’re, very wrong. Actuallybecause here is what happens. Your hold e procswirl, your plunge, proc swirl, activating yourelemental, burst proc swirl and then the fivedot attacks from your elmona burst. Proc swirl, soyou’re gon na get eight swirls, while that happensokay eight times six thousand three hundred seemspretty good, still not really tickling. My fancyit’s, like 48k damage, who cares, but here’s whathappens when you do swirl the right way now thething about swirl, is each time you swirl there’sa, 0.

. Second cooldown between how many times youcan do damage with said swirl, but even though youcan only proc, two swirls per point, five secondsthose two swirls can hit multiple enemies. So takea look at this right here now in this screenshotyou can see. There’S four enemies: they’re aboutto get swirled on right. There’S a bunch of funguys hanging out having fun right, one of themhas, kryolan crowd, crowd crowd, we’re just doingraw swirl, so they’re all right there they’re allstanding right there i go to swirl with kazahaand.

Now you can see this, and this is where a lotof people get confused. They see the green swirlright in letters and they think the green is theswirl damage. No, the green is actually the damagefrom the elemental burst here. As it’s procas, you can see, there is an aoe field, hereof, hydro, right, there’s, an aoe hydro field, so thatgreen damage is actually the raw damage from theelemental burst. The a big blue number.

The deepblue number is from the additional effect rightfrom his elbow burst at 541 and then the swirlis actually all of the light blue numbers. So whathappened here is those enemies, four of them wereenclosed to another, and i proc swirled, two timesright and it hit eight times. Why? Well, becausethere’s, four guys i get two aoes well one aoe hitsfour persons, the other aoe also hits four peopleso. You see four thousand four hundred eighteenone two three four five six times and then threethousand four hundred and fifty eight you see thattwo times.

That’S because that’s the initial swirlas they go off in conjunction with each other andthen. It’S procking, the vierdes and venera fourpiece set and lowering everyone’s resistances sothat. Six thousand three hundred damage swirl thatyou, can see from the elemental mastery build forthe, uh, big old iron stinger out here, actuallyit’s gon na be hitting eight times. If you havefour enemies around, which is a huge deal. Whentalking about these em builds other reactionsthat.

You can do with swirl we’re gon na keepit simple here in this video we’re gon na talkabout swirl, with, like maybe one reaction that hitslike four people, but you can do way beyond that. Asyou can see in this photo here. We have two swirlsthat proc hit everybody. We overload hit everybodythen, we vaporize our scroll and it’s hitting for aton of damage. The overlay is doing 10k, the swirlsare hitting two people, for you, know 3.

k, each andwe’re doing a bunch of stuff there. You can also dostuff like this with swirl, where you double melteach person there. The slime would take way lessdamage from arsenal, but the swirl procs melt, andthen gets buffed up by your own elemental. Masteryyou can see that slime took double 17 000 damagethey all do terrible raw damage, so the swirl herefor, these different, builds very strong. You havethe iron sting the adley flash, the freedom, swordthe freedom sword with the proc and the fritosaurat r5 with the proc.

All of these different weaponsare around 6 000 and some change uh 5.6 k for theali flash there with swirl damage so with all thattaken into account. Remember you get eight of theseswirls and each of these weapons are doing like 6000 a little bit over that per damage per swirlfor. These different elemental mastery builds butwhat, we just talked about. Is we get eight swirlsfrom our whole combo, if you’re in an eightysituation?

This is where these are going to shinenow, if there’s just two enemies: standing next toeach other you’re gon na get a lot of damage. Herethose eight swirls against one person will do 50kbut. If there’s two people standing right next, toeach other. Well, you get eight swirls on one guyeight swirls on the other guy and they crossover you actually end up getting a lot. Moreextra hits because the eight swirls is actually16 instances of damage and the eight swirls andthey got is another 16 instances of damage so youend up.

Getting a very, very high, 32 hits of swirlwhich takes us all the way up to 2000 into swirldamage on the iron sting, which is actually quitea lot ali flash a little bit lower we’re gonnastart a little bit higher, but right around 200 000swirl damage right away from Two enemies, if youwould were to do an overloaded with this, the rawoverload would be 18k if it hits five guys we’lltimes that by five and then it gets even crazierso say we had like. We saw four enemies. Well, ifwe have four enemies: it’s going to do a ton ofdamage, because each swirl is gon na hit. Four peoplewhich is a lot, but we get two swirls. So once worldhits four people, the other swirl, hits four peoplethat’s a ton of damage because that’s then eightinstances with one swirl, which is very, very veryvery, very, very large and then remember we’re doingeight swirls with a combo.

That’S 64 instances ofswirl damage which takes us all the way up to 363000 points of damage with these eight differentswirls, which is a ton, a ton of damage but swirlis also still very good for the raw dps buildsthat’s. Why you’re still using the four piece ofiridescent venera assist, so look at something: likethe primordial jade cutter or the summit shaper orwhatever. It is here the swirls they’re, still doinggood damage 2 467 damage here on the primordialjade cutter or any of these other builds thataren’t focused on elemental mass. We have to focuson it for it to still be worth your while to knowhow. It works here, you’re, swollen, four enemies: withthe jade cutter straight up damage build 157 000damage.

Is it 400k? No, but it’s still almost half asmuch damage as the other weapons, so very, very veryrelevant and prevalent. Part of cosmos get is stillswirl, no matter how you’re building him unlessyou’re doing single target damage if you’re doingsingle target damage. Swirls is just not that goodcause you’re just doing most your damage from justyour plunge combo, so you’re. Looking at like youknow 67k, you know the raw damage thing is reallyall.

You’Re kind of looking at there with a singletarget effect on kazakh really shines in aoeand. This is what these builds and these weaponsare really going to allow you to do now. I alwayslook at the damage sheet here all in all whichone’s the best. Now this one is just the full comboand, the eight swirls and before you ask yes, thisis a lot of damage here. Why is it so much damageit’s against aoe targets?

So yes, on top of thatright, the full combo for the dps builds i’m nottrying to favor. The em builds here by being allswirls good in aoe i’ll just count the swirls aoenot the main attacks. No, no. No! These attacks arealso hitting multiple targets, so the e is hittingfour people the plunge is hitting four people.

Theammo burst is hitting four people all the dots, arehitting four people everything’s been calculatedthe same way for you guys, if you guys want to seethose calculations i’ll, have this spreadsheetprobably like in my discord. I have a link toit in there, so you guys can get next to it if youwant to go ahead and do that i’ll have the link tothe discord as always in every video down belowso. Now you see stuff like this ali flash doingpretty well black sword near the bottom, but notas bad as the sacrificial sword rate dead, set inthe middle of 629 000 damage very bad. That is withthe reset he’s not having a good fun day out. Thereat.

All now the em builds are at the bottom ofthis list. Here you can see the iron staying 820000 damage. It’S 70 000 damage less than the summitshaper, which is a high dps five-star weapon, buildwith insanely well-rolled sub-stats on artifactsnow. This is for, like we said, aoe damage here, andyou can see the freedom sword, the freedom swordwith, the proc and the r5, with the proc very highdamage, 980 000 damage from their freedom sword, embuilt in aoe situations, nine. Ninety one thousandwith the summit, shaper r5, very close to this 980000 from the jade cutter r5, the r1 weapons of thesummit shaper and the j cutter literally 896 897000 damage.

There now check out some of these fourstar weapons. There’S two super notable ones at r5here. Now you have the lions roar if you’re usingthe, lions or you can maintain write that debuffon the enemy. So you get that extra damage, bonusit’s a very strong weapon: 843 000 damage rememberthe two five-star weapons, the two best five-starweapons at r1 or 896 000 damage in this periodblack cliff r5. If you can maintain the stackswhich, kaza is good at doing aoe damage and theblack cliff wants you to be in an aoe fight, itwould, be a fantastic weapon from his right onthe heels of the r15 star weapons.

892. 000 damagethere. For you, it is an insane amount of damagenow. Do the em builds be out in aoe situationsall, these straight up, dps builds. No.

They don’tbut, they’re, exceptionally close in, remember thisisn’t accounting for your ability to do. Crazythings, like proc mel on everyone, vaporizingeveryone overload on two dudes blowing up to themoon. If you account for that, then the em builds inthese situations will blow out these straight updps belts 100, but it’s so hard to factor in if youguys are going to play. That way. If you guys havethe teams, for that, you guys have the knowledge forthat to really tell you whether or not oh yeah theem weapons here blow them right through the moonnow.

If you are and you’re still here at the end, ofthe video still here – and you know what i’m talkingabout you’ve seen – the screenshots you’ve seen someof the gameplay, you know how you can go ahead: andmelt and proc vaporize and multiple things likeshowed off in the screenshots. Then. Yes, this isjust raw damage with swirl in aoe situations. Wellif, you add other reactions to that. Then it’s goingto be really insane and yes, they will outpace thestraight up damage weapon and with that in mindremember.

On top of that, these em builds are alsogiving you because they have 800 and you knoweight hundred and ninety different points ofelbow mastery. They give you like a thirty tothirty three thirty four percent damage, buff fromhis second ascension as well, which the other onesthey’re only giving like a three percentdamage buff to your main support, main dpsother characters whatever it is that you’reusing in your party, so the em builds, are Doingcomparable damage and still giving a very sizablechunk of element damage bonus to the rest of yourparty. As always, behind the scenes work is uhtime. We’Ve been working on this for a while okayso. If you guys want to see more stuff, like thisyou guys want to come back to the channel, hang outhave fun go into the discord check out the twitchsubscribe to the youtube, and if you are subscribedmake sure that you are actually subscribedall right, make sure that bell is Actuallyon and it’s clicked and all that cool stuffbecause there’s been stuff going around on thetubes from what i heard, i don’t know, but justdouble check it for yourself.

If you guys wantto see more stuff, you know where i’m at i’llcatch, you guys in the next one take care guys.

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