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Hey guys what is up – and i welcome each and every one of you to a new league of legends video today – we’re going to be taking a look at this new build running around by caps right, so a pro player, of course, that discovered it. I believe, especially on a rail in seoul, which makes it really op we’re essentially going imperial mandate where it states the following abilities that slow or mobilize a champion deal up to 100 bonus damage. So why is that broken well on a rolling stall? Obviously he doesn’t have a slow on his w right, but his w each little star floating around is actually considered its own spell. So essentially, what you do is you go for imperial mandate, which is a support item which deals up to a hundred damage per star right and then what you do.

Is you get rid of crystal scepter with the rallies? What you do is you essentially uh? Have your w now, obviously, every single star that hits will now automatically slow the target, but as it’s slowing the target, each w is also procking imperial mandate over and over and over again. So essentially, what that means is the fact that you are getting every single star doing up to 100 bonus magical damage per star, which obviously is pretty disgusting, so we’re playing that uh. This video guys, showing you the build, showing what’s up our boy caps, invented it. Apparently it works on many other champions, but i think he’s the one that started doing it on aurelion. You can do it on victor castopia. Things like that, i think, are not too bad as well uh with rallies. Of course, the viktor has a built-in rally, so it works on him, but it’s really good on aurelian, specifically, because each single w that flies around will do a hundred up to 100 bonus magical damage. So essentially, if you have like a 30 minute game, that’s you know fairly heavy on team fights you’ll be doing so much more damage like, i think the item itself, just imperial mandate itself will be adding about like four or five at least a thousand damage extra On top of everything else, and if you have like a solid like 40 minute games, you can get up to 10 000 extra damage just from the item alone right. So it’s a really disgusting kind of combo or synergy or whatever you want to call it.

But again it’s really important that you go for riley’s crystal scepter. Second, so imperial mandate intervals crystal scepter as your second item and then you can get whatever. Maybe lasagna is you know not bad, so you also want to go exhaust because exhaust uh helps. You maintain that specific position that you want with the rail install right, where you want people to, of course, be very specific uh, a very specific amount of like space or distance away from you, so your stars are obviously hitting them as often as possible. Uh exhaust makes that really easy and it makes it hard for assassins like katarina to just destroy you in lane, because you are essentially, you know, still a pretty immobile vulnerable uh mage, which you want to avoid. If you can, of course, um so things like that are why you would take exhaust but anyway, so what you want to do the real install in lane, ladies and gentlemen, because you want to simply just push in the wave constantly over and over and over just Keep pushing against the katana it’s a little bit spooky just activate your w like this and just constantly pushing the wave. Most champions can’t match your ability to do that. So what you do is you do that and then look for rows. Maybe look for reset. You know: okay, there’s the jungler looking mid lane for the gank.

I see you go ahead and send it. I had to look for a reset here, because it’s getting kind of spooky she might take the dagger. So all right, i’m going to reset here really quickly, because this is getting a little spooky, so i don’t want to die. She has exhaust or ignite rather amumu might also look for the tower dive. I should have shook a tower. I’M gon na ping, just in case so kha’zix will be here. I have exhaust so i’m trying to beat her with this exhaust now she’s, not going for which is good for me. Okay, now we reset. Let’S see if she goes for this she’s greedy man, you can tell she’s thirsting for it, but we’re not letting her have any of that fun. So, search for the imperial mandate, first item and just start building it because we’re against the katarina we’ll actually go for this first uh. This will make it a little bit easier to sustain this lane and not you know just get one shot by here and then you simply eat back to lane all right. Now we push us in i’m going to look for a room here.

Actually, maybe we can make this happen, it’s looking kind of promising. Whenever i think my work is complete. I have no e but like a railing, cell’s, really good enrollment and i’m doing it without the evil game. Now, unfortunately, i mean we’re there for moral support. You know sometimes it’s not all about getting the kill, it’s not about getting assist. It’S about having the moral support us pinging, the fact that we’re roaming gave botlane the confidence to even engage that, and now they have the confidence to know that they actually wouldn’t lay in 2d2, which is good. You know we give them the confidence right now go ahead and send the catarina there. She’S looking for a potential engage on me, go ahead and pick that up pop my potion as we’re. Slowly chilling. Oh okay, i don’t know i’m sorry that was kind of french. My suicided there i wanted to go for the kill dude.

I don’t do any damage to this guy. Unfortunately katarina it’s like okay, you know we’ll get her no problem, but the mumu not so much. That was a little bit ambitious on my end, i’ll be completely honest, but it’s fine. He already has the sun obama cinder rather so yeah. I don’t do a whole lot of damage to the uh to the mummy. Unfortunately, oh, that causes damage, though he’s dead. He got a little bit cocky there. He overstayed. There went for the extra damage on the samir for no reason, unfortunately, but it’s fine mistakes happen, go ahead and get some there’s some free damage on her there not a whole lot yet, but of course we don’t have a whole lot of ap yeah. Once we get the imperial again, don’t forget substantial, more damage coming out, which is good, go ahead and put a thing in there: beautiful beautiful, beautiful, so again, imperial mandate straight into the rails, crystal scepter and your boots of choice. Usually you want to go for, like maybe boots of swiftness or something like that – maybe merc boots. Those are also good. This game, i think merkley’s, is pretty good, but regardless our goal here is just to push it in so we’ll stand here. Let the stars. Do the work for me, beautiful kazakus, is doing the herald. Uh caterina is both side. We completely see her, so it’s not an issue.

I’M trying to get a plate and gold here, a little bit greedy there, i’m not gon na lie. Cadaver is walking back to lane now so there she is all right, i’m just gon na walk away from the dagger. I don’t really feel like messing around with her right around her daggers there. So i want to walk the opposite way. Okay, nice. Now we just push it in, so we can just keep doing that really easily like she can’t really kill us, because i really install like a while ago, his hue got changed to where he can pretty much reactivate. It um almost like in melee range, essentially just really good, just destroys me damn i was hoping they would engage like. I was spamming it so that they would hopefully go sooner. You know a katarina come here. That’S unfortunate! Okay! I have to ultimate away from us. So you can’t help us, of course, because the ultimate don’t forget, a rail install, has a little bit of a pushback so very important to utilize that this is despite taking a really long time to finish, which gives kha’zix time to maybe come back and do something Here, let’s see okay; well, unfortunately, we can’t finish off imperial.

Yet now, honestly, even once you finish off the imperial item itself, it’s actually really strong just by itself only because like when you go for those realms, even though i won’t be reprocking it myself, over and over and over with every single w um, my allies will So i mean it’ll still do a decent amount of damage, but the main like thing that makes it broken specific with aurelian, is once you get that rallies and every single star spinning is constantly procking its damage every single time beautiful. That was actually kind of sick. That was a sick wcs, so you want to get a little bit of ap uh. The pushing power is so much better. It’S really really strong now, but this allow is actually destroying this guy get that little bait get the exhaust going. Just in case you can never be too careful with the katarina so get the exhaust going. Now that’s fine! Now he pushes him [, Music, ] beautiful.

I hope i can save my ultimate there worst case scenario. I would have just altered him right anyways, but i was hoping i could save it, which thankfully we were able to so that’s good, see if we can get one plate here. We should be getting this dragon, though honestly beautiful and max right, each second or a few seconds. Rather, i can’t go for that. The caribbean will be there very soon. I can’t risk it, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! The catamaran is definitely on our way. Um. Our ball is still really far away. I want to reset. We have enough for imperial mandates, so let’s go ahead and pick that up really quickly. I don’t want to push in that one-way minute, but i got ta resist the urge okay. Now we go straight for the rallies right. Of course we want to get that so we’ll get that we’ll get this here and then we’ll eat back. Okay, so we’ll put imperial right here. I guess we’ll leave it here, so we can slowly start like observing it every now and then i’ll mouse over and we’ll see just how much damage it’s doing again right now. It won’t do too too much. It’Ll still be good, but not like crazy. You know once you get the rallies and we start team fighting, that’s when it’ll start getting crazy. Okay, they might be doing yeah, they are doing it. Our kha’zix is in here, though it’s oddly enough yeah, we don’t. We don’t win that.

I don’t think i can maybe go action on my ezon cool down. If my e was off goal, then i could have fly. I could fight her but nah, i’m just still there too. So i don’t know cookie pushes then catherine is kind of low on hp. I don’t think she can do a whole lot here. Okay! Well, now that i have no q, she can easily engage on me, so i’m gon na chill a little bit here definitely want to look for that bottling plate, but i’m almost positive in the movies there, [ Applause ], which i hoping they overcommit here and i Can have the counter? Can i hide from back here? Let’S see, let’s see, let’s see, are they gon na come in they’re, not damn dude wasting my time, man i was hoping they would overcome it there. You know look for the tower dive or something, but they actually stopped. It’S weird. I really thought they would go for it whatever we just woke your bushes in it’s fine put opponents, our ultimates can’t really go for the turret amumu’s right there, uh i’ll go for this. Actually, we already have a little bit of hp from this, so we’ll leave it at that for now walk back to mid, i’m not gon na use. My e we’re gon na save the e to maybe look for a place somewhere else now yeah, our top laner is getting. I don’t know. It’S kind of wrecked honestly is gon na be a little bit of a problem.

Okay, that was so unfortunate. Do i even bother going top like i don’t think i i don’t think we went to any one. I don’t i’m gon na just see if i can really quickly push this in. That’S our swain already putting up an ff vote after he’s getting tyrannosaurus wrecked over the top lane. Why does anyone wish he’s getting destroyed up there? My goodness, i don’t think anyone wants to go up top. That’S the problem that was like so hard to gank, whatever i’ll go, yolo appear, man did nothing there, yet i keep getting into these fights too late man, but the only way it’ll do anything is. If i use my key on him and land it. I missed my q. Oh she actually flashed interesting. What am i watching? Morgana has a black shield, so i’m not too worried yeah we’ll go back and start pushing that in and start farming it off with the uh allies, we’re only a thousand gold away. It’S not too bad. Secondly, we get it things get very spicy. Luckily, the cooldown on the w is actually really short. Now, once you get a few levels into it now, put a quick word here: make sure no one’s there.

It’S good, it’s good rift herald is spawning. Someone is here, probably the katarina okay brandon is here too so we’re gon na actually fully reset here and look for top side play. I’M gon na start flying there very. Similarly, i’m still out of range. So we can’t go just yet, but secondly, range we can start going, allow it something else. Okay, now our imperial should have done something again. This is only just with allies. 209 damage, not horrible, but again this is only with allies right once they hit them. That’S the only time it does anything. Also assuming i hit my q, it’s not very good by itself. It’S like it’s okay, but we’re really really really really really close to the rallies and then my w will rock it over and over and over and over and over and over, and that’s where it gets really nice, oh yeah, yeah, okay, they’re, actually trying to push Me i need to farm this rallies, i’m 100 gold away.

I need it so this one waiver here will give me it, and i really want it: no, okay, whatever we have the gold for it. So it’s not that bad! I guess now. This is where the build starts. Turning online gon na start flying over here, it seems, looks like i need some assistance. Oh yes, the w weight there now, okay! So now we have the combo finally right. So this is now when we team fight where it really starts turning online, every single w boom boom boom boom boom boom. So, let’s see what happens, t-bites will be still pretty hard, though, because their combo is actually decent. The brand the katarina pretty spicy, combo kind of scary actually, which is why i need my merc boots really soon. Let’S put a here for brown, make sure he’s not in there beautiful we’ll push this thing very slowly. Here, it’s like a mini game. If you know it’s like, i don’t know, it’s weird almost feels like a world of workout boss.

Whenever you get hit by a lawyer like that boom, that was 300 damage already just one allowed that i’m hitting right already 300 damage. Imagine if i’m hitting like four people like a full team fight, you know that’s where it gets really disgusting, oh baby, just a sniper just a tip baby, just the tip just so i like it throw the cube. Are they in center? Look for the play? Okay? I don’t want to get too pocket here. If i get ulti by the moon, his uh back line of like wide open there gon na come in here. Okay, somehow i actually contributed next to nothing there. I don’t understand how but okay 1400 damage, so it just went by up by 900 damage from that one fight right there. This item alone alone, on top of everything else that i’m already doing usually did 900 damage in just that one fight, pretty disgusting, so we’re gon na get the blue buff. Here uh we have a lot of mana, i’m gon na finish off the merc boots and start working towards. I don’t know why slim event horizon would be really good. I think um rallies are sorry. Uh rabbitohs could be good. Zombies, of course, is fantastic. I think. Okay, so we’re gon na do that push this in.

They might look for the bear baron here, though honestly, but they hope they don’t. Though, okay, i’m gon na push in one wave and then i’ll have my e to go back to the dragon as it’s coming up beautiful now, we’re reset. I have a lot of gold ready to spend it merge boots, probably straight into uh zhonya’s. I think, honestly is the way to go here. Um yeah, i think zombies is just the way to go. It has to be go for this as well. More cdr on the railing is always a good thing right, more w’s, more cues. Unfortunately, this allowed top is a little bit of an issue, but if she’s top lane, that means we should four before pretty hard win this, in my opinion, like i’m, really strong. Oh, that was like a hundred damage just in that i literally did like nothing. I hit him like twice 100 damage from the item, so disgusting, beautiful dude, jesus yeah, their combo and team. Fights is pretty disgusting, though honestly, like with the with the amumu ultimates into the katarina, just going in just going ham. It’S just really nasty combo.

I think amumu flash there because he had a pretty decent notes. I don’t see how you would have gotten that without a flash, so i’m just going to assume he flashed, but for now we’ll go top uh 22. 2300 damage on this item. Now that team fight we did about 800 just from the item. Okay, i think that’s a look for a reset here, really close to getting the zhonyas, which will help a little bit. But i don’t know this game feels like it’s in a scenario where, if i ever have to actually use my zhonyas, i’m probably already in a really bad spot anyways, i don’t know, but the good thing about ireland with zone is, is the fact that when you Use it your w and like your passive, i guess, like the the balls they’re still going to spin, so the idea should try to utilize that in that sense now we have designers ready, but i kind of want to use stopwatch. First, before i get the zombies you know, so you get like two uses out of it. It’S a lot better! Oh i’m so fast, actually, yeah. We need to uh. That’S fine, though well played by katarina, but we needed to have like uh.

Husbands was super important. There to land, because when i throw mike you like that she has one way to go: she’s still pushing top. I guess i’ll cover top for now: [, Music, ], oh okay, i’m gon na just try to push this wave in really fast. Okay, i don’t know. Maybe i’ll just purchase as long as like, whatever it’s taking up too much space, it’s taking up three spaces in my inventory right now, which is just a lot so just for the sake of freeing up space. I want to actually just finish it off whatever uh and then we’ll start working towards. Probably the void staff question mark yeah we’ll go play with that. Okay! Well, that’s not good! I don’t know what happened there, but it’s not good. Swain’S damage is actually like, not bad [, Music, ], yeah they’re too mobile man, it’s like so hard to actually kill anyone. You have some mirrors just dashing across the place or w literally just counters, my cue and then a moomoo now just stuns. So it’s like really hard to play around that actually two five cat by the way yeah true, i don’t want to put the forefoot go yet i mean it’s still very. I mean they’re just like somehow get a good fight going, but it’s really hard.

Our engage is like really bad compared to theirs like if i had an amumu on my team here, this game would be so free result completely. Sets me up. That was 16, i’m actually pretty high on levels here once or twice. We can try to sneak the baron, i mean we can give him dragon for baron. It is the soul, but it’s also an air stall. So it’s not that big [ Applause, ], ah they’re, coming okay, i lost track of my character, ha whatever. There’S a good fight dude. I have all assists there: okay, so mumu. Actually single man ulted me, but luckily we ended up zombies in his alts, which we got kind of lucky with, but we’ll take that um. So we’re getting close to the void staff here, which is good. How much damage does it add now yeah, it’s at 3 600 already see like these kind of fights just ramp it up super fast. You just keep winging it now. Obviously i myself and no like i’m no avid aurelian soul player, so i’m not playing him to perfection either, of course we’re playing him. Just you know average i would say um, i kind of messed up here.

I walked too close to brand by accident. I, like actually lost striking my character for a split second and then bran killed me even though he died for, but it’s not, i don’t know i didn’t have to die. I feel like is the issue. Let’S find them, i mean, i guess that shows that we have a potential to win these fights. It’S just it’s pretty hard like we killed it lower completely by herself for a split second. There we got kind of lucky if they actually do a proper 5v5. It’S really hard. There are whole teams like around this area, they’re all hiding somewhere man they’re, probably like in there, no they’re, not in there, okay i’ll push out top. That’S fine! I have my e to get out it’s up in 10 seconds. Okay, they’re not committing the chase, which means my e is still chilling getting really close to boyd staff. That’Ll be a really nice pickup. Once we get it, this world holds the key to targons.

This is bad. Imagine from who was there ready for that? For that q engage with results. Okay, they’re super super super super posters and get it it’s a big item for me, my goodness holy [, __ ]. That always happens man every time you back the split second, this is literally the millisecond. You finish it back to base boom. A fight happens, always happens, thankfully, this time. What is this actually not a bad fight, honestly, not a bad fight at all. I kind of wish we could just go and bear in here, but i don’t think we can yeah. We can’t really go for anything either. I guess i’ll just go top and push one wave in it’s our best option here. We’Re super fast with our e now like we just drove across this map, though, look at this thing, man, it’s like blazing speed. Okay, we’ll push that in look for the reset. Maybe the minions, not this, there’s only three casters every month: [, Music, ], okay – this would be a good item, but so will this and they have a fair amount of healing, actually yeah i’ll. Do this? Okay? We’Re four thousand damage on this item.

Already it’s a lot of damage. The next fight, i think we’ll just win the game. Whoever wants the next fight just can run it down mid. Probably i got damaged 100. What’S the damage at now, 5 000 damage literally just did another thousand damage in that team fight. It’S ridiculous. We should be able to end the game like we have pretty much everyone alive. These guys are getting picked off one by one like their team. Fighting is so disgusting, but they’re just not using it. I feel like there should be a build. We should be able to have a cannon minion here. There’S no way. We don’t end this game yeah. I think i should all right so there you guys have it. That’S the build, let me know what you think about it down in the comment section below. Thank you all so much for watching pretty disgusting, like i said, 5 000 damage literally from a single support item, pretty nasty stuff, but either way thanks. So much for watching guys, see you for the next one.

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