Qiyana Tips & Tricks [Pro Analysis]


Hello Today we will find out how solo mainers take games First, a few tips You don’t have to place your cursor directly on elements to get them You can get each of the three items here Q’s cooldown is automatically reset when using W Passive skill cooldown is reset too if you gain another item So try to give a combo: Q – W – Q using different elements When you hit E – Q, you are guaranteed to hit Q, regardless of cursor position Standard Combo E – Q – W – Q Combo with asbital skill E – R – Q – W – Q Leap and Ultimate Combo You can use Q and jump And R – Jump You can overcome walls with W Sometimes even big With E you can jump over walls too You can use bushes to stun opponents with an ultimate skill On the river, opponents are always stunned A huge number of people mistakenly think that your absolute skill must hit a wall in order to create a shockwave.

However, in fact, it is enough to hit the edge of the shock wave Knowing this, you can stun opponents who do not expect to be hit by a wave. Last but not least, when the opposing team has slowing or stunning abilities and you don’t want to lose tons of health E – R – Jump (backward) – Q – W – Q E – R – Jump – Q – W – Q Electricity Execution, Surprise Strike, Eyes Collection, Insatiable Hunter First Rune Line Triumph and a blow of mercy – the second If you want to dominate the lane from the start of the game, you can take the Cookie Delivery and Time Warp Tonic from the Inspiration tree. First take a longsword and a refillable potion Or harmful potion in bad matchups Keanu’s early laning can be difficult Play carefully and don’t fight for minons unnecessarily Your goal is to get 3 lvl without losing a lot of health before Immediately after receiving lvl 3, you can trade using the electricity execution Or even do a solo kill! Don’t forget to give auto attacks between skills to do maximum damage E – Q – Basic Attack – W – Basic Attack – Q – Ignite Use Q with Nature when you’re ready to dodge On behalf of Silas If the enemy is keeping their distance, use E on a distant minion to force a trade unexpectedly E (to the minion) – Q – W – Q If you can hit the enemy 2 times, it is murder Keanu is not easy to catch due to the presence of two dashes and invisibility After getting 6 lvl, you can get a kill, even if the enemy has full health The best way to kill is to use R However, it’s best to gank a lane with an ult.

Qiana can move around the map very quickly Because she gains a speed boost while moving near the selected element Therefore, before leaving the line, take the element “nature to return as quickly as possible Select the “Water” element when walking along the river To quickly join the fray Using “Natural” Q is important because it can save you from dangerous situations Remember that using W after Natural Q will not affect invisibility With two dashes, invisibility and huge, explosive damage, Kiana is the perfect assassin Do not forget to go to other lines (except mid) If you see the enemy, but he does not, then you can destroy them Even if you are behind in level Even if you don’t have absolute skill In team fights, remember to dodge threatening skills And prioritize enemy ADCs Now let’s see the cut How about playing Keanu today?

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