Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I want to talk about whether or not you should still be saving up your pet charms to get ready for Battle for Azeroth release this August. Recently, we had this interview with Jeremy Feasel where he said the following. And for the next week, I saw a lot of people expressing relief that there’s ‘NO REASON to farm Pet Charms!’ or even disappointment at having spent so much time farming them already. So let’s unpack this a bit. Typically, there are two reasons why we farm pet charms ahead of an expansion.

The first reason is to prepare for new pets and toys being added onto Pet Charm Vendors, such as our Pet Mirrors, Alarm-o-Bot, that sort of thing. THAT is the dream that Jeremy killed with the announcement of new pet charms. If we get a new mirror that makes your pet look like a nearby tree or something, you’re not going to be buying it Day 1. However, there is another reason to grind pet charms that is still very much alive and well. A new expansion means new battle pets, and for a lot of pet collectors that means new pets to level and upgrade to Rare Quality. On live Legion servers right now, you can trade 45 pet charms for an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone to upgrade any pet straight to level 25. 15 charms will get you a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone to fix the quality of any pet, which is especially nice when you’re out catching all the shiny new wild pets of BfA. Even in the currently not-anticipated scenario that these items do become no longer buyable for pet charms in BfA, (there’s a sentence for you) there’s no reason why you can’t stock up now and build yourself a totally normal person bank of upgrades to have all ready to go.

Estimating exactly how many PEt Charms you’ll need is a bit of a luck game, but my rule is as many as it is still fun for you to farm. Expansions tend to bring a ton of new pets and it’ll be great to have them caught up right away. Farming pet charms can be as easy as putting Boon of the Zookeeper on all of your characters. If you’re feeling more intense than that, you can check the map every day for pet battle world quests that grant pet charms and then do those on every 110 character you have. Another great method is to keep an eye out for the Order Hall missions for pet charms and 200% those on as many characters as you can for an easy 25 charms each.

4-5000 charms should put you in the range of being 100% caught up with the new pets you get, but any amount will help you get a head start. We’ve got some time to kill before BfA, so I’m going to be making sure that I can give my future silkie chicken pet the instant upgrade luxury that she deserves. Thanks for watching! If you’ve been stocking up pet charms let me know in the comments how many you have so I can be jealous, Let me know what you think, sub for more WoW videos and livestreams from me and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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