Shyvana Guide In-Depth: Mechanics,Combos,Builds etc


Hey there! This is Ravager and WELCOME to my Shyvana top lane guide for Season 4.As you can see I will cover a lot of things in this guide,so I made you guys a little menu to skip the parts that you don’t want to see. Also, you can always click on the Main Menu button at the top of the screen and come back to this list. Introduction Shyvana is a melee bruiser that has great mobility,area of effect damage once in Dragon Form and she can be a strong duelist when going 1vs1.The most awesome thing about her is that she needs no resources for her abilities, except her ultimate which requires fury to activate it. But,do not worry the fury bar will recharge as soon as you respawn and when you auto-attack.

While in dragon form, Shyvana’s Fury is slowly consumed, though she can continue auto-attacking to extend the duration of the Dragon From and maximize her damage output with each use. Ok, I think that sums up the introduction about Shyvana. Let’s jump into the ability section of the video. Abilities Let’s start with her passive: Dragonborn – Shyvana’s passive gives her bonus armor and magic resist, which increases as she levels up her ultimate. At level one she is given 5 bonus armor and magic resist and at level 16 that bonus will be increased to 20.While in Dragon Form, these bonuses become doubled making her a tough nasty dragon that can soak up a lot of damage.

Her Q ability – Twin Bite – Twin Bite empowers Shyvana’s next auto attack to count as two autos. It is an auto-attack reset, meaning if you activate this ability immediately after an auto-attack, you will instantly do another auto-attack.This ability also applies on-hit effects such as Red Buff,Sheen or Blade of the Ruined King .Also,in Dragon Form this ability damages every target in front of her. Her W ability – Burnout – This is Shyvanas main source of damage and wave clear.This ability deals AoE magic damage and gives you a significant movement speed boost.In Dragon Form this ability leaves behind Shyvana a trail of fire that will continue to do damage for 5 seconds. Burnout will also last longer while she auto-attacks. Her E ability – Flame Breath – Flame breath is a linear skillshot that deals damage to all enemies it passes through and applies a mark for five seconds. While this mark is active, shyvana’s auto attacks will deal additional magic damage equal to 2% of their maximum health. In Dragon Form this skill will hit all enemies in a cone.This ability makes her super strong in 1vs1 situations especially if you have some attack speed.The more attack speed you have,the more you proc Flame Breaths mark.

Her ultimate (R) – Dragon’s Descent – What can I say more than…YOU TURN INTO A FUCKIN DRAGON. When you hit level six, you are given fury as a resource for your ultimate.You passively gain fury each second, as well as generating 2 fury for every auto attack. Once you have 100 fury, you can use your ultimate.When you use it Shyvana dashes to a target location, dealing magic damage and knocking back all enemies in her path. SKILL SEQUENCE What skills do we max first? At level 1 take your W because its your main source of damage and max it first At level 2 take your Q and max it last At level 3 or 4 take E and max it second And finally,your ultimate take it whenever you can.

Some of you might ask me,why not max Q first? Well,with each autoattack, Twin Bites cooldown is reduced also her E ability will give you a good mix of damage which is hard to counter. PROS&CONS Now let’s see what pros Shyvana has She is resourceless She is a strong duelist She has good early game damage that scales well into late game She has good mobility with her W She does massive AoE damage when in Dragon Form and she is extremely tanky due to her passive and itemizations Cons She has no crowd control (CC) She can get kited pretty hard She is susceptible to ganks, since her only escape early game is a speed boost and her only gap closer is her ultimate and if you use it badly,you will get kited GENERAL STRATEGIES Dragon’s Descent is an excellent peeling ability, if you see a key member of your team (an ADC or APC) starting to get focused, use the dash the knock the enemies off while giving your ally enough distance to continue attacking.

Since patch 3.9, Flame Breath now passes through units. If you find yourself as a laner (most likely top) putting points in this ability gives you a good harassment tool and can be used to farm easily. It may be worth maxing if you are against a ranged opponent as Shyvana has no other ranged abilities. On-hit effect and attack speed items have great synergy with Shyvana’s skillset. They will increase fury generation, lower the cooldown on Twin Bite, proc the on-hit effect from Flame Breath more often, and increase her overall damage output significantly. Bilgewater Cutlass is a great mid game item as it helps Shyvana’s sustainability along with the unique effect that allows her to stick to her target. It can also be built into Blade of the Ruined King, which synergizes well with Burnout and Flame Breath, and allows her to maintain a strong late game and be a formidable duelist.

Sunfire Cape is an excellent item for Shyvana in the mid-game, combining a generally effective chunk of durability stats to survive combat with a good amount of free magic damage to stack with Burnout. Frozen Mallet is a strong item on Shyvana, but only pick it up if you need the utility, as it isn’t a great tank item, nor is it a good damage item. If you need to peel for you ADC this is a great pick up, since the slows are extra effective because you’re melee.

In teamfights you have 2 options. Your first option is to soak up the enemy’s cooldowns and try to put as much damage onto their carries. Basically you want to try to kill the main damage dealer, then go for the squishies. The second option is: if the enemy team dives for your ADC you will need to protect him and peel for him especially if your adc is farmed or stronger than the enemy AD in general. Another small tip for you guys: In the early game,try to not fight your enemy laner and go all in untill level 3 or 4.If you land your Q and your E,you are going to a lot of damage.Once you get at level 6,you are going to crush your laner with your damage and your tankiness your passive gives. Runes & Masteries Now,let’s see what runes you can take for Shyvana. I recommend you guys to take Attack Damage Quintessences,Flat Attack Damage Marks ,Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs. You can also replace the AD Marks with the Hybrid Penetration marks since she does mixed damage,you can increase both her physical damage and her magic damage.

For masteries: You can either take offtank masteries or full damage masteries. Offtank masteries taking 9 points in the offensive tree and 21 points in the defense tree.The points in the offensive tree will give you increased damage and the points in the defensive tree will make you extremely tanky and very hard to peel especially with the Tenacity bonuses. The second masteries,if you like to do tons of damage and you consider that your enemy laner is pretty weak,take 21 points in offense and 9 in defense.Puting points in the Offense Tree in Spell Weaving,Blade Weaving and Devastating Strikes will increase your damage by a lot since Shyvana does mixed damage.And the points in the DefenseTree will give you increased resistances,reduced damage and increased health.

What summoner spells you could use with Shyvana? Well,this depends entirely on you and your playstyle. You can take Flash/Ignite if you think you will get ganked early game when you are most vulnerable. Ghost/Ignite if you really want to stick to your targets like glue.They will not escape you with Ghost and Burnout (W) activated even if they Flash. Exhaust/Ignite if you have a really strong top laner against you like Renekton.In teamfights you can use your Exhaust to slow down and reduce the damage of the enemy bruiser diving for your carries or you can Exhaust the enemy carry. Now,let’s see what items are good for Shyvana Starting items again depends on your playstyle and depends on your enemy laner If you think that your enemy laner is pretty weak,start with a Dorans Blade and a Health Pot. If your enemy laner is a constant auto-attacker like Yasuo,get the Dorans Shield and a Health Pot.This will reduce the damage of his auto-attacks and it will make your life a lot easier. If the enemy laner is a really strong champ early like Renekton, pick up Cloth Armor and 5 Pots.This will help you deal a lot better with his harassment and damage.

Your first Item should be Bilgewater Cutlass followed up by Giants Belt.Try to buy the Giants Belt before finishing your Cutlass in Blade of the Ruined King.The extra tankiness will give you a big advantage against your enemy.After Giants Belt,upgrade your Cutlass in Blade of the Ruined King,upgrade your Giants Belt into Randuins Omen or Sunfire Cape,buy Spirit Visage,get another defensive item in case you need one like Thornmail or Banshees Veil and after that get the Trinity Force for tons of fucking damage. Now,the purchase order depends entirely on how well your game is going.For example,if you stomp the enemy laner you could rush Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force because these 2 items will kill any oponnent that faces you very quickly. But,you are getting ganked a lot and you are falling behind,buy some tank items first instead of damage ones. Well,that was all my friends.I hope you enjoyed this small guide/video.If you did be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to not miss the next guide I will upload.

Feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section below and tell me what you’d like to see in the future.Maybe…another champion guide..or something.. Anyways, Thanks for watching! Ravager out..

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