Singed 30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends


Singed?30 Seconds Quick Guide ? League of Legends

Summoner Spells

1) Ghost: To kill and to escape

2) Flash: To kill and to escape


1) Defense: Resistance, Hardiness, Strength of Spirit

2) Utility: Good Hands, Meditation, Utility mastery, Greed, Quickness, Intelligence, Presence of the Master


1) Mark of Insight (M.Pen), Seal of Vitality (Health/Lv), Glyph of Shielding (M. Resist/Lv), Quintessence of Swiftness (Move Speed)

Champion Skill Priority

1) Insanity Potion (Ultimate)

2) Fling Lv 1.

3) Poison Trail Lv 1.

4) Mega Adhesive Lv 1

5) Poison Trail
6) Fling
7) Mega Adhesive

Item Build

1)?Boots of Speed
2) Philosopher?s Stone
3)?Boots of Swiftness
4) Force of Nature
5)?Rylai?s Crystal Scepter
6) Thornmail


Early Game:


2)?Mega Adhesive + Fling then block their escape with Poison Trail.

Mid Game/Late Game

1) Initiate with Insanity Potion + Mega Adhesive + Fling, go crazy and attack + run about Poisoning everyone.

2) When you health is low enough lure enemies by running away, poisoning them the whole time.

3) Use Mega Adhesive and Fling to catch running enemies or to save your teammates by disrupting enemies.

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